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Soap & Glory Endless Glove Hand Cream

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22 Reviews

Brand: Soap & Glory / Texture: Cream / Type: Hand Cream / Subcategory: Soap / Suitable for: Hand

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    22 Reviews
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      22.09.2013 11:13
      Very helpful



      fresh and girly hand cream

      I love Soap and Glory products and receive several gift sets most Christmases. This hand cream I first received in the Soap and Glory vanity case gift set, which is full of full size products. Ever since, I have loved this and it has become my favourite hand cream by a mile.

      Like all Soap and Glory products, this comes in their signature pink and girly packaging, with bold lettering and always a play on words, this one being 'Endless Glove', which is undoubtedly a play on the song titled Endless Love. I personally love the packaging and it's great to carry around in my handbag! This comes in a 125ml tube and is priced at £6.50 in Boots.

      This hand cream is 2 in 1, hand cream and moisture mask. One way of using it is like a normal hand cream and the second way is to rub in before bedtime, put a pair of cotton gloves on, and leave it to moisturise overnight. I personally have never tried the second way, because the thought of wearing gloves in bed just makes me shiver (the same with socks!) so it's not something I could ever try but I use this as a standard hand cream everyday.

      Ingredients of this cream include macadamia and grapeseed oils, pomegranate and shea butters. The packaging also states that it smells like 'fruitigo- with notes of frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence', I have no idea what these things smell like, but I will say that the cream does smell very nice! Abit unusual at first but generally just sweet and fruity.

      As a hand cream I think it is great. It claims to work for 12 hours after you apply it, which I think is abit of an exaggeration. Whether it works deep down without me knowing I don't know but I can certainly only feel it moisturising my hands for about 2 hours. It is however, the perfect solution for me after I've done the dishes as this particularly dries out my hands for some reason and I hate wearing rubber gloves! The cream leaves my hands feeling soft and clean, it is non greasy and melts into my skin almost straight away leaving no horrible residue like I've found with some hand creams. The fresh fragrance also stays on my hands for a couple of hours which I really like.

      I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a hand cream that leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturised! Will be buying this for many years to come!

      I give this 4 stars, losing one just purely because it doesn't last the 12 hours it says it will, though this doesn't bother me I feel they shouldn't make a claim that to me isn't true.


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      22.07.2013 10:22
      Very helpful



      Hand cream from Soap & Glory

      I purchased this Soap & Glory Endless Glove Dry Hand Cream quite a while ago, but I have far too many hand creams so have only recently got around to using this one. I really like the Soap & Glory Hand Food so hoped that this alternative hand cream would be just as good.

      This hand cream is part of Soap & Glory's Spa range, a selection of products with more refreshing and citrusy scents than the originals, and comes in a blue tube to match the rest of the range. The 125ml tube can be stood on end, which is handy as gravity helps force remaining cream to the bottom, helping get it out. The flip-top lid is easy to use, and the whole thing is sturdy and secure - it's unlikely to burst open in your bag, although since I've been using this hand cream at home I can't confirm this belief 100%.

      The hand cream is described as a 2 in 1 moisture cream and hand mask. It contains panthenol, Vitamin E, allantoin, kiwi fruit and daisy flower extract. Soap & Glory do not test their products on animals, only "very picky people", in this case Britons and Italians (though this cream was made in Switzerland - perhaps not one to choose if you're trying to reduce your carbon footprint!). The cream can be used as a standard hand cream, an intensive mask, and a moisturiser for dry heels, knees and elbows.

      Perhaps because of the way the product was marketed - as a more intensive hand mask - I decided to use it at night before I go to sleep. The cream has a reasonably thick consistency, slightly thicker than Hand Food. It has a lovely scent - very fresh and fruity, ideal for the summer.

      Like Hand Food, the cream sinks in to the hands well without greasiness. My hands feel soft and smooth immediately after application. On the occasions when I've used the hand cream 'normally' - i.e. just in my room, not before bed - it works very well, and I only need to apply every two or three hours to keep my hands soft. As I use hand cream regularly, my hands are in decent condition generally, so I can't comment on how well this cream would perform on hands that were very dry to start with. However, I have been pleased with it, and feel that it is comparable to the more popular Hand Food in that respect.

