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Sanex Dermo Moisturising Hand Wash

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3 Reviews
  • Good price
  • lasts ages
  • Dries my skin out a lot
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    3 Reviews
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      29.05.2015 22:11
      Very helpful


      • " lasts ages"
      • "Good price"


      • "Dries my skin out a lot"

      I can do without dry hands, thank you

      I buy a lot of my hand washes from Home Bargains these days as they have such a wide choice available and also they are really well priced - much lower than the supermarkets are. The other month I needed a new bottle of hand wash and I opted for a 300ml bottle of Sanex hand wash which comes with one of those very handy pump dispensers. It was only 99p and so it was a bargain.

      The packaging is fairly plain and simple and it comes housed in a slightly opaque plastic bottle so you can sort of see how much of the hand wash there is left inside as it gradually goes down.

      The pump dispenser dispenses the right amount and I get a good lather. The smell is fresh and clean though it does not linger on the skin after it has been rinsed off. The problem with this hand wash for me personally, is that it left my hands feeling very dray and the longer I was using it, the worse I was finding it was becoming.

      It got to the point where i hd to stop using it as it was actually making the tops of my hands very dry to the point that they were starting to crack and I had to use a heavy duty hand cream after I washed with this particular hand wash. Non one else in my family suffered the same as me, so I don't know if it might have been something else I had been suing at the same time as I was suing this hand wash and it was purely coincidental.

      On the whole, it was cheap but I won't be buying it again because of the reaction i got from it.


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      14.09.2012 09:21
      Very helpful
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      A disappointment for me and not one that I'll purchase again in future

      Like many people I'm not brand loyal when it comes to handwashes or soaps and will tend to buy whichever one is on offer at the time I happen to be looking for a new one. Alternatively if I see one that I like on special offer then I'll stock up on that, but I very rarely pay more than £1 for a 250ml bottle of handwash (although I don't object when lovely people buy me a Molton Brown one as a gift!). I bought a few bottles of Sanex handwash in Home Bargains a few months ago when I saw it on offer for just 99p for a 300ml bottle and have been slowly replacing the handwashes by our sinks with it as they've run out.

      Sanex products are usually readily available in mosdt supermarkets and drugstore type places and, now so it would seem, also in bargain shops. They usually have quite simple packaging and this handwash is no different. It comes in a plain looking bottle through which you can see the soap clearly and has a white pump action lid. The packaging on handwashes means nothing to me as I always dispense it into ceramic soap dispensers anyway, although if I didn't have these I wouldn't object to having this bottle stood by my sink.

      Sanex base their products on "healthy skin" and so this isalways a part of their branding. Other information on this bottle states that it helps control bacteria whilst maintaining the skins natural balance, gives contact details for the manufacturer (Sara Lee, bizarrely!) and gives a list of ingredients. The bottle is also recycleable when it's empty, which gets a big thumbs up from me.

      To begin using this handwash you simply have to twist the part of the pump through which the soap is dispensed around to the left and it's then ready to use but, as I said, I tend to pour it into my own dispensers. I did use the pump action on this the first time I used it (for the sake of this review!) and it's easy to push down, although if you press it down all the way quite a lot of soap comes out which I thought was actually too much.

      The soap itself is nice and thick and quite creamy feeling and when you rub your damp hands together it lathers up really nicely, creating lots of bubbles which makes it feel like your hands are getting a really good clean. It's a good consistency for a handwash and is neither so think that it runs off your hands before you get chance to rub it in nor too thick that it's difficult to use.

      One of the things that I love about the Sanex range of products is the smell of them. Their fragrances are always so fresh and clean smelling and this one is no different. It smells really refreshing and zingy and definitely leaves you feeling like your hands are clean after use.

      Where this handwash disappoints me, however, is how my hands are left feeling after use. Yes, they feel clean and refreshed but, unfortunately, I find it quite drying to my skin. Even after the very first time of using it I could tell that my skin felt drier and I always feel the need to apply a handcream after washing my hands with this soap which is very annoying as I don't have the time to apply a hand cream and wait for it to dry again EVERY time I wash my hands.

      So, despite the fact that I usually love Sanex products and usually buy them for their fragrance alone, I'm afraid I won't be repurchasing this handwash and am really quite annoyed that I bought 3 bottles of it! I don't like waste so will no doubt use them all up but I'll probably save them for the kitchen as I tend to use a handcream after washing up anyway, rather than using them in the bathrooms. It's rare that I notice an apparent difference between all the main brands when it comes to things like this and, as Sanex has always been a trusted brand for me in the past, I really wasn't expecting to find anything negative about this one, but unfortunately I don't think I can recommend it. Sorry Sanex :(


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        18.11.2007 18:37
        Very helpful



        An effective hand wash for the price!

        - Price and Packaging -

        This was priced at my local Morrisons for £1.49 for a 300ml bottle, lower than a lot of the other hand washes which range from £1.50 upwards.

        The cost was even less, due to the fact that the store had a BOGOF offer on at the time and this is when I tend to stock up on hand washes!

        The bottle is clear so that you can see how much is left and when to replenish.

        It looks ok on the sink, no need to purchase a soap dispenser which I have used when I have opted for cheaper products to pretend that I haven't!

        The packaging is very simple and understated which is fine by me!

        The top of the bottle has a white opaque liquid dispenser which doesn't need to be plunged right down to the bottom as a little goes a long way.

        What I have found is that unlike many other liquid soaps I have used I don't need to wipe my hand along the point of exit as this liquid soap doesn't leave a very fine trail so that's a plus point!

        The nozzle also has an open and closed option on it if you want it although I never use it, once open, it stays open on my sink!

        - The hand wash -

        Appearance ~ It is a very pale green liquid soap.

        Smell ~ The smell reminds me of a hand cream that I once used. It is quite fresh and clinical smelling but isn't too overpowering.

        Does it lather up? ~ Yes it does, a little goes a long way so no need to go mad with the plunger!

        Do my hands feel dry after using it?
        No they don't, nor do they feel overly moisturised.

        They do however feel clean after using the hand wash.

        - What do the manufacturer's say about this product? -

        ~ Light hand wash.
        ~ Actively works with the skin.
        ~ Gently cleanses.
        ~ Maintains the skin's natural moisture balance.
        ~ Leaves skin soft and moisturised.

        - Sanex hand washes -

        I have seen three on the market but please correct me if I'm incorrect and any more have passed me by!

        ~ Dermo sensitive
        ~ Dermo protector
        ~ Dermo moisturising.

        - Sanex products -

        Sanex have an ever increasing range of products:
        Deodorants, Shower Gels, Body Washes and a range for Men.

        - Final Thoughts -


        ~ Not harsh on your skin
        ~ Good lather
        ~ Much more attractive than a bar of soap on your sink, cleaner & tidier
        ~ Good price, particularly with the BOGOF offer!


        ~ When you get to the bottom of the container you can't get it all out so there is quite a bit of waste, unless like me you turn it upside down and pour the remains into your next supply!
        ~ Doesn't really moisturise my skin.

        My four star rating takes the very low cost, may have been a different grading had I had to pay full price, given the fact that there is quite a bit of waste at the bottom of the container.


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      • Product Details

        Gently cleanses, while maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance to leave skin soft and protected /

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