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Organic Surge Think Happy Tight Fisted Hand & Nail Cream

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Brand: Organic Surge / Type: Nail & Hand Cream / Suitable for: Nails & Hand

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    1 Review
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      13.11.2008 00:00
      Very helpful



      Not for me. I have it on now and I pong!

      I'm not a fan of hand lotions. There is a reason for this. I just ever really looked after my hands before due to A) biting my nails and B) always having filthy, rotten hands. Up until a couple of weeks ago I was smoking 40-50 cigarettes a day and my hands never felt clean enough to go slapping lotions and potions on them and cos I smoked so many I'd apply some and then need a cigarette and a greasy tasting fag was never my thing! I just couldn't see the point in using anything on dirty, nicotine smelling and coloured hands.

      So up until recently I never really used hand lotion. I bought them and would use them once or twice and they'd end up in a drawer somewhere gathering dust and got forgotten about. I had a drawer like a hand-cream graveyard I kid you not! When I did go to try again with it it'd gone off, was stinking and split etc. However now I have been out and bought some new hand creams and I am using them. All the time actually for something to do!

      The Packaging....

      It's a clear 100ml recyclable plastic tube with matching flip top lid situated at the bottom of it. On the front and the back of the bottle there are yellow sticky labels. On the front of the product I'm told it is Think Happy, Organic Surge, Tight Fisted, Orange Blossom & Lemon Hand And Nail Cream. Under that there is a picture of some green wet leafs which I'm sure is meant to be an orange blossom plant or at least something to do with the product in some way and then under that in really small writing I'm told 'A happy blend of ingredients boosted by organic extracts from natural plant origins and pure essential oils. On the back of the tube I'm once again told what it is and who it is by and a brief rundown of what it should provide, how to use it, ingredients and told its certified organically grown, given contact details for BTH Labs (the manufacturers of think Happy Products) and the website is listed (www.thinkhappy.com) where details of the product line are and information on how the company helps African orphans is given, the recycle symbol is show, the size is listed as (I've stated already) and finally there is a bar-code. It is a nice tube and does have a kind of happy, positive vibe going on with the yellow colour scheme. There's isn't loads of information on it but the information there is, is nicely laid out. Even though this has sticky labels on it I'm pleased to share with you that these don't peel off or get mucky even though your touching it with hand cream etc as you use and touch the tube. It's all able to be wiped after use if you choose to so the tube keeps looking nice.

      About The Product.... According To The Tube....

      Awaken your senses with the combination of skin regenerating citrus fragrances. (Yes that's all the information on the tube lol It's all very short and sweet!).

      How To Use It....

      Generously massage all over hands not forgetting nails! For soft, smooth happy ever after hands.

      Well I use this hand cream when ever I feel like it and as often as I please. The white cream is not really a cream as such. It's more like a lotion with some body to it. It comes out of the hole in the tube easily and in a line so it's got a good firm consistency and it doesn't run out of the tube by itself if you undo the lid so you do have to squeeze it out and this is simple to do.

      Now use too much and you'll rub forever to blend it into skin!. It goes white like hand soap and you have to smooth it one way till it eventually goes, which does take time and patience (believe me lol). All you need of this is a really small blob and if you want more then add more. It's really that simple to use and isn't rocket science lol.

      I always add a small blob onto one palm and then rub both hands together and I start off with hand-cream of about the size of a British 5p. That actually coats both of my hands well but then I do have small hands but like I say you can always add more if so desired. My hands will only drink in so much and then get too greasy which then is a problem...

      See my hands look greasy after even after a 5p blob. If I rub this in for a few seconds the white 'lotion' vanishes but I am left with a greasy film and if I touch my face that grease does transfer off and not just to face I mean to anywhere. The oils do feel comfortable and not like an oil slick but you have to be so careful cos the first time I used this I grabbed my cup of tea and my fingers slid on the handle and had the tea of been boiling (it wasn't thankfully) it would have burnt all down my chest without a doubt so even with a small amount I use it and then give it a few minutes to sink in properly (although visually it vanishes after a few seconds) and then I wipe gently with a tissue to g t rid of any residue my hands haven't sapped up. Hands do however feel soft and hydrated but not long term. I only feel the benefits when this is on my hands.

      The smell to me is all rather off putting. It smells really old fashioned. The fragrance that is most apparent to my nasal passages is oranges but what takes the edge of that is the lemon smell. It's very well blended and balanced but sorry 'Think Happy' this doesn't make me feel happy at all and not one bit! The smell lasts on the hands for a couple of hours obviously fading as the clock ticks on.


      Well I have very dry hands and flaky bits of skin. Whilst it hydrates in a greasy, filmy, fake smooth way I'm not finding that it's repairing the skin on my hands in the long term and I'm not really happy with that and that with the added smell I don't like about it but I'd tolerate the smell if the product was great! Although it's absorbed into my hands fast (visually as I said already) the smell isn't and the jury is out on whether really it has any effects at all apart from making me feel a bit cross that I always need a cloth or tissue with me in case I want to touch something!

      Recommended? No. I feel a hand cream should sink quickly into oblivion and leave you with soft, supple and hydrated hands that you can forget about but this is just a bit more complicated than that and without a good reason for it. It's ok but my Mum has asked me why I smell like granny talc. She's 63 and she don't even approve of this one lol

      I bought my tube in Tesco for £2.99 (ish) if I remember rightly and all I can say is it does work out economical because of the amount you actually need to use and is a rather large size for this type of product!


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