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Purell Instant Hand Sanitiser

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2 Reviews
  • Nice smell
  • Doesn't dry your hands
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    2 Reviews
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      01.04.2015 20:48
      Very helpful


      • "Nice smell"
      • "Doesn't dry your hands"


      Pure and clean

      As a substance misuse worker I use a lot of hand sanitiser at work and in the past have bought it myself as I like to always make sure that I have got a bottle in my desk and a bottle to take out and about with me. I was quite surprised to find that the company had bought a huge box of this Purell Instant Hand Sanitiser recently which we now use in the office so hopefully I shouldn't need to buy it myself so often.

      This bottle is a large 350ml so it wouldn't really be suitable for carrying around with you but for leaving in one place it is ideal. The bottle is a clear plastic with a pump action dispenser which you need to press down a couple of times when you first use it to get the gel going up the tube but after this just one press is sufficient for a single use and it does come out quickly and smoothly.

      To use I squeeze a small amount of gel onto my hand which is all you need and after rubbing it round the front and back of my hands and also through my fingers I will usually rub my pen to make sure that any germs are destroyed as I do find that I often share my pen with my clients. I find that one squirt is enough to clean my hands and my pen, in the past I have put a larger amount but find this feels a bit sticky until it has soaked in and it prevents me touching anything while it is drying. I find that one squirt will dry very quickly and has disappeared by the time I have finished rubbing my hands together. The smell is quite fresh and slightly medicated but by the time it has dried this more or less disappears. I have been using this particular gel now for about a month and have not found it makes my hands dry at all as I have found with some other brands.

      I wouldn't do without with my hand sanitiser as I know that I am getting rid of most of the germs I come into contact with which soap and water just wouldn't give me the confidence that my hands were really clean. This Purell sanitiser claims to kill 99.99% of common germs and it has antimicrobial efficacy and clinically proven maintenance of skin health. As I say the ones we have at work at the large size and cost from £8 to £12 but you can get it in a variety of sizes from a small 60ml size which will cost you around £2. Highly recommended if you need that extra clean feeling.


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      30.05.2013 09:42
      Very helpful



      Great Product, Good Value, Super Clean and Fresh

      "Germs.. No room at the inn"


      This is a product which I go through gallons of!
      I know you are thinking here is another germ obsessed man with mild ocd and I have to admit to an extent, you are correct but only in certain scenarios - My main area of distress is when I am at work.
      I work in a large call centre with thousands of other people. There is dirt in this building. A lot of it.
      Bathrooms especially are an issue for me; I wash my hands twice before I leave them and when I get back to my desk, I reach for the Purell every single time. It is also handy if you sneeze and have to get the germs off your hands.

      The Scent

      This is a pretty obvious one, it smells like alcohol and clean - If you close your eyes and imagine a hospital ward a good 20 years ago, you will be pretty much there, It's not over-powering though so you will not irritate people around you, my work have supplied a hand foam previously and every time I used it, people would complain and say it was stinking, to which I would reply "It's clean :)"

      The Feeling

      You don't have to use a lot of this product, when you press the pump at the top of the bottle, it tries to be very generous which is lovely however if you use too much, you have to rub your hands for much longer and drips will fall on your lap - when I first got the bottle, I was covered in it (the floor got a good dose as well, which I feel it needed anyway).
      So, back to what I was saying! You only need a small amount - rub it in nicely trying to cover as much of your hands as possible - it dries very quickly and leaves your hands feeling lovely and moisturised. Vitamin E is also an active ingredient which I'm sure helps with the making your hands feel lovely after every use.

      The Bottle

      This is nothing to write home about, it is a standard clear plastic bottle with a white screw pump on the lid. If you don't mind getting in a mess, the pump can be pressed down and screwed to the left to lock the bottle up at the end of each day - I do not do this as I don't see the point.


      Pay attention class, as this is rocket science stuff - The instructions on the back of the bottle:
      "Apply approximately 3ml of Purell in the palm of your hands and rub until fully evaporated (circa 30 seconds), without forgetting finger nails, between fingers, thumbs and wrists" so technical! Just what I would have expected without even reading it, so it really is a no brainer to use!


      The ingredients are pretty much exactly what you would expect from a hand sanitizer:
      Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Isopropyl Myristate, Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aminomethyl Propanol, Carbomer
      Other than Water, I have no idea what any of the above is, but if you have any allergies it's probably best that you do your own research on it before using it.

      Where can I get some?

      Although the 350ml bottle is apparently only available through wholesale purchase, I have found a link for you lovely people to use:
      Google seach for "Medisave" and search for "Purell" (I originally had a link for you but Dooyoo said it wasn't valid to have such a long single word in the review, sorry!)
      (It's only £3.20 and will last for months)


      I highly recommend this stuff. 5/5 for me, and I will be using for years to come! If you like to make sure your hands are clean, this could be the stuff for you!


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