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Simple Vitamin Moisturising Hand Wash

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12 Reviews
  • Good size of bottle
  • no scent
  • Not anti bacterial
  • doesn't lather much
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    12 Reviews
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      18.10.2015 22:27
      Very helpful


      • "Good size of bottle"
      • "cleans hands"
      • "effective pump"
      • "no scent"
      • "okay price"


      • "Not anti bacterial"
      • "doesn't lather much"

      Simple but too simple for me

      The Simple brand is supposed go be specially for sensitive skins which is why I bought it as my granddaughter had eczema on her hands recently. I put this in the downstairs loo as that is the one she uses most often.

      The push pump is easy to use and you get a decent amount from one push down.My granddaughter finds it easy to use.

      The contents don't have much scent but neither does it lather much which she finds a bit frustrating and thus another push of the pump to try for a bit more lather.It does not however cause my hands to dry out so whatever they put in to moisturise obviously works well.

      I do use a lot of hand cream even so as my hands seem to be very dry. It seems to be okay for everyone else.

      Although this does the job I would not buy this for the kitchen as it is not anti bacterial and I like to have an antibacterial handwash in the kitchen.

      This is not exciting, not scented, not coloured and not anti bacterial so all in all it is probably not one I would rush to buy again.


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      17.10.2015 22:30
      Very helpful


      • "Rich and creamy"


      • None

      Simple hand wash

      I do like Simple products and I find all their products really good quality and last for ages. The recommended retail price of this hand wash is around £2.00 but I bought this one from my local pound shop which I thought it was great value. This pump action bottle is 300ml which is probably an average size for a handwash and this size usually lasts for at least three months in the downstairs loo so this isn't too bad.

      This is a lovely rich hand wash which contains moisturising ingredients and it has a lovely sweet smell which is delicious. When you pump it out you get a lovely fresh clean smell and it lathers up really quickly and feels lovely and soft on your hands. I have only ever had to use one pump even when I have been out gardening so it is good value compared to a cheaper bottle where you have to use several pumps each time.

      I find that even after I have rinsed it off it does leave a lovely fragrance on my hands and they always feel very soft and moisturised. I have used other cheaper hand washes in the past and they have made my hands feel quite dry afterwards and I have had to apply hand cream each time I used it, however I don't have to really use a hand cream with this.

      I do like this Simple hand wash and would definitely buy it again and recommend it as a good quality handwash which cleans and leaves my hands feeling clean and moisturised.


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      02.03.2015 20:20
      Very helpful


      • "It was really cheap "


      • "Bit harsh on my skin "
      • "No nice smell"

      NO thanks to this hand wash

      We always use liquid hand soaps in our house as I prefer them to the bars of soap which I find a bit unhygienic. I have a liquid hand soap in the downstairs bathroom, upstairs and also in the kitchen by the side of the sink, so you can appreciate I go through quite a lot of them.

      I love Simple, as a range, and this, coupled with the fact that these hand washes were only 89p for a 250ml sized bottle, really persuaded me to try one of them the other week. I have to say, I am not impressed and it was 89p wasted, really.

      The only good thing about this hand wash is the price and the fact that the pump dispenser works pretty well at dispensing the right amount of liquid soap. IT also manages to get out all the little bits of soap at the bottom of the container, so that I don't have to water it down to get the bits at the bottom out and none goes to waste.

      On the minus side, it doesn't lather very well, it doesn't rinse off my hands very well, it has no nice perfume at all, and the worst thing about it is that it really doesn't do the skin on my hands much good at all as my hands are now definitely a lot dryer than they were before I started to use this product.

      It's such a shame as I had high hopes for this product but I know I won't be buying any more of it.

      Not recommended.


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      20.02.2014 00:16
      Very helpful



      There are better hand washes

      Handwashing is not only a routine but a necessity in our house. We're all aware of the need to wash our hands to ensure they're clean, that we don't pass nasty bugs, germs and bacteria to each other and to objects. More so with young children, who naturally seem to have the ability to test us parents with the three P's (puke, pee and pooh ) down to a fine art. Not to mention the usual coughs, colds, and flus they pass round. So when my previous handwash had finished, I ordered this one from Tesco.com at a cost of £1.00 for a 250ml bottle.