      As an overnight hand mask, it is slightly less effective, perhaps because I haven't worn any gloves to let it sink in - I have just applied it as normal. It still does a good job, and it's fine for the summer, but I can tell that it wouldn't perform well enough for the winter, when my hands can get very dry indeed. Still, that hasn't been a problem lately: we've had lots of cold weather, but no icy temperatures, thank goodness!

      Overall, I like and recommend this hand cream - if you can still find it that is. I can't see it on the Boots website and I'm not sure if it is still available. If you can find it, though, it is definitely worth a try.


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      18.06.2013 16:59
      Very helpful



      A good handcream, let down by being dual purpose - loses stars on the night element

      =Soap & Glory Endless Glove Hand Cream=

      As you may know by now, I love Soap and Glory products, and any excuse to buy one, try one, I'm 1st in the queue.

      =Christmas Set=
      I recieved this at Christmas, it was in a 2 part gift set with hand wash, and these were in a metal display container, looks lovely in any bathroom or kitchen, I have left mine in the kitchen as it reminds to put some and cream on after I have washed up.

      =Price and Availability=
      The cream is available in the Soap and Glory range, it comes now as a tube, and a 125ml tube is £6.50. Although Boots regulary have offers on, so it is worth looking out for them.

      =The Bottle=
      This is a plastic bottle, with the 50's retro style picture and tongue in cheek advertising as in the range of the Soap and Glory range.

      =2 for the price of 1=
      Soap and Glory say the product has two uses, one being a super hydrating hand cream and the second use a cream mask for applying at night, and by wearing cotton gloves on top this enables the cream to provide a deep down moisturisation.

      -1st- Hand Cream
      As a general hand cream, I find this is good hand cream, it makes my hands feel soft, and keeps them subtle.

      -2nd- Overnight-
      As I cream my feet once a week, I thought add the hand cream to this, I was slightly disappointed, I felt that the cream was not strong enough, by the morning the cotton gloves were dry, my hands had a slight improvment but this was the same as using the cream in a day time.

      Looking at the ingredients, I noticed there was blueberry, kiwi fruit, daisy flower extracts, I found that I could easily identify the blueberry smell, but the others where over ridden by the blueberry.

      =General Day time Use=
      I can't fault the improvement on my hands in terms of the smoothness of them, the cream soaks in well, and you only need a little bit.

      If the product was sold as just the daytime use, i would give it a 5/5, but as for me I didn't find it strong enough for night that the product loses 2 stars

      =Would I recommend =
      I would sit on the fence with this, I feel there are better hand creams in the range.


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      04.06.2013 11:50
      Very helpful



      I'm not in 'Glove' with it, but it's not bad for the price.

      ~ Endless Glove ~

      I tend to suffer with dry skin on my hands and to prevent this, I try and apply hand cream whenever the get that horrible tight feeling. You know the one, when as you move your fingers to grasp something, they feel like they are going to crack? It's an awful sensation, so I'm always on the lookout for new hand creams to help combat that. The product of this review was a gift for my daughter, she's 22 at the moment and doesn't feel the need to apply hand cream very often; she still lives at home so she gets away with the tasks of housework and gardening etc, all the tough jobs for hands. Therefore when this product came to live by the kitchen sink, she told me I could use it as often as I wanted. The hand cream in question is Endless Glove from Soap and Glory.

      While not unfamiliar with the Soap and Glory brand, I've bought a fair few of the Christmas special offers from Boots for my daughter over the years (queue overnight sessions on M.S.E. and trying to place my order before the Boots website crashed again, but I digress), I've never really tried it for myself. I'm lucky enough to receive hand creams and bathing products from L'occitane, Molton Brown and the like as gifts, as my family know I like them but could never justify spending that much money on myself, so I was eager to try something more affordable that I could use as often as I needed, without feeling the needed to be sparing with my luxury brands.

      The product in the picture above is a portable version of this cream being in a tube for applications on the go. We have a bottle with a pump dispenser; it came in a metal holder along with a hand wash, for keeping close to a sink or basin. The Soap and Glory brand is immediately identifiable for being that 50's retro styling and tongue in cheek phrasing. The colours reminiscent of icecreams instantly appeal to my girly side.

