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Palmolive Hygiene Plus Handwash

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3 Reviews
  • Cleans well
  • good price when on offer
  • Not much smell
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    3 Reviews
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      30.04.2015 17:50
      Very helpful



      Palmolive Kitchen Anti Odour Liquid Hand Wash

      The Palmolive Kitchen Anti Odour Liquid Hand Wash is available for GBP 1.99.


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      01.11.2014 19:43
      Very helpful


      • " good price when on offer"
      • " lasts a long time"
      • "Cleans well"


      • "Not much smell"

      Cleans well but the aroma is a bit disappointing

      ===The Product===

      Palmolive Hygiene Plus Fresh Liquid Handwash.
      With natural extract of eucalyptus.
      Antibacterial and kills 99.9% of bacteria.
      300mls of bright blue liquid.
      Dermatalogically tested.
      Keep out of direct sunlight.
      Use within 12 months.
      Made by Colgate-Palmolive UK.


      Full price is 1.89 but I bought when on offer for 85p at Tesco.
      The Hygiene Plus range also comes in red (family version) and white/pale green (sensitive with aloe).

      ===My Opinion===

      For the bargain price of 85p this is a decent sized bottle of antibacterial handwash.

      Both Palmolive and Colgate are well known brands and so you know you are getting a decent product.

      This Hygiene Plus range comes in three fragrances and I bought the bright blue version which is classed as 'Fresh'.

      It comes in a curved bottle as shown above with a large white press down pump top.

      If you depress the pump fully you get a good sized amount of the wash so if you only need to rinse your hands lightly you can save some of the handwash by only depressing the pump half way.

      The wash itself works perfectly well but while the product does smell sort of fresh it does not have a really pleasant and inviting aroma which was a bit of a disappointment.

      Supposedly these washes have a natural antibacterial ingredient but they do not explain what it is and I could not distinguish anything on the list of ingredients.

      The wash does include glycerine and eucalyptus extract. Eucalyptus has a very strong smell but the aroma is not noticeable to me in this product.

      It does not dry my hands especially but it does not feel very moisturising either.

      A decent every day handwash for all the family but nothing very inviting in regards to the fragrance. However it is a largish bottle and does last quite a while.

      I like the fact that this purports to kill 99.9% of bacteria but I may try the other versions in this range as the smell was a bit weak for me but that may be the way some people like it.

      ===Star Rating===

      4 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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      15.12.2012 14:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great bathroom hand wash with anti-bacterial properties

      I have no particular preference to hand wash and am often swayed by ones that are on special offer.

      This time I chose Palmolive, a Colgate brand that I have had numerous times before and has been around for decades. Being around for so long it stands to reason there must be something good about it or people just would not buy it.
      By going to www.colgate.co.uk you can look up Palmolive and see various other products from the brand.

      The hand wash comes in a small clear plastic bottle of 300mls. It is a handy size as it sits neatly on the sink between the taps and with it being clear you can see exactly how much is left.
      The lid is conventional pump action, which you need to twist first to release the spring inside. The lid can also be unscrewed from the bottle so if you wanted you could replace the liquid with another one. Not that important now with the availability of recycling of which this entire product is, but if you specifically like the bottle or wanted to put a cheaper brand in it's ideal. Pump action hand wash is generally more hygienic than soap especially if you have visitors but if being picky of course you are still touching the plunger so it's not perfect. I am not that picky but I would rather bottles than soap and I think it looks nicer on the side too.

      The one I have chosen this time is Palmolive's hygiene-plus which according to the bottle "removes 99.9% of bacteria" that will do for me, nobodies perfect! I like the way that they have incorporated natural ingredients to provide the anti-bacterial properties. Now on reading the ingredients I was unsure as to which was this naturel antiseptic, so on searching the net cocamidopropyl betanine seems to be an organic compound coming from coconut oil. The glycerin-based ingredients I assume are what complete the moisturizing component.

      The colour of this hand wash is an orangey red, but there are others in different fragrances. The smell is very suitable for a bathroom and reminds me of ones you may find in restaurant bathrooms. It is not an unpleasant smell but is quite clinical and fresh; It does not really remind me of any particular other fragrance that I am aware of.

      I use one to two squirts at a time for hand washing and the bottle generally lasts me a few weeks in a household of two adults. I find the wash soapy and give a good lather and you feel that your hands are clean both visibly and from the smell also. The moisturizing may take a back seat slightly I feel to the anti-bacterial part as I don't find it as softening as some other washes. The foam washes away easily and does not leave any residue on your hands, the only minor down is that the liquid is quite gel liquid in consistency and so runs off with the water before you wash your hands if not careful!

      Certainly a product I am happy to recommend and will use in the future. Priced at £1.99 normally however it is frequently half price or buy on get one free in big supermarkets.

      Review maybe posted on ciao and dooyoo under the same username.


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