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Natural Products With Shea Butter Hand Cream

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2 Reviews

Brand: NPW / Texture: Cream / Type: Hand Cream / Subcategory: Butter / Suitable for: Hand / What it does: Enricheses

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    2 Reviews
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      01.02.2009 18:31



      a good hand cream which keeps hands soft and supple without having to use too much

      In the winter hands beocme very dry and rough and because of this can become very sore. I always sufer from this and so need a good moisturiser to protect them in the winter months.
      This hnad cream I came across on the tinernet when I read some good reviews on it, and being a sucker for trying new products I thought I would try it. It comes in a 75ml container and smells really natural and quite sweet when you open it. The shea butter helps to hydrate skin and put mositure back into your hands, and keep it locked in. It rubs into the skin well, but can be slightyl greasy because of the butter quality, howvere after couple of minutes this is absorbed into the skin, and helps your hands to feel much softer and smoother. They also have a nice smell to them and become much more supple. I bought this handcream from the website beautyflash a while back and it cost me around 6 pound of there. There are plenty of good hand creams out there, but the ones containing shea butter are definately the btter ones as they help to keep the mositure locked in, and hands look much younger and supple.


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      16.12.2008 23:46
      Very helpful



      A hand cream full of sunshine.

      In this cold weather my hands take a good old battering. Even if I wear gloves as soon as my hands hit the cold they go all dry and rough. I also have a problem with the really hard water and cheap soap supplied at my workplace. Every time I wash my hands my hands suddenly feel as if they are not mine! They become, dry, sore and like they have been through 5 rounds of boxing with some sandpaper! So I have finally found a hand cream that not only works but smells of sunshine.....

      ** Natural Products **

      This hand cream is from the brand called Natural Products. To be honest I don't know much about them and after researching the only website that I can find that sells their products is www.npw.co.uk. They are a unique little brand that sell fun, pretty things from beauty items such as soap and creams, to candles and travel essentials. All the stuff they sell is brightly coloured and quirky; things that really catch your eye and make you just want it! (If you are one of them impulse buyers I advise you not to check out the website as you will want to buy something! It is pretty obvious from the brand name that all their creams and beauty items are from natural sources and include natural ingredients. Helping to protect you and the planet. How very thoughtful! I bought the cream from a beautiful little boutique shop near to where I live and I paid £12 which seems expensive but it is worth it as I will tell you. I was a bit gutted to find that the cram is a lot cheaper on the website so I guess it really does pay to look around. Anyway, this was an impulse buy, but, a good one!

      ** The Hand Cream Packaging **

      The hand cream comes packaged in a stunning cream and red box with a blue handwritten style design that tells you about the cream. The hand cream is bottled in a silver foil tube that you gently squeeze the cream out of and it has a black lid that screws on and off, this can be a little tricky once you have creamed your hands as it gets a little slippery. The packaging looks really original and attractive. This is why it caught my eye. I usually leave my cream on my desk and I get a lot of people walking passed saying 'ooooooh what's that!' and they are all surprised when I say hand cream! This is the 75ml version, but you can get a smaller tube. The hand cream will definitely last you a while, I have had mine for a good few months and it is still half full.

      ** What is the hand cream like to use? **

      Natural products claim that this Shea Butter Hand Cream is Moisturizing and nourishing. A light cream that is easily absorbed. Well, they are pretty spot on. Almost. The cream is a soft, white substance that fells quite light and diluted. This means you only need a little as it goes along way. It leaves a lovely cool sensation on the hands and once I use it the dryness and soreness on my hands instantly disappears and I feel like my hands have been pampered. It is a little bit oily and it takes a good 5 to 8 minutes or so to sink in to my hands so it isn't as easily absorbed as I would like. I type a lot at work and I can't type for a few minutes once applying this as it leaves finger prints on the keyboard. But to be honest, that really is the only negative I can think of. It leaves my hands feeling very moisturised and over time I have found that my skin is a bit softer and also my nails seem to have increased in condition, being a bit stronger and less brittle. As this is the only hand cream I have been using for the past month I can only assume this is an added benefit.

      ** Fragrance **

      Other then the packaging, I also bought this because it has Shea butter. Which is one of my favourite products. Especially the smell which is usually quite nutty, creamy and buttery. So you can imagine my surprise when I gently massaged it in to my hands and I got a lovely strong smell of citrus. Lemons and oranges. It is a delicious smell, very refreshing and one that stays on the hands for a good hour or so. So I checked the label and it says enriched with Shea butter, Vitamin E, grapefruit and sweet orange essential oils. Ah, now it made sense! The grapefruit and orange essential oils mixed with the Shea butter is what gives it that gorgeous scent. It smells good enough to eat. If they did an entire body lotion I would buy it! Don't get me wrong, it isn't strong enough to interfere with your day to day perfume but it is lovely to give your hands a bit of life.

      ** Last word **

      As to my conclusion, it is a must buy. My mum has bought it, my boyfriend uses it and my team at work keep trying to borrow it. (It will be moved off my desk in due course!). It smells divine and works like a trooper for dry hands. (And other dry skin, I use it on my feet sometimes too!). Plus it looks attractive in your make-up bag!

      Thank you for reading. x


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