      ~ 'Our' Product ~

      'Ours' is a 250ml bottle, and I admit that I've been more than generous with application since Emily didn't really need or want it. I've been using this about three months now, and there's still around half a bottle left, so I fully expect it to last at least as long again. I'm not sure about the price paid for this as it was a gift (and came with the hand wash), but the 125ml tube is for sale at Boots for £6.50 and on a 3 for 2 promotion at the current time. Disregarding the promotion, £6.50 for 3 months' worth of hand cream is a fabulous price in my opinion, and I hope to be taking up the offer once this bottle is done with.

      ~ Hand Cream and Moisture Mask ~

      This product is classed as having two uses for the price of one; one being a super-hydrating hand cream, and the other being a cream mask for applying at night and wearing cotton gloves over the top, to enable a thorough deep down moisturisation. I admit that I have yet to try this in this way; I still tend to apply my premium brands last thing before bed; I love knowing that they are repairing and replenishing my skin while I sleep and old habits die hard.

      This cream is supposed to have blueberry, kiwi fruit and daisy flower extracts, along with a whole list of scary looking ingredients, so I was expecting something lightly fruity with a hint of floral about it. While I can indeed detect the scent of blueberries, I can't pick out any of the other notes. The scent is fresh and inviting, it smells like warm blueberry muffins fresh from the oven. Divine!

      The texture on the hand is very light. It's more of a lotion than a cream I feel. You can see that it has a lot of moisture within it, but once placed on your hand it doesn't run or drip. I was always told to apply hand cream to the back of your hands first as that's where the moisture is needed most, and also to prevent that aged look that hands get. No matter how many face lifts a person has, you can always tell their age by looking at their hands, look at Madonna's, they're a giveaway. Anyway, I do try to look after this area of my hands but I find my fingers get dry too, hence the tight, cracking feeling, so I apply one application to the backs of my hands, and then another application into my palm, and massage the product in just like everyone else would.

      ~ Results ~

      The product leaves my hands smoothed, silky and moisturised. It soaks in quickly and easily, and leaves no greasiness or residue on the skin that makes it hard to grasp things afterwards. Considering its stated as being super-hydrating, I don't think that claim is accurate. My hands feel moisturised, but no more so than any other mainstream hand cream, and I've tried a fair few in my time. The hydration is really good for the quality and price of this product, but I won't be switching fully to this, over my premium branded ones as it simply doesn't compare. I do feel it's a great day to day hand cream though, for those times when your hands aren't that bad, and just to keep the moisture levels topped up. It's perfect for keeping by the sink for use after washing your hands, and the tube would be great for the same reasons when out and about. I don't think this is intense enough to use as a hand treatment, even though I've not tried. Just from using it every day I can tell that much, I need to re-apply too frequently, and it simply cannot cope with my dry hands after using bleach products or chemical cleaners, when my hands are literally screaming for moisture.

      ~ Pump Failure ~

      There is one problem with my hand cream, but it's not one that you'll get on the tube version, so I'll not let this detract from my final rating. The pump gave up working a couple of weeks ago, it simply will not complete the action of dispensing the product. I've tried all manner of things to try and get it working again including rinsing it, thinking it might be blocked up with cream, all to no avail. I've kept the pump in place to keep the contents as fresh as they can, but when I want to use it, I have to unscrew the pump and get a bit of cream off the suction tube. This is ok for the moment, but I foresee problems getting the last dregs of product out of the bottle, and also having the hand cream opened so many times a day, it's not keeping as fresh as I'd like and I worry about bacteria contamination; so before too long I'll be replacing this anyway and buying the more portable version.

      ~ My Thoughts ~

      All in all this is a great hand cream for the price and one I'll continue using for my day to day needs. It's not as moisturising as it claims to be, but it's more than adequate if your hands aren't suffering with dryness, and simply want to keep them looking good and keep the moisture levels maintained. When I get that dry, tight, cracking sensation to my hands, I'll continue to use a more premium and hydrating product than this, but all in all it's a nice product to use, with an absolutely delightful fragrance, and one I recommend.

      ~ In Summary ~

      I'm going to discount the problems with the pump because you won't get those problems on the tube version, and therefore I award this hand cream/moisture mask four stars as it simply isn't as hydrating as it implies.


