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Pretty Perfect Twist & Out Nail Polish Remover

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Brand: Pretty Perfect / Polish Remover / Type: Nail Polish Remover

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    3 Reviews
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      04.12.2013 19:27
      Very helpful
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      A clever idea for the easy removal of finger nail polish but less practical for toes, or travelling

      I use a lot of nail polish which of course means I also need a lot of nail polish remover. I buy remover pads as well as the usual liquids but when I saw Twist and Out for sale, I decided it was time to try some thing a bit different. It cost me £1 in Poundland, which turned out to be a good deal but I am not ready to give up my other methods for getting rid of polish and this is why..


      Twist, as I am going to call it from now on, is a small 55ml pink tub containing a block of sponge saturated with nail polish remover. In the centre there is a cross cut in the sponge, which provides a little hole. You insert your finger tips into this hole in turn , twist them around and the pull them pull them out to reveal completely polish free nails. Or so goes the theory. It is available in acetone and acetone free formulas. I have used both without intending to as they are packaged identically and I can't in all honestly tell the difference between the two, performance wise.


      The tub has a screw on lid and underneath that is a foil seal. Unfortunately, once that seal is removed for the first time, the outer lid does not keep the contents secure. The sponge really is saturated with remover, and if the pot is not kept upright, traces of this can seep out even when the lid is apparently tightly screwed on. I found this to my cost when I took it out in my hand bag. I definitely do not recommend this for use on the go!

      EASY TO USE?

      The tub is indeed easy to use and saves you finding cotton wool pads to put the remover on. You will however need some tissue to hand. This is because the sponge is very wet feeling at first and I found my fingers actually dripped as I removed them from the tub. You are not supposed to get the remover in your eyes so you will really want to wash your hands after using this. The excessive moisture in the sponge fades over time, thank goodness. Apart from that, the experience is pleasant enough and your fingers won't remain in the sponge for long. It is flexible, so you can part it enough to do two fingers at once which speeds things up. The sponge moves with your fingers, which means you have to press your nails towards the tub sides to get maximum contact with the remover. I found this a bit frustrating at first but then I perfected the technique!


      Amazingly, yes. I have used it on polish of varying hues including pale pink, oyster, navy blue, poppy red and dark purple, and it removes the lot. Some polish (2 coats plus top one) comes off with just a few twists and others take about 5 seconds. Some come away easier if you keep you finger static and pressed against the sponge for a moment before twisting. Results seem to depend more on the brand of polish than the darkness or otherwise of the colour in my experience. Sometimes a trace of polish will be left at the nail edges, but since I have used the "press against the sides" technique mentioned above this has rarely happened. If it does another twist removes even those bits. After washing and drying my hands, my nails are ready for painting again.

      My nails are left in the same condition as before. Using this regularly hasn't made them dry out or look worse for wear in any way. They don't however look better either but Twist doesn't claim to be a nourishing product..


      The biggest plus for me is how well this deals with glitter polish. I usually find this takes longer to remove than other kinds. The nail polish wipes I favour for quickness on other occasions do not perform well then as the worst polish have rough particles that tear at the pads. The sponge is robust enough for that not to be a problem, and I have been surprised at how even the toughest glitter is whipped away. I now always use Twist to remove this kind as it unfailingly faster than liquid remover, probably down to the twisting motion. Rotating your finger tips quickly works best with glitter I have found. However see below.


      The first downside is that Twist is very pungent. Whilst no remover I have come across smells exactly pleasant, Twist seems stronger than most. This is also true when you aren't even using it. I keep mine in a shoe box, and when I take off the lid of that, the smell reaches me before I have unscrewed the actual tub lid. I can put up with it but I would rather it was a little less stinky!

      The second problem is whilst the polish is removed from your fingers, it does not disappear from within Twist and Out itself. I did not notice this at first, but after a while, I could see the inside sponge was stained with the darker colour polish I had used. On occasion, the traces of this old colour can transfer to the skin around your fingers. However it is diluted by the remover and wipes away easily with just a tissue. I have not experienced any skin staining and in any case you need to wash your fingers after using this because traces of the remover will be around your nail. Secondly, if used with glitter polish then traces of the old glitter will also be around and can transfer to your fingers again. They don't stick to the skin, but it does make the Twist less quick to use than it could be, as you have a bit more cleaning up to do.

      The other reason I don't use this exclusively is I like to have a bottle of remover to dip a cotton bud in to use to tidy up around the nail edges sometimes. That kind of precision isn't possible with Twist. Secondly, I can't use this for removing my toe nail polish. Perhaps an adventurous person could but the idea seems too awkward for me!


      I would recommend this because the cheap price makes up for its faults for me, especially as it really does remove polish thoroughly. I have had two tubs open for 3 months or so each, and they show no sign of drying out yet. (My friend ran off with one hence my opening a second.) I have since used the Bourjois 1 second magic nail polish remover tub which works in the same way and costs around £4.99 for 75ml. The cheaper Twist one works just as well to remove polish, and is frequently quicker in fact as the Bourjois does not live up to the 1 second promise. The Bourjois smells a little better but is also liable to leak if not kept upright, and also sometimes transfers old polish to your fingers although not often. On balance, I believe Twist is better value. I don't recommend it for those looking for a travel friendly option or to entirely replace other removers if you paint your toes, but it is worth trying especially to save on cotton wool or if you need a speedy way to rid yourself of glitter polish.

