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NSI Attraction Acrylic Nail Extension Kit

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Brand: NSI / Type: Nail Care / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2010 15:57
      Very helpful



      Recommeneded if you have false nails or what to learn how to apply nails.


      As many of you know I have a little hair and beauty salon and I am currently reviewing many of the products that I use within the salon, I am only reviewing the products that seem to work well for both myself and my clients.

      Ever since I opened my salon back in 2002 I have been using the NSI nails products, which have been brilliant for but the finished result and client satisfaction. I have never really thought about reviewing Acrylic nail products before, but and nail enhancements seem to be very popular I thought I would give it a try.


      Firstly I will let you know about the NSI company as this will be very useful if you are interested in becoming a professional nail technician, this will also be very handy if you fancy undertaking Nail application training for your own nails, because let's face it getting your nails done is not a cheap thing to do all the time.

      Anyway NSI are a UK based training school which provides individuals with training to become a professional nail technician, you can attend courses for Basic Manicures, Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails, Sculptured Nails and a wide range of nail art courses, all in all you can chose from over thirty different courses.

      The NSI training academy is based in Manchester's city centre, which is very easy to get to as I have recently attended a seminar which was promoting the New NSI product range.

      I have a Saturday girl who attended the seminar with a few of us and she bought herself the NSI attraction Acrylic starter pack, she did not have to pay out for additional training courses as me and a few members of staff can give her the training needed to become a professional nail tech, so this in itself will save her hundreds of pounds as the courses can be very expensive.


      Firstly I must stress that this kit is designed for the professional, however if you like the idea of doing your own nails or you would like to try it before committing to an expensive course, I would recommend you try this starter kit as it is very simple to use.

      This attraction nail kit will provide you with enough to complete fifteen full sets, which could be very lucrative it you go on to do nails professionally as you can get up to £30.00 for a full set of Acrylics.

      Included within the kit is:

      Attraction Acrylic liquid 118ml, this is uses alongside and acrylic powder to form the top layer of your enhancement. The liquid is very strong smelling so it must be used in a well ventilated area as it can be very overpowering, when you are not used to the smell.

      Acrylic brush, this is a brush similar to a paint brush. It is made up of Kolinsky hair and is use to apply the acrylic powder / liquid mix. These brushes are very expensive to replace so be sure to clean if correctly after you have finished with it.

      Attraction Acrylic Powders 40 grams x 2, these are the acrylic powders that are mixed with the acrylic liquid to create the hard surface layer of the acrylic enhancement. You will get a pure white powder for creating white sculpture tips and a sheer pink powder which is used to create the top layer of the acrylic enhancement.

      Within the kit you also get samples of acrylic powders in small 7 gram pots, The shades includes are sheer pink, totally clear, pure pink, Pink Masque and extreme pink. These samples are designed to show you what other colours are available, in my opinion the best shade is the extreme pink as it really separates the white tip if you are creating a French look.

      Attract primer 7ml, is the most important product used when creating acrylic nails, it is used to dehydrate your natural nail plate, therefore creating the best possible surface for the acrylic to adhere to, giving you enhancements that last. If you forget the primer acrylics will lift and fall off very easily.

      Sani pure 59ml, is use to sanitise any tools used while creating the enhancements, this is a spray bottle that squirts out enough spray to sterilise a nail file in one pump. I do recommend that you have a sterilising unit if you are going to do professional nails, but if you just do you own nails this spray should be adequate to sanitise your equipment.

      NSI Cleanse 59ml, is also a sanitising product but this is designed for use on the acrylic nail enhancements themselves, this is used to remove product residue and girt from filing from the new nail enhancements. This also prepares the nail for the finishing polish.

      Nurture Oil, is basically a cuticle care product that comes in a varnish type bottle. This is applied to the cuticles after the enhancements have been completed and polished.

      Glaze and Go, is a clear but very thick top coat that is applied like a nail varnish to the top of your finished nails. This will protect the enhancements and give them and nice glossy shine.

      Natural Nail tips x 150 this is enough to create fifteen set of nails, but as you have the white powder you can create more sets by doing sculptured nails. The tips are basically plastic tips with a pre cut well, these are stuck onto the natural nail plate before applying any of the above products.

