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Snowfire Ointment Stick

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Brand: Snowfire / Type: Stick

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    4 Reviews
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      27.01.2010 21:39



      This old fashioned stick doesn't look or smell amazing but it works a treat. I always get dreadful 'hacks' on my hands and feet during the Winter and I have tried everything to get rid of them but this really works.I bought it from Boots for a few pounds and it was amazing. It will last for ages and provides real comfort from these painful nicks and cracks.


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      31.05.2009 23:56
      Very helpful



      It works so well.

      Pickles Snowfire Ointment stick, a tube of this sits in waiting at the back of my bathroom cabinet. Sure as eggs are eggs before the winter months are out the Other Half comes in from working on his allotment and asks if we have got any Snowfire ointment, the cold wet weather plays havoc with his hands, hard skin forms, it builds up in layers and eventually it starts to crack. As it cracks it gets sore and very uncomfortable and that is when it is time to dig out the Snowfire ointment.

      I have no idea how long Pickles have been manufacturing their Snowfire ointment but we seem to have been buying it for years and I can clearly remember my Grandfather using it when he was gardening too.
      The Snowfire ointment comes in a thick yellow push up tube, an 18.5g tube will cost you around £2.50. and most good chemists still stock it, if you can't find it in the chemist then look in the health food store or order it from the Internet.

      For anyone who has never seen the Snowfire ointment it resembles a stick deodorant, the stick is an unattractive shade of green and it has a rather weird and indescribable old fashioned smell.
      Pickles recommend it for healing chapped skin and say that it also helps sooth painful chilblains ( Neither of us suffer from chilblains so I can't comment on that front )
      Snowfire is for external use only, it contains thyme oil, clove oil, cade oil, lemon thyme oil, citronella, benzoin, hard paraffin, soft yellow paraffin, snowfire perfume and chlorophyll.

      There are two ways of applying the ointment, you can apply it using the stick to skin method or you can put the ointment onto a piece of soft lint and then put the lint over the chap and then place a bandage over the top.
      If you wash the area thoroughly and put the Snowfire ointment on overnight it is amazing how well it works in just those few hours.
      But if the Other Half wants to get back to tending his soil then we need to revert to Plan B, put the ointment on the lint, cover it with a bandage and then he wears a gardening glove over the top to keep it clean.

      Anyone who has ever suffered from sore chapped hands will welcome Pickles Snowfire ointment with open arms, although some may well class it as an old fashioned way of dealing with the problem it is a way that works.
      It is better to store the Snowfire stick in a reasonably warm place because it makes the ointment easier to apply, it doesn't make it smell any better though !
      You can reapply the ointment as needed, I know that if the skin chap is deep sometimes the ointment will nip as you apply it but that feeling soon wears off.
      The natural oils in the ointment have great healing powers and there is no doubt that the chaps will start to heal within a couple of days.

      Any persistent skin problem should be looked at by a Doctor and as with all medicines make sure the Snowfire stick is stored well out of the reach of children.
      To sum up Pickles Snowfire ointment is one of those good old fashioned remedies that has been on the market for years.


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        20.01.2009 09:29
        Very helpful



        Use this quick before they start hurting! The stuff is magic!

        For the past 5 years, I have suffered really badly with sore, dry cracked skin on my hand. I have tried loads of different lotions and creams some of them have helped with the dry skin other have just stung and hurt when I applied them. Some have been very greasy and make it difficult to grip items etc.

        I was recommended snow fire by a friend then looked it up on her to find a review that also said it was fantastic stuff. I popped to boots to buy a tube. It was located behind the medicine counter part so I asked the pharmacist who was happy to sell me some. The cream was just under £3 for an 18g tube. The cream comes in a white tube with a yellow label, which shows a fire on the front. Snow fire ointment stick is a solid emollient ointment for dry skin, which contains natural essential oils.

