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Sally Hansen Cuticle Defense

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Brand: Sally Hansen / Type: Nail Care / Suitable for: Cuticles

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2011 20:40
      Very helpful




      With my nails suffering a bit at the minute, I have been buying quite a few Sally Hansen nail products to try and repair them and keep them in a better way. The latest of my purchases is this Cuticle Defense product that I came across and with my nails having been a bit cracked around the edges this sounded like the perfect cure. Like all my recent buys I actually got this for a very good price compared to the actual RRP which made me very happy and again having had a lot of luck with the other Sally Hansen products I had quite high hopes for this one.


      When you buy this, it comes in a white and orange box with the Sally Hansen logo on the front and a window cut out so you can see the actual bottle. The bottle itself is a small glass 11.2ml size and it is a yellow oil like colour, the liquid with the top lid being a head in a dropper style. It is quite small in size and the front of the box states that this aims to nourish, revitalise dry, damaged cuticles and has the image of a drop of oil on the nail. It all looks quite basic but the bottle itself is very distinct although it does get messy and you may need to clean it a few times.


      So, before going into my experience I will explain what is in the product and what it is meant to do. It is meant to give nails a bit of help with growing by making them a lot healthier. One drop of this oil is meant to boost cuticles by covering dry cuticles with vitamin E and moisturising grape seed oil and vitamin A. This then rehydrates the nail keeping them in a stronger condition. A lot of promises here and I knew it wouldn't be a quick cure but persevering was what I hoped would help.

      Now, to use this product is not at all difficult it literally is that you squeeze the dropper head to absorb the oil and gently let a drop fall onto your nail. The oil can be a bit greasy and messy to use which is what stopped me from giving it full marks as it is so oily that your nail does absorb it eventually but it is a bit of a hassle. It does recommend that you wash hands before using, so this may be to help absorption but either way you may need to rub it in to give it a bit of help.

      It is to help damaged cuticles and ground nails, I'd say I have more of the first issue. It also does recommend you massage it in anyway as I have said and also this can be used with nail varnish or without, it doesn't really matter and it has to be kept away from heat and flames. It is meant to be used daily but personally I use it every second day and I'd say that is more than enough as it will still work on your hands anyway. This product has a funny smell it is very oily smelling and is quite fruity in a way as well as having hints of almond but I'm thinking the fruity hint may be the grape seed oil.

      The good thing about this Cuticle Defense is that being only one drop a day that is required, the bottle is so big it will last you for a very long time. I have now been using this for over a couple of months now and do feel it has boosted my nail growth as before my nails used to grow very slowly. Also my dry cuticles are now looking in a much better condition than before and are more smooth and healthy looking so this must be helping somehow which is great.


      This Sally Hansen Cuticle Defense was another Poundland bargain for me, I picked this up for £1 which was great as for a bargain price I got to try a good product. I have also notice Amazon sellers have it listed for good prices too and I have seen one selling it for £1.19 which is a really good price but you could also try eBay for some bargains on this as well.

      For more information on the Sally Hansen brand go to http://www.sallyhansen.co.uk


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