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Sally Hansen 18 Hour Protective Hand Cream

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Brand: Sally Hansen / Texture: Cream / Type: Hand Cream / Suitable for: Hand / What it does: Protects,

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2010 12:13
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      An intensive moisturising cream

      A lot of my time at work is spent doing a range of different jobs from typing away on a keyboard, photocopying or printing pieces of paper to stuffing envelopes for a mailing. As well as that my new hobby is the allotment which my husband and I have and we try and spend at least half the working week down there after work and a full day at the weekend and this usually involved a lot of digging, weeding and sorting through mud and soil to remove any unwanted weeds, stones, glass and other unsightly objects. Whilst wearing gloves my hands do get a bit sweaty so more often than not I remove them and this leads to my hands become dry, chapped and sometimes blistered around the pressure pads on the palms of my hands making them look rather horrid and feeling sore.

      Many of you will know by now that one of the main roles within my job is meeting and greeting people from all walks of the life, cultures and in some cases celebrities and the last thing I would want to do is shake hands with someone and have dry, chapped and raw skin on my hands and that be their lasting memory of me "Ooh remember that girl with the sandpaper like hands", erm no thank you, I much prefer my hands to be well moisturised, soft and smooth to the touch.

      So to combat these issues, I usually keep a tub, tube or pot of hand cream in my desk drawer and one in my bag so that I can use it as and when I need too. Every now and again I like to change my hand creams, I didn't feel that Hand Food by Soap & Glory was what my hands needed right now, they needed something that was designed more for working hands and that is when I came across 18 Hour Protective Hand Crème by Sally Hansen which is sold in a 100g tube and retails at £5.95 in Boots and it is advertised as being "A heavy-duty moisture treatment that instantly soothes hard-working hands" and that description sounds just like my hands and just what they need, so I bought it.

      Sally Hansen products are widely available both online through the official Sally Hansen website or other retailers such as Boots and Superdrug. You can also buy these products on the high street and they are all inexpensive and the range of products is quite wide and varied.

      For those people who are unfamiliar with Sally Hansen products, the majority of them are sold in bright orange packaging and this hand cream is no different, it hosts a flip top lid and on the front of the tube is a pair of hands that are being massaged with hand cream. Whenever I buy a product like this I always smell it and the immediate fragrance that you get from this hand cream is Shea Butter which is the main ingredient. Shea Butter, which smells very similar to Cocoa Butter, is a well known moisturiser which softens and smoothes the skin and helps keeps moisture locked in. Added to that with this hand cream is Grape Seed Oil which is easily absorbed into the skin and like Shea Butter is considered to be a really good moisturising agent on the skin. It also contains Vitamin A which helps improve wrinkles and fine lines as well as helping to repair the skins tissue. Vitamin C which has the same properties as vitamin A but also helps with healing and finally Vitamin E which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin as well as helping to improve mositurisation, softness and smoothness. So with all of those ingredients I was hoping it would be my secret rescue for my poor hands.

      When using this cream you need to ensure that your hands are clean so that any surface dirt has been removed from the skin to allow the cream to sink in and work its magic. On the tube it states that you should apply a small amount wherever your skin is dry and rough, or anywhere dry skin needs extra help. So, flipping the lid on this tube which is an easy enough task, you need only to squeeze the tube very slightly to release the cream and as soon as the cream hits the palm of your hand you can immediately smell the sweet aroma of the Shea Butter and with your small 10p sized blob of this hand cream, which is more than amply for both hands you massage the cream into your hands. This cream is quite thick in texture and it is also non-greasy and absorbs itself in the skin really quickly. Now you can use this cream as often as you feel it is necessary, I tend to use it as part of my daily routine which is first thing in the morning and last thing at night before I go to bed, but if I have been down the allotment or have been using faxes, printers and risographs all day at work I use it during the day time because I carry it with me anyway because the tube isn't actually that big and it slots into my bag with no problem.

      I am really impressed with this hand cream, for £5.95 it certainly does moisturise and soothe your tired looking hands, where I had dry skin I used my Yes to Carrots hand scrub to remove some of the dead skin and then applied this afterwards and it really did leave my hands feeling soft and as a little tip, if you store it in the fridge for an hour before using or over night then it is even more soothing when applied to your hands. It smells delightful which is always an added bonus and this tube which I have now had for 6 weeks is still over half full and I used it twice a day, so it lasts a long time as well.

      So for an inexpensive hand cream which leaves you with soft, smooth and well moisturised hands, Sally Hansen's 18 Hour Protective Hand Creme is certainly a good choice. Overall I was really impressed with this product; it is something I will definitely keep using for the time being or until such a time that I find an alternative product I like better.


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