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Sally Hansen Moisturising Polish Remover

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4 Reviews

Brand: Sally Hansen / Polish Remover / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Subcategory: Polish / Suitable for: Nails / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    4 Reviews
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      02.05.2013 21:06
      Very helpful



      A good nail varnish remover but still damages my nails, contrary to the promises on the bottle.


      A beauty therapist friend recommended the Sally Hansen moisturising nail polish remover to me. She said that it was especially kind to damaged and brittled nails, and since she's been through years of professional training, I decided to take her advice.


      I bought my 200ml bottle in Sainsbury's for around £3.50, but Superdrug sell it for about £1 less. However, I've been using the same bottle for about 18 months and I still have a few centimetres in the bottom so the price difference hasn't mattered very much in this case.

      The product bottle is made of frosted plastic with a screwtop lid, and the nail varnish remover itself has the consistency of water and is bright blue. The colour choice is good as it means it is easy to see spills; the screwtop design is bad as I've found that product sticks to the threads on the neck of the bottle after the cap is replaced, with the excess dripping down the sides of the bottle.

      The nail varnish remover contains Vitamin E & Pro-Vitamin B5, plus aloe vera for its moisturising properties.

      Oh, and this product *stinks* of acetone. Take care not to breathe the fumes once the bottle is open as the smell is *strong*.


      I dispense the nail varnish remover by holding a cotton wool pad over the open bottle and briefly tipping it upside down so that liquid soaks into the wad. I then wipe the product over my nails.

      Nail varnish comes off quickly, but it does leave a dull residue on my nails. I always wash my nails thoroughly after using the remover to remove the residue, and the residual acetone smell.

      I also try to remember to wipe the bottle down after replacing the top to minimise the aforementioned drips down the side.


      I've found this to be an effective nail varnish remover. My nails don't appear to be as brittle as they were but they are definitely dry and so I only remove my nail varnish when I absolutely have to so I minimise exposure to the product.

      The Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover is effective at removing nail varnish, but I don't think it moisturises my nails.


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      29.11.2012 07:53
      Very helpful



      Nail polish remover

      Sally Hansen Nail polish remover

      I tend to like the Sally Hansen products and bought this because of the fact and also because I usually try to buy nail polish removers which are moisturising.

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is apparently an advanced formula that rapidly removes all traces of nails colour and also treats nails to essential nutrients to help promote healthy-looking nails and cuticles.

      It manages to do all of this because the combination of Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera will help to moisturise the nails, leaving them strong and healthy-looking.

      WHO IS IT FOR?

      Its for anyone with dry brittle nails.


      The nail polish remover comes in a plastic 200ml bottle with a screw on/off lid, and has all of the information on the back of the bottle. When I look at the liquid it looks blue but when dispensed it comes out clear. It does smell like normal nail polish remover but not as strong which I often find is the case with moisturising nail polish remover

      USING IT...

      The remover should be applied to cotton wool, but at this stage it's important not to be too heavy handed as it's quite a wide necked bottle and so it can come out too quickly. It should then be swept across the nails until all nail polish is removed. I find it best to hold the cotton wool on my nail to give the nail polish a chance to loosen before gently wiping, and I find that when I do this, the colour is easily and effectively removed.


      The product is widely available from supermarkets and chemists. I bought mine from Superdrug and it cost under £2 so good value for money especially because not a lot of the product is needed for complete colour removal.


      The nail polish remover is quick and effective and does as it promises. I would recommend this for anyone wanting a nail polish remover which isn't too harsh on nails.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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      14.10.2011 19:35
      Very helpful



      My favourite nail polish remover :)

      **Please note this review is specifically about Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail Polish Remover (www.sallyhansen.co.uk/products/nail-polish-remover) however when I suggested the product to be added to the database I was advised to put it under this product by Dooyoo. So I guess that is just what I will have to do!**

      When it comes to nail care, in my opinion, Sally Hansen products rain supreme.. Their products offer value for money and always deliver on their claims. Perfect!