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        05.02.2012 18:03
        Very helpful



        A good quality hand cream from Soap and Glory

        Soap and Glory - Endless Glove Dry Hand Cream

        I do like Soap and Glory products on the whole and I certainly I can't fault their packaging and fun presentation. They think of wonderfully tongue in cheek names for their products and they are all presented in muted soft rather retro colours, either a sort of duck egg blue or a creamy pink or even a very sort cream for some.

        This product is one of their hand creams and meant to be the one for drier hands. It comes in an upside down tube so the lid is at the bottom end and this plastic tube, a bit like a fat tube of toothpaste is in the duck egg blue colour. The other colours used are silver and cream which all give this the retro look that all S&G products have.

        "Glove is a many splendoured thing" Little saying like these make me smile as I use my hand cream and this is what makes S&G stuff just that bit different in my view.

        SIGNS OF AGE
        It is not only your face that shows signs of aging but your poor hands are exposed to the elements constantly and of course have to do all kinds of work that your face never has to do such as washing up, cleaning the car, scrubbing the floor and so on. It is very important to make sure that you do look after your hands if you want to have nice looking hands into your old age. I spend a lot of time putting creams on my hands and hope i haven't left this loving care too late. It is especially important in our colder winter weather or indeed if you expose your hands to the sun they will suffer damage as well.

        Firstly as with all S&G products the smell is just lovely. They use a lot of fruity sweet scented ingredients that are sweet but not cloyingly so. They have a fresh. Clean just washed sort of smell about them and this is no exception.

        This is said to contain kiwi fruit and daisy flower extract so maybe that is the scent, whatever it is the result is a lovely fruity but creamy and fresh scent which I keep on sniffing from the tube beside me as I write. The tube is now sadly empty but the scent is still there as I squeeze the tube.

        According to the tube this product contains PANTHENON so of course I had to find out what that is supposed to be doing for me. Panthenon works as a 'humectant' that is it holds moisture in to the skin as well as an emollient and moisturizer which means that this part of the cream makes the outer layers of the skin softer and they help increase the skin losing water by reducing evaporation.

        Panthenol is usually made from plants and is useful to use in creams as it is good for sensitive skins as it is a non-irritating form of Vitamin B. What makes it great for a hand cream or body lotion is that it can penetrate the layers of skin and is absorbed by them thus 'feeding' moisture into dry skin and it also has 'plumping' benefits so so helps reduce lines which is always good.

        Vitamin E is very important in skin creams and its job is to deactivate unstable free radicals with its antioxidant properties. It is great as it protects the skin from damaging effects of sun rays, pollution, medications and all these things we are exposed to in our lives and helps balance the skin again.

        Allantoin is another ingredient highlighted on the front of this product and this comes from the comfrey plant which is a herb native to Europe and temperate climates. It has been found to be a natural cleanser, deactivator or free radicals and also helps cells rebuild so helps in healing scars and so on. This is wonderful as once again this is a natural product and therefore unlikely to cause allegy problems and certainly less harmful to the environment.

        Theobroma Cacao Extract which stimulates the beta-endorphins in our skin and this encourages the skin to release these and thus inspire a pleasurable sensation in the brain such as when we're relaxed. Maybe that is why I keep sniffing my nearly empty tube as it makes me feel happy!

        Kiwi fruit have only recently been discovered to be of benefit to our skin and they are now known to help protects the DNA structure of skin as well as help moisturise. Kiwi fruit is another great source of anti oxidants and vitamin C which helps the skin rebuild.

        Daisy Flower extract according to a lot of research has no benefit on the skin but others say it helps lighten pigmentation so the jury is out on this ingredient but maybe that gives a bit of the lovely smell in this cream.

        Titanium Dioxide which is there as it protects the skin from harmful UV rays so it stops your hands from showing signs of age through exposure to these damaging rays.


        I can't say I noticed that this was a great deal better than S&G's other hand cream but it comes out as a thick white cream a bit like tooth paste and you don't need a lot to feel the benefits. I squeezed out about an inch long worm and found that was plenty for my hands. I then rubbed my hands together and around until the cream had absorbed and this didn't take too long. The cream went in well and my skin felt fed and softer. I didn't have any nasty slimy or greasy feel on my hands and could get back to using them quickly without things sticking to them. I tended to use this before I went out so I needed to have it well into my hands before I drove as I didn't want my hands slipping on the steering wheel.