      Why did I buy this?

      I wasn't planning on making a physical shopping trip within a certain time frame, but what I was going to do was an online grocery top up shop. I went for this because it was half price, and I didn't really want to pay any more than a £1.00 and other alternatives that were available were either ones I didn't like or more expensive.

      How is it packaged?

      The product comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pump dispenser top. The edges at the top of the bottle are slightly curved, so looks a lot less angular than other handwashes.

      On the front is a very basic label that has the brand name' Simple 'at the top along with the product name ' Kind to Skin Moisturising Handwash ' directly underneath. It also mentions in brief afew things this handwash contains, and that the product is designed by people who are experts concerning sensitive skin.

      On the back it goes into more details about what this product does and why, how to use, ingredients, company contact details and also its shelf life once opened which is 12 months.

      What does this handwash supposed to do?

      Replenish and hydrate dry skin, to help improve the overall look and feel of the hands and because it doesn't contain certain chemicals in it, is even more suitable for sensitive hands.


      Aqua,Sodium Laureth Sulfate ,Glycerin ,Cocamide DEA ,Sodium Chloride ,Cocamidopropyl Betaine ,PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate ,Sodium Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer ,Panthenol ,Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate ,Allantoin ,Borago Officinalis Seed Oil ,Polyquaternium-39 ,Tocopheryl Acetate ,Citric Acid ,Dipropylene Glycol ,Benzophenone-4 ,Tetrasodium EDTA ,Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ,Trideceth-7 ,Anthemis Nobilis Oil ,Pelargonium Graveolens Oil ,Sodium Hydroxide ,Pantolactone ,Potassium Sorbate ,Methylparaben ,Propylparaben

      How do I find it?

      The packaging is very simple and basic in look. It's not fancy in any way, shape or form, but it is practical and very unassuming.

      The product itself is glossy in look, white in colour, and quite a creamy looking handwash compared to others. Only one pump is generally needed to wash both hands thoroughly as the pump dispenses a decent amount.

      The handwash did lather up, not massively, but enough for my hands to be lightly covered with foam.

      The fragrance wasn't a strong one nor was it really obvious. It has a fresh clean smell to it, with a slightly floral scent to it but more plant based, as it lacked the relevant sweetness you would associate with florals.

      Hands felt clean afterwards, and didn't require any scrubbing or hard work to get to that point. Done very quickly and quite effectively.

      My hands could've felt much more moisturised. I didn't feel they stripped the hands and made them dry, but I didn't feel they gave back as much as it should've and my hands required some form of hydration from somewhere else e.g a handcream.

      What do I think?

      It's a very easy product to use in the hands of me or the kids, in regards to packaging and size. Sometimes my daughter struggles to get product out of these types of bottles, but finds this one quite easy as she can pick it up, put it on the floor ( so she's comfortable with it and on the same-ish level ) and press down. She can do this because its not too bulky in shape and light in weight.

      The fragrance isn't offensive, and most people will find it acceptable and not have any issues with it, but it's not a memorable smell, and not the best one I've had a whiff at. But it would work well with both sexes and all ages.

      The handwash was smooth and easy to work onto wet hands. I can use this very quickly and wash my hands quite well, without having to take forever. Hands felt and looked clean after use, but as already mentioned, I didn't feel they were hydrated enough. On a more positive note they didn't aggravate the small area of Psoriasis that currently is on one of my knuckles.

      I hate 250ml sized handwashes. They naturally don't last very long due to me and the kids always washing my hands. More so myself, who has to wash my hands every time before and after I place my daughter's prescribed emollients/ointments on her skin ( which is a lot! ). I'm lucky this bottle has lasted afew weeks, but this comes down to the fact that this has been placed in the upstairs bathroom, and the majority of the traffic goes in and out of the downstairs toilet.

      Simple as a company do make a deal about saying their products are great for sensitive skin and they leave out a lot of nasty's in their products, but they also still leave a lot in which I think can be alittle confusing for the consumer.

      Considering the above, I think the price of £2.00 for this product is way too much. £1.00 is much more acceptable, anything more than that seems expensive.

