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Origins Make a Difference Hand Cream

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2 Reviews
  • light on the skin
  • smells a bit weird
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    2 Reviews
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      27.11.2014 13:46


      • "light on the skin"


      • "smells a bit weird"

      A hand cream to savour

      A friend bought me a box of Origins products for my birthday earlier this year and the make a difference hand cream was included in the box.

      I do get through an incredible amount of hand cream and keep it all over the house and office and car so there is always a tube handy when I need it so another tube was most welcome.

      My tube is a light sage green with white writing and the Origins logo which is a picture of two trees. The 50 ml hand cream has been in my handbag for months now and is looking a bit battered! It has lasted a long time as you really don't need to use a lot each time.

      The only slight grumble about this hand cream is that it smells a bit funny to me, very plant like and earthy but I have found this to be the case with the origins range which uses a lot of natural plant and organic ingredients in their products so this explains the smell as it is not full of chemicals like some hand products.

      I do find the performance of this hand cream to be excellent but I know it is very expensive to buy, around £10 a tube so I would expect high performance from this product. My friend promised me that she got a good deal on the set and that it was on offer as it looked like it should have cost a fortune, what an amazing gift.

      I don't think I would buy it again based on the price but it has been very nice to use.


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      23.11.2005 13:31
      Very helpful



      A beautifully scented natural hand cream which really works on combating dryness

      My mum originally bought this hand cream for herself, but she rarely gives herself a manicure so she kindly donated it to me to use on myself (and her when I give her a manicure). Origins is my favourite cosmetics brand but I wouldn't really have bought this hand cream if she hadn't given it to me as I am only 22 and it is aimed at reversing the signs of aging (obviously as well as moisturising hands).


      Typically 'Origins' packaging, it is minimal and clear, although slightly unusual for hand cream being wide and almost totally flat. It holds 75ml of creamy white product which can be seen through the frosted clear packaging. On the back these claims are listed:

      'The "resurrection plant" Rose of Jericho, reviving Trehalose and Sea Haricots help reverse dramatic dehydration. An ancient oceanic flora helps repair damage due to environmental exposure. Scutelleria helps even out skin-aging spots. Dry, cracked, splotchy skin resumes a softer, brighter, more evenly toned, more youthfully textured look and feel.'

      I said above that my mum gave me this to use after manicures, but because most hand creams have a greasy feel to them, if I ever apply them it will generally be at night so I don't need to think about picking things up with greasy hands. I have taken to using this cream infrequently at night and have found it to relieve any tightness and dryness in my skin. However, for the purpose of this review I thought I'd test out the other claim made on the packaging, that it is 'never greasy'.

      I applied some and waited until it felt sufficiently absorbed for me to carry on doing other things. I would say that it took about five minutes to feel perfectly normal doing things with this cream on. I think that is quite a reasonable amount of time for an intensive hand moisturiser and I would agree that it is not a greasy (or slimy) feeling.

      When you apply this you only need a very small amount to cover both hands. Don't make the mistake of applying it all to your palms, as your palms need less care than the outsides of your hands which are constantly exposed to things such as the wind and UV rays outside. Apply a pea sized amount to the back of one hand and then rub the back of the other hand against it. Once it's spread a bit then you can massage it down each finger and eventually put the last bit on to your palms.

      Once it's evenly distributed this cream gives a pleasant balm-like feeling. It feels as if your hands are slightly coated in a soft protective layer but that you can still carry on touching other things without greasing them up. It smells delightful (same as the Make A Difference face gel/cream). It's a very delicate light natural fruity smell which is totally non-intrusive. I think that it would probably be best suited to intensive treatments rather than daily use as I am sure there are quick absorbing creams which aren't as rich designed for regular use.


      Let's test those other claims then!

      "…reverses dramatic dehydration" YES. I would agree with that. I don't get terribly dry hands as I tend to wear rubber gloves for household tasks/washing up but I do remember an occasion where I wrecked my hands helping my mum with gardening - they were really dry and tight - and this definitely helped to relieve that in one application. I believe that it is rich enough to do what it claims.

      "…helps repair damage due to environmental exposure" I am guessing they mean things like UV exposure and wind burn? I can't really comment on UV damage as I don't have any noticeable damage on my hands, but I am sure that it would be soothing enough to alleviate the discomfort of wind burn in winter.

      "…helps even out skin-aging spots" 'Age spots' are another name for UV damage from the sun. I don't have these so I can't comment on its potential effect.

      "Dry, cracked, splotchy skin resumes a softer, brighter, more evenly toned, more youthfully textured look and feel."
      I have never had skin so dry that it cracked and my skin is already youthful looking so I am afraid I cannot comment on this aspect either.

      In general I would say that this cream restored the moisture in my skin within one application so I was quite happy that I didn't feel the need to use it daily, and found it convenient to know that in one application my skin would be nice again in the morning. Whether that was due to it being amazing or my skin not being especially dry, I don't know.


      It costs £15 for the standard 75ml tube from any Origins counter (in some larger department stores). I think that this hand cream would be an unnecessary expense for anyone below the age of about 40, due to its claims. It is a pleasant hand cream to use but unfortunately the main selling point for me was the scent and the fact I only needed to use it once in a while, because the rest of the claims are not relevant to me (yet!) The only complaint I have about this cream (other than the price) is the packaging. It's great to use when it's over 1/3 full, but nearing the end it is SO hard to squeeze out due to the shape of the tube. I resorted to cutting a bit of the top end open, which isn't ideal because if you only use it infrequently it gives it a chance to dry out (probably wouldn't be a problem if you used it quite often).

      It would be too expensive to buy this again just for the scent so I'll look for a cheaper alternative. If you're over 40 - or under 40 with regularly dry skin - then this would definitely be worth a try; but make sure you need it otherwise you'll resent the price tag!

      carly_pussycat - dooyoo UK ©


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    • Product Details

      The resurrection plant, Rose of Jericho, plus skin-reviving Trehalose and Sea Haricots work hand-in-hand to help hardworking skin rebound and recover from dramatic dehydration / An ancient Oceanic Flora helps repair damage due to UV exposure, daily use and constant abuse / Scutellaria Extract helps even out skin tone / Meadowfoam Seed Oil lavishes hands that have it rough with long-lasting smoothness that's never greasy / Chapped, cracked, splotchy skin resumes a softer, brighter, more evenly toned, more youthfully textured look and feel / Leaves an elegant, silky feel on skin / Forms an undetectable barrier / Dermatologist Tested /

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