        I liked the fact that my hands smelled nice for quite some time after I applied this cream, often until I washed my hands next. I also found that if I applied this then had to do something like poop scoop or clean out the kitty litter then re washed my hands I still felt the benefit from the cream as it sort of gave me an invisible glove.

        The other way I have used this is at night when just before going to sleep and after my nice relaxing bath I smother my hands in this lovely 'Endless Glove' then put on my nice cotton real gloves and this helps this sink into my skin over night and 'feeds' my hands with all the lovely goodies in the cream so that when I wake in the morning my hands have been treated to a mini spa treatment and feel nice a soft. This really works well and the gloves absorb the cream and also smell nice too as I wear them at night. I wash these about once a week as I don't want to wash away too much of the creamy goodness but I also don't want them to get sogged with the cream and become unhealthy

        Soap & Glory is sold in Boots and I believe also in Harvey Nichols stores but I have only bought them from Boots where they are often on a buy three for the price of two product offers. This is really the only time i buy them to be honest as I think they are quite expensive at full price.

        This hand cream 'Endless Glove' comes in a 125ml tube for £4.50 which is not the cheapest hand cream around and I am sure others that are cheaper will do just as good a job but if you buy this as part of their 3 for 2 offer the price becomes much more reasonable and you don't have to use a lot to get the benefit. It will obviously last longer if you only apply it once a day but I do only use about an inch long snake at a time from the tube

        This only comes in the one size but you can buy a travel size of their other hand cream which is called 'Hand Food' and is also really good and smells divine. So if you wanted to use this for the intense treatment at night and carry one around in your bag then this little travel size would be perfect. I tend to carry a small Lush one in my bag as it is a pump dispenser and works well without spilling.

        Yes it is really lovely and does work well but at full price it is expensive so i would suggest waiting till the offer of 3 for 2 is on as it is at the moment and buy it then. Don't forget to use your Boots advantage card as well.

        Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy trying this if you decide to. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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          28.07.2011 15:34



          A quickly absorbed, sweet smelling cream that will look after your tired hands!

          I'm a bit of a sucker for the Soap & Glory range and this hand cream is no exception. You can buy this from Boots and for the 125ml tube pictured above, you'll pay around £4.75 (but this range is often on 3 for 2 so stock up then). I personally think this hand cream is worth every penny.

          The packaging like all of the S&G stuff is styled in a 50s retro design and it comes in a nice blue tube with a flip top lid.

          The cream itself can be used as an everyday hand cream or applied overnight with cotton gloves as an intensive treatment. It's a white cream, that has light texture and smells gorgeous. I can't quite work out what the smell is, but it's very fruity and another reviewer thinks it smells like blueberries, I don't know all I do know is that it makes my hands smell lovely. The cream rubs in really easily and is absorbed really quickly so you don't get left with sticky hands. Almost instantly it made my hands feel silky smooth and soft, and this feeling lasted for a couple of hours.

          The cream contains various ingredients, including vitamin E (an antioxidant), allantoin (acts to sooth, moisturise and prevent irritation), panthenol (a provitamin of B5, which improves hydration and reduces itching and inflamation in the skin), kiwifruit extract (another antioxidant) and daisy extract (prevent over pigmentation in the skin i.e. age marks). But to be honest the proof is in the pudding and this hand cream is fab....almost smelling good enough to eat (although don't).


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          13.06.2011 15:02
          Very helpful



          Endless Love for Endless Glove!

          As most people know I am a sucker for Soap and Glory products and although I cannot claim that all their products live up to the hype, as I have tried out a fair few that don't, overall I thoroughly love their products and the majority of the brand. I think what most attracts me to their products is their girly, yet retro design on the products with the puns that intend to and do, indeed make me giggle!

          Soap and Glory are now a large brand, although only staring out in 2006 I am sure that most people have heard of this brand and to me it seems like this brand has been out ages and for much longer than this! These specialise in skin care, selling a mixture of body butters, creams, gels, scrubs, buffs, spot creams, face wipes, etc, but also sell items such as body mitts, shower puffs and sometimes even flip flops! The range itself tends to be a little more than some own brands and the likes of Nivea, Johnsons,etc, however most of their items are good quality and last for a considerable amount of time and are cheaper than Sanctuary, No 7, etc.