      I love having my nails painted and think it is important to keep them looking healthy for a pretty appearance. When I don't have my acrylics/gels applied I like to keep my colours varied and fresh and with Sally Hansen's polish remover I can do exactly that. It is a great polish remover which not only gets rid of the traces of colour which can be left on your nails with less efficient polish removers, and also builds back up the strength of your nails.

      *About Sally Hansen
      Sally Hansen is owned by Coty Inc, an French-founded company who are primarily known in the fragrance industry and are responsible for many Celebrity scents, such as Beyonce Knowles, David Beckham and Jennifer Lopez. Their website makes the bold claim of "Number One UK Nail Expert" - one which though I do agree with I would also question the factual evidence to back this up. Not only do Sally Hansen provide a wide range of nail care products but they also provide products in self tan, lip care and hand care. Their website (http://www.sallyhansen.co.uk/) is extremely helpful as not only does it contain a list of their vast number of products, but also hints and tips about using their products, videos with tutorials and explanations about their products and also a nail clinic to help you identify any problems you may have and provide you with some of their solutions.

      *What attracted me
      My first experience of Sally Hansen was many years ago when I recall, as many girls will, often sneaking into my Mum's beauty supplies in the hope of finding something exciting. She is, as I am now, an avid Sally Hansen fan and when it comes to nail polish remover she has used their products religiously. It is through her that I have tried many of the removers in the Sally Hansen collection - such as the moisturising remover, the acetone free remover and also their regular (but still brilliant) nail polish remover. The remover that I use the most often in the Strengthening nail polish remover as I am prone to layers of my nail splitting and my nails bending and snapping. Sally Hansen removers show you that if you pay that little bit extra, you gain it back in a quality product.

      I would say that Sally Hansen is in the mid-range pricing category for products of a similar nature. Currently Boots are offering a 200ml bottle for £2.45 and Tesco offer it at a very reasonable £1.97. I will happily pay that for a product which works so well! It is also great because it is so widely available that you can buy it along with your weekly shop!

      The bottle is not the most exciting thing I have ever seen, but really who needs it to be?! I do like that it is rounded at the edges - I.e. the lid is circular and smooth and as the bottle gets thinner towards the top it is not a harsh change, it is very smooth and feels nice when you hold it. Let's be honest though I wouldn't be complaining if it was square! Being a very girly girl, I love that the nail polish remover itself is pink and as with all nail polish removers it has a particularly watery consistency, but this is perfect for it to be soaked into a cotton pad, ready to get down to some hard duty removing.

      Now down to the nitty-gritty, whether or not this product that I have built up to stand so tall does actually deliver on its promises.. Primarily this is a nail polish remover, so whether or not it works seems like a simple yes or no - however women's beauty is never simple and therefore there is a scale of how well the product works. Sally Hansen is not like some other nail polish removers: it doesn't take 10 attempts at scrubbing to get a layer of nail polish off, it doesn't leave bits of nail polish in hard to reach places and you don't need to use half a bottle on one set of nails. Instead I find that a few light sweeps down the centre of the nail tend to do the trick - and this is even when I have two or three coats of polish on. Of course this isn't some sort of miracle product, you will still need to give those corners a little scrub to lift all the polish but it cuts your elbow grease in half! Not only does this claim to be a standard nail polish remover - but as nails have a similar structure to hair it also provides "pro-vitamin B" in order to strengthen those soft, thin nails of yours. It does so by also containing vitamin E and hydrolyzed wheat protein. Aside from all that technical jargon, I do think that the nail polish remover does help your nails to be that bit stronger. I noticed before when I purchased a different nail polish remover (Superdrug's own) each time I was removing the polish from my nails the underneath would look chipped away on some of the layers and my nails were far bendier. Upon switching back I found that the problem was remedied. Success! The only one problem is that the remover does contain acetone so if you put colour over acrylic/gel nails you won't be able to use this to remove it. However at least you can use it to remove your falsies once you are finished with them!

      I can honestly say that Sally Hansen nail polish removers are the best that I have experienced. They deliver where they promise to (something that seems to be getting rarer within the beauty industry) and they provide the consumer with value for money. I know that this is one product that will always be a staple within my beauty portfolio!