      Would I buy this again?

      Probably not. I've used better and more nicer handwashes in the past. The smell doesn't excite me although I don't hate it, the size is too small for my family needs and I don't feel this product is as moisturising as the company have claimed.


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        15.10.2013 16:54



        Good overall handwash

        I bought this handwash from a pound shop, so I got a really good bargain, and I was really satisfied with it.
        I like using simple because they use natural ingredients and don't add any additives or perfumes in to their products.
        When I bought it, it took me ages to figure out how to open the lid so I could use it - which was quite annoying! I'm not sure if this is a design fault, my own fault or just the batch that they had at the pound shop at the time. (I bought three and I had the same problem with two out of three) Despite that, I would probably buy them again.
        It is called 'moisturising handwash' and it really does moisturize your hands well, so it would be perfect for having by the sink for after doing the washing up etc.
        It does have a scent, and I find it a bit too flowery for my personal taste, it seems quite strong to me, but I'm sure other people will like it depending on your individual preferences.
        I love the packaging, and it really makes the bathroom or kitchen sink look a little bit more special. It has a 'luxurious' look to the packaging, which is a nice classy addition to any room.
        I would recommend it, but I would suggest smelling it first to see if you like the scent!


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        24.01.2012 14:37



        moisturising and non offensive smell

        I have used Simple hand wash for some time now. What I like about it is that it doesn't have a strong aroma - I don't like to smell handwash for half an hour after washing them, and it does seem to be moisturising thus I don't feel the need to reach for the moisturiser straight after washing my hands.

        As some others have said it is a little pricier than some other liquid soaps on the market but it is not hard to find it on a half price of BOGOF offer and stock up as necessary.

        The bottle is clear, so you can easily see how much you've used. The pumb works well and it's easy to control the amount of wash you get out with each pump, I have bought the odd product with a faulty pump and had to use a pump off of the old bottle but this has been few and far between.

        Probably the most annoying thing with the soap is that it is near impossible to get the last bit of soap out of the bottom, it seems wastefull and I don't like waste especially when I have paid for it.


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        03.08.2010 14:46
        Very helpful



        Worth hunting down as it leaves hands soft and the formula is kind to skin.

        Until recently I was never that bothered about which brand of handwash I was using. I simply opted for the cheapest. Lately, though, I've been doing a lot of grimy work and DIY around the house which has meant I've been washing my hands more often. I started to notice my skin, particularly on my knuckles and the backs of my hands, was dry and flaky. To address this problem I swapped my usual product, Asda's Smartprice Handwash, for this more expensive and 'luxury' product, the Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Handwash.

        The product comes in an attractice pump action 250ml sized bottle. The pump has a long stem so none of the product drips down the bottle when you press the pump. It has an 'Open' and 'Stop' twist action control which stops the pump working, should you wish to transport the bottle. All product information is printed on the back of the bottle. This includes full ingredients, contact information and some in depth product information.

        Simple are a brand who make products that are non-perfumed and non-coloured. Their natural ingredients and non-chemical formulas mean that people with sensitive skin or those with problem skin conditions often use Simple products. I do not suffer from any serious skin problems but I do favour Simple as a body care product and use their moisturiser range frequently. It's a brand I'd call one of my favourites and would definately recommend it to others.

        This handwash adheres to the Simple code in that it contains no unneeded chemicals, no perfume or added colour. What it does contain though is a lot of vitamins and rich, beneficial ingredients. The pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E are included in the ingredients. They are said to "soften, smooth and improve skin condition". There are also a few natural ingredients which are said to be 'skin loving'. These are borage seed oil, glycerin and geranium. Most moisturiser products I use contain glycerin - it gives creams a shiny waxy appearance that makes me think my skin is like dry leather and this is a thick oily treatment! Gerainium and borage seed oil are said to "condition, nourish and prevent skin dryness". Borage Seed Oil is also anti-inflammatory and helps stop skin from flaring up if too dry. Obviously this handwash is therefore an excellent choice for sufferers of eczema and similar conditions.