          I don't have particuarly dry or flakey hands, however, I do like to keep them as soft and as smooth as possible, so carrying aroung a bottle of hand cream is an absolute necessity for me! I have tried a hand cream from almost every brand, however, am yet to find one that I completley love and stick to...will this be the one?

          I think it was the colour and packaging of this product that first attracted me to it! 'Endless Glove' comes in a beautiful pastel blue, it also lookes slightly greeny in certain lights and reminds me of summer! It also has pictures of what looks like fruit and flowers in the background, whilst the label and 'Soap and Glory' is in the foreground. Alike many of the other products by the brand it has that distinct soap and glory look about it which makes it easily recognisable in the shops.
          This particular hand cream has a flip top lid, which to me is always prefferable with a hand cream as it is easy to flip open and close when you want to, rather than using screw top lids. Despite saying this, I also find that it is very hard to get the last remaining bits of proucts out of the tube, even when the lid is completley unscrewed, so I also feel this is somewhat wasteful.

          This particular hand cream is a 2 in 1, of course meaning that it can do 2 things. One is that it can be used just like a normal hand cream, and the other is that it can be used as a deep, conditoning hand cream when worn with gloves. When wearing it with gloves, I personally do this overnight as it allows the cream to really soak and moisturise, however if you have some spare time there is nothing to say you can't do the day!

          When using it the first way, like a normal hand cream I was very pleased by the results. The cream itself it white in colour and has a thicker texture compared to some hand creams, which can be extremley runny. It is much like a body butter, however doesn't quite have the same 'stiffness' to it. It is smooth and soft when rubbing into the skin and doesn't have that same 'greasy' texture that some hand creams do. It also feels incredibly light and so is absorbed into the skin quickly, this is not to say that it is not moisturising, just means you can get on with what you are doing quicker!
          Personally, I'd say it takes an average of 30 seconds to soak into the skin, however this will vary depending on how dry your hands were in the first place! After it has soaked on my skin is left soft and as if it is full of moisture. What I really love about this hand cream is that is doesn't leave any stickiness of greasiness behind, which I often find hand creams do. Any before felt tightness or dryness I previously felt had completley dissappeared and it was as it my skin felt relieved!

          This hand cream also has the most gorgeous scent! Most of the Soap and Glory range either has a cirtus or a sweet smell and this one definitely falls into the cirtus catergory. The main scent is that of blueberrys, which is very refreshing and fruity, however, at the same time has a slight sweetness to it, which makes it that little bit more girly and yummy!
          I found that this scent lingers on my hand, which is lovely. It is a very pleasant and fresh smell so I was glad it did so. So, not only did my hands feel soft, silky and smooth, but they also smelt gorgeous...result!

          The second way in which to use this hand cream is under cotton gloves to create a 'moiture mask'. As I have said previously, I tend to do this overnight as it gives your hand a deeper conditioning, but also allows me to get on with my life in the day, which is very busy at the moment!
          To do this you simply put on a layer of hand cream onto your hands (the thickness can depend on how much of a treat you feel your hands deserve - I must admit, I tend to layer it on!) and then wear cotton gloves over the top.
          I had never done this with any other hand cream before this one, so was not really sure what to expect, however I was very pleasantly surprised!
          My hands felt so smooth! I cannot describe how smooth and soft they were, much alike a baby's bottom - I know that sounds cliche and cheesy, but that is exactly how my skin felt! They were well nourished and mositurised and due to the deep conditioning of this product I did not need to keep reapplying my hand cream throughout the day as I normally would as this soft and smooth feeling lasted throughout the day!

          I was also pleased to see that the scent lingered when using the hand cream with this method too. I did think it may be a little overpowering due to using it all night and the citrus scent and sweet scent combined together would be sickening if too strong, however this was not the case as it was the same subtle, yet noticable scent as before.

          Even though this is a 'hand cream' and its therefore intended purpose if for your hands, I have also used this on my feet, both alone and with cotton socks on and I have to say that this works as good there as on your hands. I don't have cracked heels, however from time to time they feel dry and this managed to sort out that in no time and when used with cotton socks I was again left with super smooth feet throughout the day!

          Soap and Glory products are avaliable from a few places, including the likes of Harvey Nicks, Boots, ASOS and eBay, though some of these do require P&P costs, which is added on to the overall cost.
          For a 125ml bottle (which does last a surprisingly long time!) this item cost me around £4.50, which I believe to be very reasonable as I do think it is mid-range price, however, the quality of this item is definitley worth it!