        The first things I noticed about snow fire were the colour and the smell. Snow fire is a green colour it looks very waxy it smell very strong. The smell is hard to place but it is very strong. I unscrewed the lid and found the green ointment was very solid. I pushed the bottom of the tube for get the ointment out. I rubbed the ointment all over my hands the ointment stick is very hard and it did hurt slightly the first few times I used it and my skin was very sore and you have to apply a good amount of pressure to get the ointment all over your hand. Once you have rubbed, the ointment all over your hands you need to rub them together this gave my hands a lovely coat of ointment.

        The ointment still smelt on my hands but it was well worth it for my hands to feel much softer and the skin did not feel as tight as before I applied. The first time I used this hands were in a terrible condition and I had to use it every hour for the first day. By the second day, my hands did not hurt as much and they felt much smoother. Within a week my hands were completly better. I now use it as soon as i see them getting sore and a couple of apllications gets rid of any dry sore skin.

        The cream does not feel greasy or slimy and I was able to grip things fine after using it. I would say it was more like a wax. It left my skin with a waxy coat with kept them hydrated for a while after application. If you push the bottom of the tube to hard, the whole stick will pop out but it can be popped back in easily. This cream is a perfect for people who suffer with really bad hands.


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          04.10.2008 14:43
          Very helpful



          Very effective and cheap, handy size of product. The only downside is the smell...


          For a number of years I have suffered with very dry skin on my hands, particularly my right hand. I do not work with chemicals and I always try to wear gloves when washing-up and cleaning, yet the condition of my hands can actually deteriorate to the point that the skin will split and I will have painful, open hacks. The weather seems to be a factor, and as the winter draws near my hands get worse and worse. I had tried a number of different hand creams, all manner of brands, but my hands were still rougher than the proverbial Norwegian fisherman's.

          I was given a steroid cream by my doctor, but that only helped a wee bit, and I wasn't comfortable using it while pregnant.

          After our girls were born, the constant washing of my hands after nappy changes etc, exacerbated the problem and I would have to resort to constantly using sticking plasters on my fingers and thumb to try to protect the tender open skin.

          Then our neighbour suggested a product....

          WHAT IS IT?

          Snowfire Ointment Stick is, as it says on the packaging, a solid emollient ointment for dry skin. It is recommended for chapped hands and feet.

          It comes in a yellow and white lipstick-style tube, about the same diameter as a £2 coin, about 2½" tall, with a screw off lid. The tube contains 18 grams of product. To access the ointment you push up the stick from the base.

          The ointment itself is a very unappealing green colour. The colour reminds me of that Fairy soap you used to be able to buy in huge blocks. It doesn't smell very nice either, quite strong, reminiscent of carbolic soap and wet sheep....mmm, lovely!


          You just rub straight on to the affected area. You can also spread the ointment on a bandage and apply this to the skin. In cold weather, it is recommended that the ointment should be warmed up to facilitate easier application.

          It is easily absorbed but does leave the skin slightly greasy. The smell also lingers on the skin.


          Nothing short of miraculous as far as I am concerned - it really does work wonders. You can see the dry skin almost immediately re-hydrating, and open sores heal in a day or so. Anytime I detect deterioration in my skin condition, I rub in a bit of this and it stops the problem in its tracks. I don't have to use it every day but can now use an ordinary, moisturising handcream the majority of the time.

          THE SCIENCE BIT...

          Ingredients: Petrolatum, Paraffinum, Cymbopogon nardus, Eugenia caryophyllus, Juniperus oxycedrus, Styrax benzoin, Thymus serpyllum var citriodorus, Thymus vulgaris, Parfum, CI 75810, Limonene, Eugenol, Citronellol, Geraniol, Linalol, Citral.

          Distributed by: Ransom Consumer Healthcare, Stepfield, Witham, CM8 3AG


          I first bought this on the internet:
          Price approx £2 -£3 plus P&P (depending on quantity purchased)

          I have since discovered that it is readily available in local, independent pharmacies for a similar price.


          Five stars from me - it really works well and is an essential in my bag, particularly with the colder weather imminent. I can forgive the smell as it is not designed as a cosmetic product!

          (Review previously posted on Ciao by me under the same user name carcraig)


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