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Palmolive Florals Liquid Hand Wash

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Brand: Palmolive / Type: Hand Wash / Suitable for: Hand

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2011 21:24
      Very helpful



      So-So Product from Palmolive.

      After running out of my usual handwash, I just picked up the nearest one when I was shopping in Poundland as I remembered I was out of my previous one. I am familiar with the Palmolive brand so I simply picked up one of those and it so happened to be from their 'Florals' range. My particular handwash had a different flower on the front of the handwash, and there are many different styles to choose from regarding which flower is on the front, and I do not believe the scent changes depending on which style of packaging you purchase.

      As far as the price and availability are concerned, I purchased mine for a mere £1.00 from Poundland, however I have seen these available in various supermarkets for around the same price, or just slightly higher than £1.00 which is a bargain for handwash.

      The liquid itself is clear in colour, and this helps the blossom on the front to stand out and make your bathroom look a little prettier, especially if you have an all white bathroom like mine! To use you simply have to push down the pump, and around two squirts is enough to wash both hands through thoroughly. The pump on these is great, and as the liquid is quite thin it means that you do not get clogged up tubes, therefore the liquid comes out easily, as this has been a problem previously when I was using creamier handwashes.

      The scent of the floral range is just delicious and I really like it. It has a very light, clean smell to it with a hint of flowers leaving your hands smelling clean, but not too overpowered with scent. I am very picky when it comes to the scent of handwash, as I particularly dislike those with a strong antibacterial scent, as well as those which are really overpowering and can leave you smelling them for hours after use. I like a simple, subtle scent and this is perfect for me.

      One problem which I have faced with this handwash is that when you press down on the pump, sometimes the handwash flies out across the room which can be quite annoying, especially if it ends up going all down your clothes! Be sure that when you are using this to cup your hands around the opening so as to avoid this happening as it can become quite messy.

      In addition to this, it is a gentle wash, therefore it is perfect for those with sensitive skin. However, my hands are not particularly sensitive, but I have found that after using this handwash, my hands have felt a little dry after use and I am starting to find this a bit of a problem. It seems to be only me that this is happening to in the household, therefore this is not to say it would happen to everybody, but just something to look out for. If you are after a handwash which provides moisturising properties, this is definitely one to avoid.

      Despite these few niggles, for the price I paid it did clean my hands well but I am unsure as to whether I will be buying it again in the future. A decent handwash which is worth a look at if you are on a budget, but otherwise I would opt for something else. Thanks for reading.


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