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Organic Surge Orange Blossom Hand & Nail Cream

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Brand: Organic Surge / Type: Nail & Hand Cream / Suitable for: Nails & Hand / What it does: Smoothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2010 17:05
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      lovely smelling hand cream which does moisturise and condition

      I bought this organic surge handcream for £3.99 for 75mls in waitrose. This is a bit more than I usually spend however, I do find it difficult to get a good cream which works well on dry, forever being washed hands! I have tried a lot of handreams but I think this caught my eye due to its name organis surge. I am all for trying more organic and natural products and the fact the label says impressive results without chemical overload - I thought great! The product claims to comfort, condition and moisturise (all pretty much what you would expect).
      The smell is fabulous, orange blossom, with bergamont too. The cream itself once rubbed in vanishes into your skin within seconds which is great :) and my hands do feel softer, but there is a somewhat dry feeling left after. Its difficult to explain not dry as in my hands need to be moisturised again but a bit like if you have just taken off gloves which have powder inside. Its a bit strange but not nessicarily bad, my hands do feel moisturised and conditioned.
      The product is alos not tested on animals :) and apparently makes a difference to the lives of african orphans (but i have not checked out website to see how).


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        19.01.2009 17:55
        Very helpful



        I am so glad I found this because it really presses all my buttons.


        I was looking round my local Superdrug for some hand cream to try and put some moisture back into my winter suffering hands, when I saw a collection of products I haven't come across before called "Organic Surge".

        They appealed to me instantly because they all had wonderful names; Orange Blossom, Lavender and Geranium, Fresh Ocean, and Citrus Mint. An added bonus is that the products are all organic and use the minimum number of chemicals to achieve the required effect. I actually chose the Orange Blossom as on a bleak January day it conjured up images of sunny places bathed in spring sunshine.

        The company was founded by Alan Mackenzie who wanted to create toiletries with two goals in mind;

        1. To produce natural products- this means no parabens are used and also left out are any kind of synthetic perfumes. The jury is out as to whether parabens pose a risk to our health but some studies have been shown to suggest a possible link between their use and breast cancer as they can mimic the hormone oestrogen. I don't know whether this will be subsequently proved or not but the availability of products like this which do not have these chemicals in but which are also lovely to use must be a good step forward.

        2. To use some of the profits to help children in Africa.( they make donations towards creating educational scholarships in schools, helping the Thomas Barnardo House Orphanage in Kenya and supporting the Watoto children's charity in Uganda.) The latter places orphaned children into loving family homes which is so important as many are alone due to the death toll caused by Aids/HIV, and of course the dreadful conflict that has devastated communities.

        As I have a very keen interest in both helping Africa to support itself through work like this, and also a preference for natural toiletries this company seemed to press all my buttons.

        Organic Surge is available at the following UK stores:
        Larger Sainsbury's & www.sainsburys.co.uk
        Larger Waitrose & www.ocado.com
        John Lewis department stores
        Whole Foods Kensington
        Fresh & Wild stores
        Larger independent health food stores
        Superdrug and www.superdrug.co.uk

        The product

        The hand cream comes in a small 75ml size and costs £3.91.
        The tube is extremely attractive and features the shiny leaves of the orange tree on the front. It is not tested on animals and the essential oils used are all are certified 100% organic by the Soil Association.

        My Opinion

        I have a professional manicure every 6 weeks when I have my hair done and really enjoy this as a treat. I particularly enjoy choosing a lovely fragrance to have as my beautician has some really summery ones, and this cream is very reminiscent of her professional collections. The cream itself is light and not greasy and it rubs in really easily leaving a beautiful fragrance. I wish you could smell it because it is really gorgeous. Actually my hairdresser saw this when she came to do my hair and nails and was off to buy some for herself -so good recommendation there.

        I used to grow small orange trees in my lounge and it reminded me of the smell of the blossom they had which used to permeate the room. If you close your eyes the smell really does transport you to an orange grove. In Cyprus these will soon be in blossom and the view of the orange groves will be amazing.

        Extremely feminine and fresh this smell is perfect to use all through the day after visits to the bathroom and especially after cooking.

        The moisturising effect is long lasting and since I have been using this my cuticles have been much better and I have had less dead skin to remove before painting my nails.

        This is a really great product and I can't wait to try the others in the collection. They do a hand wash and a hand lotion as well as this one designed for hands and nails. I would say that I have hands which are constantly in water most days so I do need a good product and this is as good as any I have tried, but it is the smell which has been the icing on the cake.

        Other Products made by the company

        They also make shampoo, skin care, and shower and bath products and the moisturiser was voted best product of the year by the TV programme "How to Look Good Naked."

        The company also make "Happy Soap" which is made at the foothills of Mount Kenya in Africa. The amazing thing about this is that they make it for no profit but solely as a means of providing an income for the local growers who are trying to make a living growing herbs and plants from which essential oils are made. It has calendula petals and a host of lovely ingredients and to me sums up what this company is about. Fair trade, ethical business ideas, which are changing the lives of others in less fortunate circumstances. The company is also constantly reviewing their products to make sure they are keeping up with new advances so they can enhance their products to be as good as they can be.

        This is a great product which will keep your hand and nails moisturised and fresh, and the bottle size is nice too as it will sit nicely in a handbag for those freshen up moments.

        The website www.organicsurge.com also has a mail order service so that is a bonus if you don't have a local stockist. A refreshing and different product which does all it claims to do and more.


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