        You are able to pump out as much or as little as you like with this pump action bottle. The liquid is thick, gloopy and pearly white in colour. It is a lot thicker than my usual handwash and takes more rubbing into the hands. There is no strong fragrance but rather more a watery kind of fresh flower waving in the breeze kind of aroma. There are certainly no fake chemically smells, which is rather pleasant. Once the liquid is rubbed in it is quite bubbly - a rather loose kind of lather though, not intense bubbles like a shampoo but big sloppy bubbles.

        When my hands are dry they feel like they are half-washed and half-moisturised. The most dry and sensitive areas are evened out by using this handwash. It certainly treats my hands a lot better than a cheaper handwash. However, I think that you could get even more out of this handwash if, when you have used half of the bottle you top it up a little with a bit of water. It's so thick a formula that it wouldn't harm to water it down a bit and it'd last a bit longer and be more economically sound! It's a very mild formula so great for kids' hands too.

        This is a good handwash available at Boots, Lloyds Pharmacies, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco.

        For more on the range go to the interactive website:


        This review also appears on Ciao!


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        27.05.2009 18:05
        Very helpful



        I think I'll stick with dove

        Having previously praised the effectiveness and sweet smell of dove handwashes in a previous review, I had vowed that I would not consider another handwash, especially since Tesco own brands do not agree with my sensitive skin.

        However, on a trip to tesco, I was planning to pick up several more dove handwashes that were on offer at the time. Being a late Friday afternoon, I found that all the dove handwashes were wiped completely from the shelf, obviously due to competitive offer. I knew I needed another handwash, so started browsing some of the other brands, avoiding Tesco own. I soon spotted this Simple Moisturising Handwash, which was a little pricier than I would have liked to pay at just under £2 for a 250ml bottle at the time, but I needed a handwash that I could be confident would not irritate my husband's or my hands.

        I have tried simple products before, I found that although extremely plain they have never affected my skin, nor my husbands. So I took a chance and put one in my trolley.

        As with the rest of the Simple range, there are 'no added perfumes or colours' in the product, good news for those of us with delicate little hands. On the front of the handwash it also boasts that it contains the active ingredients 'Pro Viatmin B5 and Borage Seed Oil'. If nothing else, it sounds like something good!

        On the reverse of the handwash, the blurb that goes with it states
        'Gentle hand cleansing, combined with a blend of naturally enhancing, aromatic ingredients'. It also claims to replenish and protect dry skin from irritation by factoring in hydrating moisturisers.

        You can also find out more about the incluved vitamins on the reverse. Pro Vitamin B5 is said to condition, soften and smooth skin. The borage seed oil prevents skin dryness, and with the addition of Vitamin E, skin condition is improved and moisturised.

        Like all hand washes available this simple handwash has a pump in which the white liquid soap is dispensed. The soap itself is almost like thick milk when you pump it out rather than a soap, but it lathers well. Due to the fact that there are no added perfumes or colours, my hands simply feel very clean and fragrance free. Now I do have to admit, that is one downside of the product. Yes, I realise that no added perfumes mean that those with sensitive hands can confidently use it, but I do miss the beautiful fragrance that the likes of dove handwashes leave on your hands, whilst still making them feel clean and smooth and not causing irritation.

        All in all, I do like this simple handwash. My hands certainly feel clean, moisturised and in smooth condition, thanks to the added vitamins, but I'm not sure that it really justifies the price tag. If however you are not able to use any other product for you sensitive skin other than one from the simple range, then yes, this is a good effective non irritating handwash. As I said, I do miss the lingering fragrance that the dove handwash leaves on my hand, and I find this rather bland and boring in comparision. Due to the price, and my preference for the dove fragrance that does not irritate my skin anyway, I would probably not buy this again.


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          24.02.2009 01:06
          Very helpful



          Fab handwass for fab hands.

          I bought this handwash simply (ha) because I get quite bad excema on my hands when using pretty much any kind of product (handwash, soap, shower gel, bath foam) etc etc. Having been unable to use the handwash we usually buy (as we were unable to find one that didn't make my hands ill) when I came across this product in the pound shop (yes, the pound shop, £1, hurrah for cheapiness) I decided to give it a try. Most of my skin care products are in the simple range so i felt sure it wouldn't have an adverse effect on my skin.
          I was right.

