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No Germs Foaming Instant Hand Sanitiser

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3 Reviews
  • It is effective I think
  • It is very expensive
  • It makes my hands sticky
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    3 Reviews
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      01.10.2015 20:18
      Very helpful


      • "It is effective I think"


      • "It makes my hands sticky"
      • "It is very expensive"
      • "You have to use water to make it foam"

      No Germs foaming hand sanitiser

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is hand sanitiser that is made by a company called No Germs.


      I bought this because I needed a new bottle of hand sanitiser and I liked the idea that there was one that foamed because I thought that would be a more attractive one to use.


      I am not happy with this hand sanitiser because it has to be used with water so I cannot use it easily out of the home and that is why I buy these products. In my career as a beautician I visit many different homes and in between visits I like it that I can use hand sanitiser to freshen my hands when soap and water is not available to me.

      There is no smell from this hand sanitiser and I am happy about that because sometimes I think these products smell too strong.

      You have to make your hands damp and squirt some hand sanitiser into your hands, then you rub then together so that you can make sure all your skin has been touched and it will be sanitised.

      The foam is not very rich and I do not like the way my hands feel sticky after I have used it. That makes my hands feel unclean but the sticky feeling does start to go away quite fast.

      I do know if my skin is sanitised and I do not know how many germs it kills but even though there is no alcohol in it I feel like I am confident to use it and it have an effect on how clean the skin on my hands is.

      You should not replace washing your hands by using hand sanitiser and you still should use soap or cleanser.


      This hand sanitiser costs £4.99 and that is alot more than I like to pay for a product like this.

      2 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      18.09.2010 19:30
      Very helpful



      Not for me I prefer cheaper versions available!

      First off I must point out that I am not reviewing the foaming version of this product that needs to be used with water. I also must point out that for some reason Dooyoo believe that because this is by the same people that make the product that I am reviewing that I should put my review here. So to be clear to you and Dooyoo I am reviewing the 'Instant' Hand Sanitizer and not one to be used with water!

      The reason I purchased this is actually because I own a hamster, Colin. He is a friendly little chap and I pet him loads but he isn't the cleanest of creatures! I do of course wash my hands loads but to be on the safe side I do use an instant hand cleanser and I actually keep a bottle next to his cage in case any one wants to use it for any reason!

      The Packaging:

      50ml plastic cylinder shaped bottle and it has a silver label going around it and a clear plastic push button dispenser to the top of it and over that a clear cap that pulls on and off with total ease. The information on the bottle is listed lengthways down the bottle and I am told to the front of the bottle that it is No-Germs Instant Hand Sanitizer 'Alcohol, Paraben & Fragrance Free' and that it 'Contains real lemon juice' and that it 'Kills 99.9% of most common germs in as little as 15 seconds' and that it also contains 'Natural moisturizing ingredients: Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender' Other information on the bottle include ingredients being listed, as well as being told what its uses are and how to use it, warnings are given, the size is stated (as I've listed already) and contact details for No-Germs are given. Nice bright and informative packaging this and of good size.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Bottle:

      Use anytime any place without towels. Non-drying. Alcohol Free. Leaves hands feeling refreshed, naturally moisturized, without stickiness or residue. Kills 99.9% of all germs in seconds. Indications: For frequent hand sanitizing to help reduce bacteria and germs on the skin. Natural organic moisturization.

      The Hand Sanitizer:

      All you do to use this according to the directions given on the bottle it to pump out two sprays of the clear, watery looking liquid and rub hands together and that is that. This is simply to freshen the hands and to kill germs and bacteria, not to clean them so for real grease and grime and any marks on the skin ...wash your hands this is just for a quick freshen on the go!

      It has no fragrance to it at all as promised. It pumps out evenly the liquid and it is fast drying. Lets be honest if it kills bacteria and/or germs I have got no proof as I can't see it but even if it works I'm not keen on this at all.....

      It is fast drying but it dries my skin out terribly and I'm not a person who suffers with problem hands and class them as normal really. This stuff makes me hands squeak and feel uncomfortable as hell!

      What;s more that feeling doesn't wear off over time and because there is no given fragrance I don't feel fresher for even using it.

      There is far better and cheaper products on the market and the only thing good about this is the packaging with its silver, pink, yellow and black theme going on (with the lettering) and it looks sort of funky which is what attracted my attention in the first place other than that it's a waste of space and my hands don't like it at all lol.

      Available in all good supermarkets and chemists etc and I got mine in Boots costing about £3.00 for the bottle.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      16.05.2009 18:07
      Very helpful



      A good all round hand sanitiser built for peace of mind and health.

