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Sainsbury's Antibacterial Comfort Handwash

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Hand Wash / Suitable for: Hand

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    1 Review
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      04.11.2010 22:26
      Very helpful



      A nice quality product for a reasonable price.

      This handwash comes in a 250ml container and costs only 70p, I think this is excellent value as it has a much more luxurious feel than another hand wash I sometimes use which costs about twice as much for the same quantity.

      The container is sturdy and squarish in shape, made of translucent plastic with an attractive lilac pump, the lettering is in the same colour spectrum. The pump functions smoothly and doesn't get that messy leakage and build up at the base of the pump. Refills can be bought in some of the own brand handwashes, but they are only a few pence cheaper, the only difference being that you remove the pump when you finish the bottle and screw it into the refill bottle. I haven't seen a refill comfort version.

      The handwash is anti-bacterial and on the front of the bottle it states that it is 'comfort' whatever that means and is dermatologicaly tested, and helps to combat odours - handy for when I've been chopping garlic - it also says it contains 'starflower extract' which sounds lovely, in the ingredients on the back it is listed by its other name borage extract, a good source of the moisturising gamma linolenic acid (which can also be taken as a supplement, amongst other things it is said to help with some skin conditions).

      What I really like about this product is that it not only states that (pertaining to Sainsbury's own brand of toiletries) they are against animal testing but also fund research into alternatives.

      The hand wash smells lovely, subtle with a nice fresh clean slightly floral scent. The scent does linger on the hands, but not for ages. The pump delivers a nice amount of fairly creamy product, just enough to do the job well. The pump is a little over zealous in how far it spits the product though, and you may want to cup your hand loosely around the nozzle, as otherwise you may find the handwash half way up your arm, or in the sink having overshot your waiting palm, but I prefer this enthusiastic squirt to the miserable glob of dribble many liquid soap pumps deliver.

      The product lathers up nicely and rinses away cleanly and easily, it does seem effective in getting rid of odours, though am not sure whether this is any more effective than other soaps. There is some feeling of 'comfort' in that the handwash lathers well (as mentioned already) and it doesn't leave your hands feeling 'stripped' and dry. As I have 5 primarily indoor cats (so lots of litter tray cleaning), a dog, rat and hamster not to mention my (adult) children, I wash my hands an awful lot, after using this for about 7 days I didn't feel that my hands were any drier than when using a more expensive highly moistuising wash. I suffer with mild eczema and this didn't trigger it at all. However perhaps for people who suffer with more severe eczema or dermatitis I'd stick to more specialist and specifically non allergenic products.

      A benefit of using liquid pump dispensed soap is that you don't get the problem of making sure your soap is 'aired' to prevent that melty gooey soap scum that can build up in (or on the metal bars) of a dish, or in the depression in your sink designed for soap. Your sink stays pretty clean and shiny, only requiring a wipe over rather than a pneumatic drill and wire wool to clean.

      All in all I enjoyed using this product, and considering the amount of contact I have with animals (I also love gardening) I like the extra confidence using an antibacterial product gives. Also being impressed with their stance on animal testing I will be buying this regularly from now on.


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