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Pink Tease Nail Foils

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Brand: Pink Tease / Type: Nail Oil / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2012 17:04
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      They have their flaws but I still like them!

      This is a review of Pink Tease nail foils, which I picked up in Home Bargains in a gold and black glitter leopard print style. They are not for the shy and retiring type as they are quite loud and fun but at the same time I find them quite wearable on my natural length nails. Please click on my member profile for the link (copy + paste) to look at a picture of them on my nails as you can't tell what they are like on the carded pictures (how they are sold).

      Price and choice
      At 99p I was just curious to see how they would compare to minx nail foil designs which I have used before on my toes and they have lasted a few months at a time. Although you are supposed to use on a naked nail (and buff the shine off) I decided to put mine over a base coat to protect my nail as it was an experiment and I didn't want to wreck my nails. There are other animal prints and patterns in the range that I will probably be purchasing in the future. They also make the foils in plain colours too and I think the silver is very popular for toes.

      How to...
      Instructions are included on the back of the pack but having done my toes before, I had an idea of how to use them. It advises using hot air from a hair dryer once the stickers are in place. This is to heat up the glue and let it set hard on your nail. Before you do this you can readjust it a little as the glue is just a tiny bit slidey on your nail (but not much).

      The set
      This set comes in a nice little pack with 10 stickers all different widths. Using tweezers and scissors I carefully matched up the best sticker to the fingernail and using nail scissors trimmed the edge. On most I needed to cut the sticker a little smaller width ways but it was easy to do and I even managed it whilst it was partially stuck to the nail. Some stickers I could get two nails out of making the set go a bit further. Obviously it was a little easier doing my left hand (using my right hand) but I managed the vice versa. It would be even easier if you did a friend's nails and they did yours!

      The stickers smell a bit like a rubber ring to me! I know that sounds strange but they are thin versions of that same vinyl material! The smell does wear off after a while.

      I wish I could upload a photo to show you how fab the nails look. They really are great. I can't feel the weight of them on my nails at all. I love the glittery pattern and it only took around 10 minutes to apply the stickers. The instructions also advise a top coat to make the effect last longer. Before the top coat they did feel a little rough but I think this was due to the glitter.The top coat made them look glossy but took off a little bit of the glittery finish. My nails are mid length now and these stickers were around twice as long as I needed so think they would look fab on really long nails. You could also do some nail art and tips and striping with them if you are clever with nails. You could use them on acrylics if you wish.

      Longevity and removal
      When I did the washing up I made sure I wore rubber gloves to protect my nails but my hands got quite hot and some of the nail foils slid around the nail but I was able to put them back in place before my hands cooled (it was only a couple of nails) and then they were as good as new.

      Day three and something strange has happened. The stickers are seemingly moving up the nails at a fast pace. I don't know if the product is shrinking or if it's wearing off at the tips but my two middle fingers look like they have half a nail full of sticker on them and I'm sure they started off with a full nail! I had to replace the index finger on my left hand completely as it had shifted too far over to one side and looked really rubbish. The rest of the nails, including thumb nail are good and the product hasn't shifted, feels tight and isn't swimming about on the nail. Might try and replace the middle fingers to see if I can get a couple more days out of them.

      Day four I used the remaining foils to touch up most of the nails (ie re do them) there wasn't enough for a full set but a couple of nails still looked OK. They still continue to shrink down the nail.

      Day five I finally admit defeat and remove them in the bath just using hot water soaking on the nails. They come off very easily and only left a little glue residue underneath some of the nails. Nails were shiny and in great condition underneath so the glue hasn't weakened them.

      Husband's opinion
      After a full 24 hours of wearing the nail stickers with no comment, I decided to prompt him. OK he had been at work for some of that time but I was waiting to see if he had noticed. This means one of two things. A. he hasn't noticed or B. He has noticed but doesn't like them. So I asked and he said they looked a bit Gypsy Wedding to him. Then he said they were Chavvy. I take it's that's a no then! I then said that they had cost 99p and I hadn't been to a salon and paid £20 to have them done. He was quite relieved about this!

      Final word
      For the money these are fab. At the moment I am not working so can get away with doing whatever I like looks wise but I probably wouldn't wear these to work as they are a bit too 'fun' for a serious job. For 99p you could justify weekend wear but you probably won't want to remove them when it's time to go back to work. I would definitely recommend these for toes too, I think they might last a lot longer on feet as hands get more wear and tear. Idea for a weekend wear I think but don't expect them to last ages as they just won't.

      Conclusion: repeat purchase imminent.


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