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Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand & Cuticle Cream

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Brand: Philosophy / Texture: Cream / Type: Nail & Hand Cream / Suitable for: Cuticles & Hand

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2013 11:52
      Very helpful



      A premium hand cream product that is worth paying more for...

      My mum happens to love the beautiful range of toiletries, perfume and cosmetics from the brand "Philosophy." This is quite handy, because it makes buying gifts for birthdays and special occasions quite easy, with a purchase from the well-known brand being a sure-fire way to bring a smile to my lovely mum's face. At Christmas time then, I purchased two items for her from the range, one of which was the "Philosophy Hands Of Hope Hand & Cuticle Cream." Since then, my mum has raved about the results obtained from using the product so much that I was inspired enough to buy it for myself, with this review outlining my experiences of using the product.

      The packaging is lovely, and is in keeping with the rest of the products in the Philosophy range, all of which offer a very simplistic design, but without compromising on quality or appearance. The bright whites and eye-catching descriptions used on the packaging of Philosophy's products offer a very 'chic' look to the range overall, which gives a fresh, contemporary feel. The Hands Of Hope Hand Cream is no exception to this, with the cream being provided in a large white tube, with the name of the product and its lovely description printed on the front. There is a sturdy 'flip-up' cap on the bottom of the tube that is made of robust, black-coloured plastic. I have never experienced any difficulties with using the product, finding the packaging is easy for me to use, even though I suffer with weakness in my hands as a result of limited mobility.

      The price for the Hands Of Hope cream is quite expensive, with it costing £16 for the 120ml tube. There is a smaller tube available too, which is only 30ml in size and this costs £9. You can purchase the product online, direct from the company at www.philosophyskincare.co.uk, or you can buy it from the Philosophy Counter that is available in some department stores, including some branches of John Lewis and Debenhams.

      **(A word of warning here - I'd really recommend buying your Philosophy cosmetics from reputable retailers only, as I have read online numerous stories about the brand being subject to extreme counterfeiting and counterfeit branding. This is presumably down to the rather simplistic design of the brand's cosmetics, which is no doubt quite easy to reproduce, particularly as the designs are really only font-based diagrams etc. For these reasons, I'd highly recommend purchasing Philosophy cosmetics from one of the counters available in larger department stores rather than purchasing online from third parties).**

      The Hands Of Hope Cream is described beautifully on the front of the packaging in the following statement:... "Philosophy: hands of hope are the hands that help, heal, protect and comfort.... Use your hands to give hope, and you will have hope to hold..."

      The product is marketed as being a "Non- Greasy Formula" that "Absorbs Quickly", in addition to it claiming to "provide long-lasting moisture." I felt these claims were quite impressive, but in my experience, most hand cream products make various appealing claims, with very few actually managing to deliver on all counts......

      When applying the Hands Of Hope cream, I find it incredibly easy to spread over the skin's surface, thanks to its light, almost 'whipped' consistency. The cream is unscented, so there is no 'heady' aroma present during or after use, which I confess is quite agreeable to me. I often find that some hand cream products have such strong aromas that I am able to detect their scents hours later after use, which I find off-putting if I am eating. I didn't feel that the Philosophy hand cream was lacking anything whatsoever, as a result of it being un-perfumed, and in fact the product feels wonderfully kind and gentle to my sensitive skin.

      The cream's lovely 'light' texture was something of a surprise as I had found the actual appearance of the Philosophy cream to be rather 'average' with it failing to look like anything other than a 'bog standard' hand cream. True, it has an attractive, glossy 'sheen' to its appearance, but other than that, I found the appearance to be rather nondescript.

      This little 'niggle' is instantly forgiven, however, as I feel the hand cream smother my dry skin, with it's light texture feeling quite 'airy' and kind to the skin on my hands. I find too that the cream really feels like it is 'coating' the skin's surface easily, so I don't need to work too hard to get the cream smothered over my hands. This allows it to feel more pleasant, convenient, quick and easy to use - and apply - than other hand creams that I use regularly that feel thicker and more 'cumbersome' when they are rubbed over the skin's surface.

      The Cream's light texture helps too, I think, with the absorption of the product. Due to its texture feeling so wonderfully light and surprisingly 'thin' on the skin, I can feel it begin to absorb almost before I have even finished applying it. This is agreeable to me, as I am not a fan of having to wait around until such items become fully absorbed into the skin, finding such annoyances are off-putting. The Hands Of Hope product, however, absorbs into the skin's layers almost instantaneously, living up to its impressive claims in this regard.

      Afterwards, I find that my hands are without any sign of grease, residue, stickiness or 'tackiness'. This discovery was very welcome, as I find such after-effects to be really annoying and again, off-putting for me. Such products are really only used by me in dire emergencies, when my collection of more superior products is running low and I have little choice. The residual matter that is left behind from such products varies from being a greasy 'slick' like feeling on the skin (eugh!) to a more 'sticky' residue that does eventually die down to a minor annoyance rather than something I abhor. The use of the Philosophy Hands Of Hope cream in recent times has highlighted to me how inferior some of the other hand cream products I had been using recently actually are, however, with this premium product being in a different league altogether.

      The long-term effects of using the Hands Of Hope Hand Cream too, are unbeatable in my opinion. Whereas before I would find it necessary to apply a hand cream product at least twice a day during the winter months to combat the dryness I was suffering from, I find now that it is only necessary to use the Hope cream once per day. In actual fact, I have found with continued use that I am able to 'skip a day' twice a week or so, as I have felt no hand cream has been required at all. This result has not been experienced for quite some years, so I have no doubt that the Hands Of Hope cream performs with excellence in terms of moisturisation of the skin.

      With the back of my hands being left 'baby soft' after use, I have witnessed a marked improvement in both the softness and feel of my hands, but also in terms of the appearance of the back of my hands, that will often look dry and aged even though I am only in my 30s. With the continued use of the Philosophy cream, however, I feel that my hands just look better, with no patches of unsightly dry skin being evident. The dry areas around my knuckles too have been almost smoothened out completely, with my fingernails appearing brighter and a much healthier appearance to my hands overall being evident.

      The purchase price for the Hands Of Hope Hand Cream is undoubtedly expensive, there's no denying that. I have found, however, that I really only need to use a very small blob of the product with each use, thanks mainly, I think, to its light and airy consistency and premium quality. This has allowed the product to feel extremely economical, with the purchase price feeling slightly more justified, as a result. This impression is reinforced too when I consider the noticeable difference the product has made to my hands, in addition to the fact I am able to skip a day between uses, without the lasting results suffering as a result.

      Considering all of the points I have made in this review, I really feel that full marks are justified in the product rating score. This beautiful hand cream product is expensive, yes, but its quality and the unbeatable results achieved really are worth paying more for, in my opinion, with the product living up to its impressive claims.... And more besides. I will definitely repurchase the hand cream for myself again in the future, and it comes with my full recommendation.


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