      You will also receive a dampen dish, a tip storage tray, nail glue, Three different sized grit files, buffer block, nail forms for sculptures, nail wipes, brush cleaner and an instruction DVD.

      You will receive everything you will need to create perfect Acrylic nails, all of the products come in an NSI branded tote bag, which is ideal for keeping all of you bits together.

      You can expect to pay £85.00 plus vat for this acrylic kit, which is very expensive but once you have perfected the process you can charge anything from £30.00 for a set of tips and £50.00 for a set of sculptured nails.


      STEP 1: Firstly you need to access the client's natural nails for any cuts or contra indications, if the nails are too short and bitten you may not be able to apply a set but this is down to your judgement. If the nails of cuticles are damaged in any way I would never advise you to continue with the service, as this could result in further damage to the client's nails or the tips applied could be very uncomfortable for the client to actually wear.

      If you are happy with the client's nails you need to remove the cuticles using the cuticle remover and then gently buff the top of the natural nail place using the fine grit cushioned nail file. This will roughen up the natural nails surface making is much better for the tips to stick.

      STEP 2: The tips come in sizes 1 - 10, size ten being the biggest. Select the correct tip to fit each finger nail and then apply a thin line of nail glue to the well section on the tip. Gently press the glued section onto the tip of your natural nail. The tip should only be stuck on my a few millimetres, so you still have most of your natural nail showing.

      After repeating this on all ten fingers, you need to trim down the tips to the desired length. This will need to be done with a nail cutter and not a file as it will take you forever to file them all down. Once you are happy with the length you need to file them into shape, this can either be square or rounded.

      STEP3: After completing the above steps you clean the tips with cleanse, to remove and grit or dust from the nails. Now apply the primer to your natural nail only, remember be very careful when applying this as it is very strong and can cause skin irritation if it comes in contact with the skin.

      Now you have dehydrated the nails you can start applying the acrylic, apply a small amount of acrylic liquid into the dampen dish and open your selected acrylic powder. Submerge your brush into the liquid until it goes moist.

      STEP 4: This is the hardest bit and you will certainly get it wrong for the first few attempts as it can be very difficult to perfect, but once you have the technique there will be no stopping you.

      Once you brush is dampened with the liquid, gentle place it into the acrylic powder. You should now have a small bead of acrylic on the brush that is then placed onto the nail tip. Repeat this by adding three for four beads for each nail until the plastic tip is completely covered.

      The bead need to be the right consistency, because if it is too wet it will end up all over your skin and if it is too dry it will not be able to be manipulated over the enhancement. So it is all down to consistency on the mixture of the liquid and powder, this will take a while to perfect but I will come to you eventually.

      PLEASE REMEMBER BE QUICK, you have to work with the damp acrylic very quickly indeed as it sets solid within a minute so you don't have time to play with it. I found when I first started to work with acrylic, taking small amounts at a time worked for me.

      STEP 5: Once the acrylic has set one all ten nails you can now file them, start by using the roughest nail file and then finish with the softer file. Pay special attention to the cuticle area as this is where you are likely to get lift and peeling, so filing them correctly is a must.

      Once you are happy with the shape to the enhancement you buff the surface with a buffing block and then wash your hands, until you have removed and grit or dust.

      STEP 6: To finish the look apply a thick top coat and add some cuticle oil, then your nails are complete.

      Remember that you will need to infill your nails every two - three weeks, to keep them looking nice at all times.


      For me these products are brilliant for creating professional nail extensions, however with a little bit of practice you can create your own nails easily. The instructions and DVD are very handy if acrylic is something you have never used before, the whole process is very detailed within the DVD and very simple to follow.

      Don't be put off if you don't perfect the acrylic application technique at first as it will take you time to get it right, it took me weeks to learn how to apply it correctly. Remember take your time using small amounts, this will take longer but with experience you will learn to apply acrylic in one brush stroke. This will then allow you to complete a full set of nails within half an hour.

      There are cheaper nail kits available from places like boots, however in my experience it does pay to buy a profession kit as the products are much better, which helps when you consider the enhancements staying power.

      I find since using the attraction acrylic products the customers have been getting longer out of their nails, many manage to go a full three weeks before having to come back for maintenance.

      If you fancy trying your hand at acrylic nail applications then this is the starter pack for you, yes it is expensive but worth every penny in my book.


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