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Save The Nail Repair & Rescue Base Coat

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Brand: Nails Inc. / Nail Treatment / Type: Nail Coat / Suitable for: Nails / What it does: Repairs,

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    2 Reviews
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      10.06.2013 21:56
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      Amazing product!

      After many years of seriously damaging my nails by the consistent use of wearing false nails, I had lost hope of ever having healthy looking nails again.
      My nails had turned green, had ridges and bumps and signs of fungal infections...not a pretty sight at all! And so, I've had to keep wearing false nails to cover them up. I went along to the doctors and tried a range of nail strengthening products and nothing helped, UNTIL, I discovered Save The Nail...a little pricey but I had tried everything else. Within a week of applying the product, I noticed a vast improvement, the discolouring has disappeared and so have all the ridges and bumps. My nails are stronger than ever and I still wear false nails, however, I've found that if I apply 1-2 coats of Save the Nail before applying the false nails it protects them from any further damage!

      My nails were once incredibly unsightly and even painful at times and this product performed miracles. I can't imagine anyone would have nails any worse than what mine once were so if it can save my nails, I'm confident in saying it can save anyones! I highly recommend this product and I would never be without it now. It's definitely one for the 'essentials' list!


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        06.12.2011 22:37
        Very helpful



        Nail treatment

        Why Did I Buy?

        I normally wouldn't even blink at a nail varnish costing £7.50 but the Nails INC Save the Nail Repair & Rescue Treatment was one of very few on offer in my local Boots store. I have an allergy to something in nail treatments and varnish, but I have no idea what this something is. This isn't very helpful when trying to find something which will help my nails grow stronger and without splitting.

        Sally Hansen is a no-go and I can usually get away with a Rimmel product, but not always. The only other similar product on sale in the store I went to was this one.

        I have never seen this product before so assumed it was new onto the market. It was alongside 2 or 3 other variations of nail care treatments including a base coat and a top coat. I haven't seen it in any other shop and a browse on the internet doesn't indicate that it retails widely.


        The varnish itself is in a very eco-friendly cardboard package, whilst the details of the product are written in a shiny emerald green. There is a heart cut out of the packaging to show the bottle of product. Overall the packaging is approximately 5 inches in height and 3 inches in width. It meets at the top meaning the base is wider and is held together with a small strip of glue. The back of the packaging is in the same style with the name of the product in emerald green text, whilst the usage details and the ingredients are in a smaller black text. There is no point in listing the ingredients, except that this product contains Nonychosine-E - I mention this because it is the standout ingredient which allegedly helps increase nail strength. This information is repeated on the front and back of the packet.

        Inside is the glass bottle of treatment with 15ml worth of product. It is sat in a plastic base moulded to hold the bottle in place. I would suggest this is in contrast to the eco-friendly external packaging and don't feel it is necessary. That said it comes in very helpful for standing the bottle in when applying the product. The plastic base holds the shape of the cardboard packaging; though it's not a necessity and I am sure there would be no negative effect should it be removed.

        The bottle is a slightly tinted green glass. You wouldn't notice the shade unless you hold it to the light, when it becomes apparent. It also has the words "save the nail" on the front with a couple of small hearts depicted around the writing. The back has how much is in the bottle, where it was made and the fact it is flammable written on it. The applicator is a plastic lid which is easy to hold, making it easy to apply.

        The Product

        The treatment is in the form of a varnish, though it isn't as thick as your traditional nail varnish. It is clear on the brush and clear on the nail. It smells extremely chemically and it has quite a strong smell. As it isn't thick, it drips from the brush quite quickly meaning it is necessary to remove any excess prior to use.

        The guidelines state that this treatment should be used for 7 days consecutively before removing and repeating the process for an intensive nail treatment. I chose to use two coats initially before applying a coat per day after that.

        Does It Work?

        My experience of this product is that it needs to be reapplied daily as it doesn't seem to stay on the nail throughout the day. I'm not the most manual of people and I work predominately in the office or from my car, but I find that by the end of the nail the product feels like it has chipped away and that only certain areas of my nail are fully coated. Applying two coats initially has helped with this.

        To give a better idea of the thickness of this product, the recommendations also state that it can be used as a base coat under a normal varnish if you do not require an intensive treatment.

        I filed my nails and buffed them before the first use of this treatment and for £7.50 I was expecting a minor miracle to take place on my hands. Sadly that wasn't to be. I have followed the guidance and it has made no difference to my nails at all. The tips still peel and weaken before then snapping, whilst my nails overall do not feel any stronger. The sides of my nails tend to chip before breaking and I have seen no reduction in this problem.

        The only good thing about this treatment is that it is easy to apply, dries in record time and doesn't cause a reaction on my skin.

        However, I am so disappointed with this product that I have reverted back to my temperamental Rimmel product, which on a good day I won't react to. I feel I have wasted the best part of ten pounds on this product, which I believe plays on the eco-friendly side of things but fails to deliver on the product itself.


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