      Available from discount stores such as Savers and Poundland and numerous online suppliers.


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        21.04.2013 17:44
        Very helpful



        Very good product

        What it is? Why i chose it?
        So i originally bought this as an alternative to the Bourjois pot as a cheaper way to try out the new trend. It claims you can dip in your finger and within a few twists your nail polish is removed. It comes in both acetone and acetone free which is handy.

        Price and Availability?
        This nail polish remover can be found in Poundshops for £1 (obviously) and i haven't physically seen it in any other stores, though i haven't checked online.

        The pot is big enough to contain a decent amount of product for the £1 price. It is easy to hold and use, you just flip the cap and there is a sponge inside coated in the polish remover. There is a hole in the centre of the sponge for you to place your finger, and then you just twist. It may take more than a couple of twists, the packaging says, to remove the polish.

        I found this product really easy to use and for the £1 price, it was a very good product. It does exactly what it says on the package. As i mentioned earlier, you may need to twist more than a few times, but i think it would depend on how many layers of polish you have on. I wouldn't recommend it for glitter nail polish, just because the glitter remains on the sponge and for me, each time i used the pot afterwards, i ended up with glitter stuck to my nails and fingers. The sponge does eventually wear away and tear but for £1, it is easily affordable to repurchase.

        I definitely recommend this product, it does exactly the same as more expensive alternatives just with a polish remover smell instead. But for the price, you can't really grumble :)


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        08.04.2013 14:26
        Very helpful



        A great way of getting your nails clean and ready for redecorating!

        ~*~*~ Pretty Perfect Twist and Out Nail Polish Remover ~*~*~

        ~ What is it? ~

        This is a small pot of nail polish remover. There are two varieties to choose from -

        With Acetone
        Acetone Free

        I have the one with Acetone so I will be reviewing that one, it is the one shown above in the photo provided by dooyoo.

        ~ Price & Availability ~

        I bought this in my local Poundland so it cost me the small price of £1, I can only see that it is available on www. halfpriceperfumes.co.uk for £1.29.

        ~ Packaging ~

        This nail polish remover comes in a hot pink coloured plastic tube with a screw top lid, under the lid is a thick foil tab which needs removing before the product inside can be used.

        Around the tub is a sticky label which holds all the relevant product information - Brand, name, about, directions, ingredients, size - 55ml, and that it has a shelf life of 12 months. There is also a product safety warning that it is extremely flammable.

        ~ Cleaning those nails ~

        For those who are thinking that there are bigger bottles of nail polish remover available for £1 then you are correct, a 55ml pot of polish remover isn't exactly huge, only this isn't just a pot of liquid.

        Inside the pot is a sponge that is absolutely saturated in nail polish remover, in the top of said sponge is a cross and it is into that that you insert your finger tip. The sponge feels cold and wet but the results happen so quickly that this isn't a problem.

        You simply have to insert your finger tip into the pot and then into the centre of the sponge, you then twist and turn your finger whilst rubbing your nail against the sponge, I find that even with three coats of varnish on my nails it takes between 5 - 10 seconds to completely clean the nail of the varnish which I think is pretty quick.

        It is so much more convenient than regular nail polish remover as there is no need for the added cotton wool and squeezing out the liquid, which can result in some spillage. I also think that this is actually quicker to use, as it is just a case of popping in your finger, twisting it around and taking it out ... Really that simple.

        ~ The smell of success ~

        When you open the pot you do get the initial strong scent of nail polish remover, however when in use I really don't think it is as strong when in use as the regular stuff. Another thing that I really like is the fact that when it dries I can detect no scent of nail polish remover on my nail or finger tip at all which means that the scent doesn't linger in the air and I really like that about this product.

        ~ Overall ~

        For £1 I think this is an excellent product, I have bought 3 tubs of this and am still using my first. I don't have to worry about the product drying out due to the thick foil tab covering the top so I put two away for future use.
        When I am using it I like the convenience of the little pot and not having to faff about with liquids and cotton wool makes it all the more easier to use.

        The lid screws on and off and is very secure so that none of the product can leak out.

        I have been using the same pot for the last three months now and whilst the white sponge does look discoloured it still works just as well as it always have done. I tend to use this around twice a week, more if I am being particularly fussy but it has lasted well.
        It shows no signs of drying out yet which again is a good thing.

        I am very impressed with everything about this product. It's neat and tidy, the little pot is an attractive girly colour, the lid is secure and it is very easy and straight forward to use.

        This is something I would highly recommend to anyone. It hasn't dried my nails out at all and I will continue to use this product for the foreseeable future. It is a brilliant bargain not to be missed.

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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