      When I first moved to Edinburgh in 2006 to undertake teacher training I had just brought the minimal of things with me such as clothes, books, bags and basic toiletries. My own room at the halls of residence included an en-suite bathroom and my own kitchen but I had done very little shopping initially in terms of household cleaning products. I had nothing to wash my hands with when it came to touching raw meats or when multi prep work meant having to sanitise my hands either.

      At WH Smith newsagents I discovered a hand spray called "No-Germs Instant Hand Sanitizer." The bag sized bottle (50ml) is a handy bag sized pump action (non-pressurized) frosted plastic bottle of which its contents are guaranteed to kill 99.8% germs on contact. This statistical data at the time proved fruitful since my course involves direct contact with Nursery, Primary and Secondary pupils but as a replacement for soap and water it is not a substitute alone. In terms of general design then the bottle is thin and shows "No Germs" in large pink capital lettering and clearly there's no likelihood to confuse this product with anything else.

      There is a bit more to this product than meets the eye however. "No-Germs" is clear water based sanitizing solution; so it's a liquid when pumped out of the bottle producing a light, white and frothy foam which quickly disappears back into liquid form when it hits the air. The makers of the product claim that this hand sanitizer kills 99.8% of germs in "less than 15 seconds" and further wording to emphasize its antibacterial qualities - providing Medical evidence that doctors claim 80% of germs can spread onto hands in general - it makes good sense to have in terms of banishing germs at bay. In light of the recent Swine flu epidemic, this isn't just essential for student teachers to consider but everyone.

      When the clear top is taken off the bottle, push the white pump down to release the foam. One application is all that I need after general use of where my fingers or hands have been and in terms of the bottle's claims that No Germs has "up to 100 uses per bottle," outlined in black and clear lettering - after a year's ownership there is still a quarter of this product left so it has lasted a long time. I used it primarily for use whenever I was in school or university or simply whenever I needed to use it.

      In terms of feel, it is a very light foam that lathers up immediately and absorbs easily and instantly the moment I apply to my hands and rub together making sure the webs of my fingers are also included. The solution contains Aloe Vera, Lemon juice, Camomile and Lavender within the liquid itself but the scent of "No-Germs," is barely detectable even with so many ingredients and if there's any moisturising to be had, it is extremely low. After my hands are dry there is some feeling of the contents within the foam however; unlike the cooling effect that other hand sanitizers leave, "No-Germs," can appear sticky on hot, sweaty hands and it won't soften your hands like hand moisturisers. On cold or dry hands, the solution leaves a feeling as if you've just washed your hands with non-moisturising soap and water.

      On average "No-Germs" hand spray costs between £2-99 and £4-99 although I paid £2-99 from WH Smith and found it sitting by the chewing gum stand. There is also a smaller fine mist spray bottle at 25ml which is available and a moisturising soap hand wash at 250ml available - but you need to look carefully and as I discovered, pharmacies such as Boots and Superdrug have very little of this product available for consumers to buy. Currently when visiting another WH Smith outlet in Glasgow recently I couldn't find this brand amongst other brands like "Quash," which turns out to be a similar item.

      Largely because the spray claims that it kills germs it is easy to suggest that this product could so easily be optimistic with the truth. Over other brands however, "No -Germs" seems to be a universal recommendation between teachers and parents I have met - and indeed it is also recommended for the fact that it contains no alcohol and is therefore not flammable. The product is also Paraben free too which means that no preservatives have been added; Parabens are usually preserving agents which block bacterial and fungal growths present in many cosmetics. Of course immediate downsides are it doesn't refresh hands or thickly moisturize and the product is also for external use only.

      As far as I am concerned then, "No-Germs," is a great sanitizer to have around and it provides peace of mind rather than anything else; after all I'd certainly wouldn't like to know if it doesn't work and providing the evidence on the bottle leaves you very much in relying on what this product does and its general claims. There are other claims from the website that this spray kills the germs that can cause bird flu and germs which cause MRSA. As a consumer it's hard to find the kind of testing of this product if it doesn't work short of buying a UV lamp! I certainly prefer this than antiseptic products which may kill germs and but also coats my hands in a dull smelling scent which stays with me for the whole day. The fact that it's a handy sized sanitizer and fits into most bags makes it more convenient where I'm unable to wash my hands after handling general goods and in light of recent epidemics, "No-Germs," could well be a life saver. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2009

      No-Germs UK
      SW19 2QD Tel



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