      Love Colleen


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      16.04.2011 13:29
      Very helpful



      An effective nail polish remover which seems to help improve nail condition.

      The last couple of months, and especially now we're beginning to enjoy warmer weather, has seen me Spring cleaning both the house and the garden but the end result has left me with less than beautiful nails which have become rather ragged and brittle with all the abuse they've been receiving.

      I bought some nail hardener by Sally Hansen but spotted some nail polish remover alongside the other Sally Hansen products which was specifically for dry, brittle nails. As the name of Sally Hansen is synonymous with nail care, the chances were this would be a good product so I thought I'd give it a try.

      Price and availability:

      The RRP for this product is around £2. I bought mine from Superdrug for £1.39 though it's possible that it may be available even more cheaply elsewhere.

      My opinion:

      I'm not the best in the world at remembering to always wear rubber gloves when putting my hands in water and neither do I wear gardening gloves all the time, except when dealing with spiny or stinging things, and my hands and nails frequently suffer as a consequence of my neglect. The biggest problem I have is that my nails tend to flake away at the tip and even when clipped back, the flaking returns. When I bought this nail polish remover specifically made to deal with dry and brittle nails, it was very much a case of shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted and I didn't hold out a huge amount of hope that it would make a difference.

      This nail polish remover is sold in a 200ml plastic bottle which I initially thought was a turquoise blue colour but it turned out that that's the colour of the remover itself. It bears the usual Sally Hansen logo with the added information that the product contains Pro-vitamin B5 as well as Vitamin E and aloe vera. On the label on the reverse of the bottle are details of what the product can do, a little bit about nail care and the ingredients list. The main claim for this product is that the combination of Pro-vitamin B5, Vitamin E and the aloe vera will help to moisturise the nail and leave them strong and healthy and ready for their next nail treatment.

      I won't go into great detail about all the ingredients other than to mention that this particular nail polish remover does contain acetone as well as a lot of (probably) highly toxic chemicals and it remains viable for 30 months. There is also a warning that it is flammable and should be kept away from children and also kept away from synthetic materials as well as polished or painted surfaces.

      The first thing I noticed when I removed the screw cap and took a sniff was the scent. I use the term very loosely because this stuff smells every bit as toxic as it probably is. It isn't the usual nail polish scent either, although one of the ingredients is supposedly 'parfum', but has an overlaid bitterness which hits the back of your throat and leaves a horrible taste in the mouth. So rule number one when using this product is to keep it as far away from your nose as possible!

      Another claim made by Sally Hansen is that this is "the fast remover" and it certainly is. I generally use the darker shades of red or brown polish on top of a base coat/nail hardener and this polish remover cut through this and removed every last vestige of colour very easily. Quite often with other nail polish removers, remnants of colour remain around the cuticle area and sides of the nail and need extra attention but this wasn't the case here. The manufacturer states that this is a conditioning polish remover and I would have expected something of that nature to leave my nails with an oily sheen but not so. My nails were clean, dry and without any sheen to the nail plate at all but my nails were left smelling quite pleasantly of lilacs, which I'm assuming is the 'parfum' mentioned above.

      Did it work?

      Well, yes and no. I tend to do my nails once a week when I totally remove all polish and reapply. In their natural state, my nails certainly seem much smoother and stronger and not as flaky as they've been previously. I admit, I've been more conscientious lately about wearing gloves when putting my hands in water or gardening, and over the last few weeks I've also been applying nail hardener, too, all of which could have had a bearing on the results.

      To sum up, I think that for this product to be truly effective, it needs to be used in conjunction with other nail care products such as nail hardener but I can't deny that my nails are greatly improved both in condition and strength and it could well be that if I continued to use this nail polish remover exclusively, they'd improve even more. As most women know, a bottle of nail polish remover lasts a long time and I can't guarantee I'll buy this one again because there are others out there which make similar claims and are just as effective and cheaper but I'll certainly continue to use this one until the bottle is empty. Maybe by that time, I'll have become totally converted to this Sally Hansen product.


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