          The hand wash comes in a smart clear pump action dispenser bottle, emblazoned with the standard Simple logo, incorporating purple into their green and white design to create a bottle which looks just fine next to your sink (well ,what were you after? Gold encrusted?!) The lable on the front of the bottle tells you that it contains active ingredients Pro-Vitamin B5 and Borage Seed Oil, that it has 'natural benefits for sensitive skin' and no added perfume or colour.

          The consistency of the liquid is quite thick, and very creamy. Two firms pumps of the...urm...pump and you are away. the cream lathers up well and washes off easily leaving your skin nice and soft and, most importantly for me in any case, completely excema free. Yay.


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          11.10.2008 17:37
          Very helpful



          a good handwash but buy when it's on offer

          I'm afraid I'm not very loyal to any brand of handwash - I always shop around for the best deal on those that look nice especially when trying to save on my weekly shop.

          We use a lot of handwash as there is a bottle in the donstairs loo, the kitchen & 2 upstair bathrooms so I tend to look around for offers & bogofs!

          I saw an offer on tesco.com for simple moisturising handwash which seemed too good to miss so I thought we could try it out.

          According to tesco the normal selling price for 250ml is £1.98 but the offer was 2 for £2.

          The bottle is quite attractive - clear plastic with white handwash - a change from the usual blue or green! It does look a bit 'girly' due to the pink design but, as it has no strong perfume I think this is a bit misleading - men like moisturised hands as well don't they?!

          The simple logo' is dislayed on the front along with the following info -

          ~moisturising handwash
          ~ active ingredients - pro-viatmain b5 & borage seed oil
          ~ experts in sensitive skin
          ~ no added perfume or colour

          the reverse of the handwash container is more difficult to read as the print is so small but it does give directions on how to use and there are loads of ingredients listed for those who like to know what they're exposing their hands to!

          The handwash seems to last our family of 4 quite a long time as you only need to use a small amount.

          There isn't a distinctive smell but the hands do feel fresh & clean after use.

          The liquid itself is a good consistency - it's a cream which lathers a little & isn't too thick.

          The hands feel not only clean but moisturised as well which is particularly good now the cold weather is approaching.

          We have a dog & cat so we tend to all wash our hands several times a day & there is no sign of any drying of the skin which I have noticed with several cheaper handwashes.

          The pump action is a very good idea as you can easily control how much you use & there is no drippy mess left on the nozzle.

          Although it's a good product and does everything a handwash is supposed to do I'm not sure I'd keep buying it unless it was on offer - I'll probably still shop around for deals..

          - this was a good buy thanks to tesco
          - a good handwash which does what it should do
          - attractive packaging
          - highly reputable brand
          - leaves hands clean & soft
          - worth a try at this price?


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            04.09.2007 18:00
            Very helpful



            Is this 'simply' the best?

            - Price and Packaging -

            This retails in Tesco and Morrisons for £1.89 for a 250ml bottle but I got a good deal at my local Morrisons when there was a recent BOGOF offer. Normally I wouldn't pay that amount for a hand wash as I ALWAYS buy them when on special offer.

            The bottle is clear so that you can see how much is left and when to replenish.
            It looks fairly ok on the sink, no need to purchase a soap dispenser which I have used when I have opted for cheaper products to pretend that I haven't!
            Like most Simple products, the packaging is very simple and understated which is fine by me!

            The top of the bottle has a transparent liquid dispenser which doesn't need to be plunged right down to the bottom as a little goes a long way.
            What I have found is that unlike many other liquid soaps I have used I don't need to wipe my hand along the point of exit as this liquid soap doesn't leave a very fine trail so that's a plus point!

            The nozzle also has an open and closed option on it if you want it although I never use it, once open, it stays open on my sink!

            - The hand wash -

            Appearance ~ It is a white liquid soap which has a slight creamy texture to it when applied.

            Smell ~ As it isn't perfumed there isn't much of a smell but after lots of sniffing, I have to say that I can definitely smell a faint whiff of fresh soap, if that makes sense. In short, there is a smell but not much of one which is a downside for me as I love some of the stronger smells of some of the other liquid soaps that are available at the moment.