          I have also tried Soap and Glory 'Hand Food', which is another one of their hand creams, however, does not have the 2 in 1 action that this one does and despite loving 'hand food', I far prefer this hand cream. Not just because of the 2 in1 action, but I feel it soaks in much quicker and leaves hands softer, I also find that 'hand food' can be a little greasy, unlike this one.
          Therefore, if you have not tried either of Soap and Glorys hand creams and are debating between the two, then I'd definitely reccomend this one (Endless Glove) as it benefits far outway the benefits of Hand Food and I believe it to be an overall better hand cream!

          Overall I would 100% reccomend this item and it has now become a firm favourite and I will be buying again! This says a lot for someone who switches between brands and rarely buys the same product twice! It has a beautiful scent, leaves hands (and feet!) soft, moisturised and refreshed all for the grand price of £4.50!
          It is not one to be missed!

          I know that some of you don't like to read ingredients (as I must admit, I don't), so I have put them at the end for those of you who do!

          The main ingredients that have to get a mention are that of Panthenol, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Kiwi Fruit and Daisy fruit extract which are the ones that allow this hand cream to be soft and nourishing on the skin, but are also the ones that give it the gorgeous, yummy scent!

          Aqua (water),
          caprylic/capric triglyceride
          cetyl alcohol
          glyceryl stearate
          PEG-100 stearate
          tocopheryl acetate
          disodium ETA
          butylene glycol
          hexylene glycol
          parfam (fragrance)
          sodium hydroxide
          propylene glycol
          Actinidia chinesis (Kiwi) Fruit extract
          hexyl cinnamal
          theobroma cacao (cocoa extract)
          bellis perennis (daisy) flower extract
          ascorbyl palmitate
          sodium benzoate
          pottasium sorbate
          ascorbic acid
          citric acid
          vaccinium myrtillus fruit/leaf extract
          denatonium benzoate
          Cl 77891 (Titanium dioxide)


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            07.06.2011 21:26
            Very helpful



            A hand cream that doubles up as an intensive treatment to nourish, moisture and protect the hands.

            Endless Glove is a hand cream that has been created by Soap & Glory to moisturise even the driest and hard working of hands. It has a dual purpose of acting as a mask that gives an intensive treatment to the skin on your hands.

            How does it work?
            The product contains Cocoa Butter which is one of nature's best moisturisers. It melts at body temperature and it is instantly absorbed by the skin on the hands giving a deep hydration. It strengthens, tones and nourishes the skin, leaving it in a better condition and glowing with health. The Butter also contains Vitamin E which is fantastic at protecting the skin and fights against free radicals meaning that the skin won't age prematurely and you will have lovely youthful hands for longer.

            The hand cream contains Titanium Dioxide which forms a barrier of protection on the hands protecting them from the sun's harmful UV rays and other pollutants that are in the air around us.

            It also contains Allantoin which soothes the skin and evens out its appearance. It banishes red skin and calms puffy hands while healing any dry or cracked skin that you may have. The substance helps to repair the discomfort that can be caused by using harsh soaps or cleaning products on the hands.

            The cream comes enriched with Vitamin B5 which nourishes the skin and forms a protective barrier over it, helping to maintain moisture levels and leaves the skin feeling as soft as silk.

            Fresh Kiwi extract is mashed into the cream to add that bit of extra moisture to the hands and to rejuvenate and awaken the skin. It also removes hidden nasties from the skin such as pollutants and helps to heal any chapped or flaky skin. Daisy is included in order to give an even skin tone by lightening age spots on the hands.

            How do you use the product?
            The product can be applied as often as necessary and I carry it in my hand bag so that I can use it whenever my hands start to feel tight or uncomfortable. I squeeze a small amount into the palm of my hand and then massage it over my skin paying particular attention to knuckles and cuticles.

            For an extra special treatment, the cream can be used as a mask for the hands. Before you climb into bed, you can apply the cream on thickly and then put on a pair of gloves. When left over night the cream really gets to work and produces even better results. The cream can also be used on stubborn areas of dry skin such as heels, knees and elbows.

