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Possibility Hand Cream Raspberry Pavlova

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Brand: Possibility / Type: Hand Cream

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    1 Review
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      10.08.2013 13:49
      Very helpful



      not my favourite hand cream

      ~Raspberry Pavlova~

      Possibility is a range of bath and body products manufactured by Gaughan Sales and Marketing. Today I will be discussing my experience of their 'Raspberry Pavlova Ultra Rich Hand and Nail Cream'.

      This hand and nail cream is designed to keep your hands and nails feeling soft and smelling of raspberry pavlova. The hand cream is presented in a tall, pink tube with a flip lid at the base. Interestingly, the tube has some writing on the front which is actually a recipe for raspberry pavlova! This hand cream has a 12month shelf life from first use.

      ~Where To Buy~

      You can currently purchase a 120ml tube of this hand cream from Amazon priced at £2.99.

      ~My Thoughts~

      My local Poundworld offers quite a range of beauty products including a few from the Possibility range. I love the smell of raspberries and was drawn in by the pretty pink tube that this hand cream is presented in. I am always looking to try new products to see what works best with my skin and decided to purchase this at such a bargain price (£1.00). I use hand cream regularly to keep my hands looking and feeling good. I normally carry a small tube in my handbag but because this tube is quite large, I don't take it out with me as it would take up too much room in my handbag. I can confirm, however, that the tube is of a decent quality and the flip lid feels very secure so there is little chance of leakage.

      The hand cream is fairly thick and is a baby pink colour. The consistency makes it easy to squeeze from the tube and very easy to massage in to my hands. When I first used this hand cream, I squeezed too much of it out and found that I was massaging it in to my hands for what felt like an eternity. Now I only apply a small blob and then I can top up if I feel it neccessary. The cream is has a soft, creamy texture which feels really nice against my skin. I wash my hands a lot through the day so applying hand cream a few times is generally warranted to ensure my hands don't dry out or become sore.

      This hand cream does take a while to absorb. I work it around the back of my hands, my palms, fingers and around my nails and find that it does feel quite greasy for a while. It isn't a hand cream that I would choose to use if I was working in an office and wanted to apply something at my desk as it doesn't absorb quickly enough. After applying and massaging thoroughly in to my hands, I find that my hands still feel a little tacky for a good 20 minutes which isn't very practical as I want to get on with doing things (housework, typing etc) and slightly slippy feeling hands limit what I can do.

      I wouldn't say that this is a highly moisturising hand cream. I do find that my hands appear soft and with a slight 'powdery' smoothness about them. It doesn't deliver an intensive moisture boost for my hands and nails but it isn't too bad. It doesn't have any ill-effects on my hands but the softness is short live - two hours maximum before I need to reapply. I have tried it on the dry patches that appear and find that it doesn't smoothen these patches as much as more expensive hand creams do. My nails and cuticles have benefited from using this hand cream as they appear more healthy and less prone to damage.

      I am not quite certain if I love the scent of this hand cream. On opening the tube, a strong, sugary raspberry aroma is evident. When applied to my skin, I find the smell to be a little sickly and a tad synethic. Once absorbed in to my skin, the scent is more appealing - a sort of sour raspberry aroma with a creamy undertone. I can't say that it reminds me specifically of raspberry pavlova though. In all honesty, the smell makes me think of opening a pick 'n' mix bag where all the sweets have been sitting together but you can still smell the paper bag too. It is unusual but quite mild once it has settled on my skin. I notice the scent for an hour or so before it disappears.

      ~Final Thoughts~

      I don't think I would buy this again. I prefer hand creams that offer a more soothing feeling when contact is made with skin and a little more moisturisation. The scent is something I could take or leave. I do need to apply this regularly to keep my hands soft but then find myself getting bored of the scent so it isn't something I really want to use all the time. It is fine for the £1.00 price but not anything higher in my opinion. The results are shortlived and nothing spectacular so I will award it 3 stars.

      Thanks for reading :)


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