            Does it lather up? ~ Yes it does, a little goes a long way so no need to go mad with the plunger!

            Do my hands feel dry after using it?
            They don't feel dry but nor do they feel richly moisturised.

            - What do the manufacturer's say about this product? -

            ~ 100% perfume and colour free
            ~ contains active ingredients to care for the needs of sensitive skin
            ~ gently cleanses
            ~ protects and moisturises your hands
            ~ protects against dryness
            ~ contains pro-vitamin B5, Borage Seed Oil and Vitamin E

            - Simple hand washes -

            I have seen three on the market but please correct me if I'm incorrect and any more have passed me by!
            ~ Moisturising
            ~ Anti-bacterial
            ~ Deep clean

            - Simple products -

            Simple launched it's first perfume and colour free soap in 1960 and since then has become the leading brand in the UK for sensitive skin.

            It has a vast array of products, too many to list but take a look at their website if you are interested:
            ~ haircare products
            ~ baby products
            ~ sun care
            ~ cleansing wipes
            ~ cleansers, toners and moisturizers
            ~ soaps

            The list could go on and on but I won't bore you!

            - Final Thoughts -


            ~ Not harsh on your skin
            ~ Good lather
            ~ Much more attractive than a bar of soap on your sink, cleaner & tidier
            ~ Kind to sensitive skin as it isn't perfumed or coloured!


            ~ Slightly more expensive than the run of the mill handwashes but wait for the BOGOF offers.
            ~ When you get to the bottom of the container you can't get it all out so some waste, unless like me you turn it upside down and pour the remains into your next supply!
            ~ Doesn't really moisturise my skin.

            Since I don't have sensitive skin I don't really need this particular, kind to skin product. As stated earlier, I bought it due to the offer and I like giving new products a try.
            I prefer hand washes that smell good but for those of you who have sensitive skin this is a very good liquid soap, hence the recommendation


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              30.04.2006 21:19
              Very helpful



              A handwash which is soap free and leaves skin clean and soft.

              Why Simple?

              I suffer from eczema and recently my hands have been worse, not helped by the fact that I work in a hospital and have to wash my hands constantly to avoid cross infection between patients. On top of this in winter my skin always gets drier anyway so my hands were starting to look dry, red, cracked and feeling sore. As many of you know I've tried and reviewed many a soap and handwash and I can't resist a special offer so when I saw this whilst doing my shopping I thought I would give it a try.

              What does it cost?

              If it helps my skin then I'm willing to pay extra but this handwash was on special offer in Sainsburys when I bought it and only cost me 99p for a 250ml bottle. Its normal price is £1.99 so I got a bit of a bargain.

              What is it?

              Well firstly and foremost let me tell you what it is not. Its not a soap (100% soap free), its not perfumed and its not coloured. It is a hand wash that is enriched with vitamins and skin conditioners aimed to gently wash and moisturise your hands. It is dermatologically approved, although no-one ever really says what that means. Do they just say to a dermatologist (who is on their payroll!) do you approve of this soap and he says yes, so they put the term on the front of their bottle in the hope they will sell more of their product. Maybe that's me just being too cynical but it just seems to be on so many things these days it has lost all meaning.

              What is in it?

              The ingredients as in any other similar product are a long list of things you don't know what they are. There are some natural sounding ingredients such as Borage Seed Oil, Chamomile Oil and Pelargonium Graveolens Oil. There are also the Vitamins, Pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E. Then there is a whole list of other more chemically sounding ingredients so not completely simple!

              What is the bottle like?

              It's a clear plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and holds 250ml. The "Simple" logo is in green writing and like the name of the product its simple but nice. Tells you what you need to know and nothing else, no fancy pictures or decoration.

              So finally what is the hand wash like?

              The hand wash is a thick white consistency and is unperfumed. You have to press the dispenser pump fairly firmly twice to get enough handwash. It foams well in your wet hands and already you feel the softening properties starting to work. It rinses off quickly and leaves your hands feeling quite smooth. I would say it is a good hand wash, it is not as moisturising as some liquid soaps I have used but it is gentle on my skin and I would certainly use it again. However probably only if it was on special offer as it is quite expensive otherwise.


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