            Packaging and Price
            The product comes in a lovely pale blue tube that has some retro writing across the front. The tube has a flip top lid in order to access the product and it can stand on its lid so it will look neat if you have it on display in your bathroom.

            The product costs around £5 for 125ml of the luscious hand cream and I think it's worth every penny. I bought mine from Boots and caught the product on a three for two offer so technically it was free as it was the cheapest item that I purchased!

            My thoughts
            Like all of Soap & Glory's moisturising products, Endless Glove performs its purpose perfectly. It has an immediate effect on the skin and after the very first use, you will feel a difference. It instantly gives a deep moisturisation to the skin and leaves it with an instant radiance.

            Sometimes when my hands get dry, my skin seems to have a dullness to it but one bit of this and the skin is bright again. I've only used it as an overnight mask once but the results were fantastic when I did. My hands felt so soft and nourished for the whole day after doing so and I didn't need to reapply the cream at all.

            There is no horrible greasiness as long as you don't go over board with the application which means that you don't need to worry about touching things after you have used it. The consistency is luxurious and thick, and you won't need to use much of the cream to get the desired results so the tube will last you ages.

            The scent, as always with this brand is completely gorgeous. This one smells fruity and sweet with the main scent being that of blueberries. It's delicious and stays on the skin long after use but never becomes sickly or overwhelming.

            I also own Hand Food which is another Soap & Glory product except that cream comes in a pink tube. Although I prefer the fragrance of that hand cream, this one gives a more intense hydration and more of a noticeable improvement in the condition of my skin. For that reason I tend to use this one in the winter or after cleaning and keep Hand Food for the summer months.

            All in all, if you are looking for a powerful hand cream that will moisturise, nourish and condition your hands then you won't find a much better product than this. It will heal chapped skin, remove dry and flakey patches and keep the hands moisturised for ages. It smells delicious, contains lots of natural ingredients and leaves your hands looking youthful and feeling like velvet.


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              26.02.2011 00:41



              Nice packaging, nice smell, nice cream, long lasting.

              I was given this hand cream as part of a gift set and I am glad I did receive it. Every woman needs a good hand cream, especially if like myself your hands are imersed in and out of water all day leaving dry skin.

              The cream is really rich and soothing and quite thick. This means only a little bit is needed to use over the whole hand area. Unlike some creams this soaks into the skin and doesnt leave an oily or greasy residue.
              The smell is absolutely divine and is really fruity and feminine. As with the rest of the soap and glory range the packaging is beautiful, possibly a little inspired by the benefit range but nontheless lovely for any girls bathroom or handbag.

              The only, real picky, downside is that as the tube is quite stiff it can be difficult to get the cream out towards the end, however for the beautiful smell and moisture rich cream you'll find a way to squeeze every drop out i'm sure!


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              29.12.2010 22:59
              Very helpful



              I would recommend this hand cream

              I love hand creams and have tried many, this is such a lovely product to use and experince.
              You can buy this product at boots in a 125ml tube and this costs £4.75. As with many soap and glory products at boots this hand cream is often on 3 for 2 so it is worth stocking up and getting all your favourote products!

              This hand cream can be used during the day as a normal hand cream or you can apply it at night time with a pair of cotton gloves on and when you wake up you will have soft hands - this is great for an intensive treatment and doing this once a week is enough to leave hands looking great.

              One of the things i hate about hand creams is if they leave your hands feeling greasy but this product does not leave your hands feeling greasy at all and the cream absorbs instantly. When i apply this hand cream it leaves my hands feeling so soft and almost like silk becuase they become so soft. It feels like a very luxurious cream and with the price of only £4.75 this hand cream is an affordable luxury!

              This hand cream can also be used on your cuticles, feet, elbows or other dry patches which you may get. I find that when using this hand cream it makes a big difference to my cuticles and makes them feel so much softer and not as ovbious. This makes this product even better value for your money.

              I love this hand cream and will not be without it now


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                26.05.2010 17:34
                Very helpful



                A dry hand cream 2 in 1 what ever that means?

                Soap & Glory Endless Glove Hand Mask is from the spa range of products. Its priced at around £4.50 for a 125ml squeezy tube, but is often on promotion at 1/3 off or sometimes on a 3 4 2 deal, which means you get more for your money.

                You can use the product as and when you like really, not just on your hands, you can rub it on your dry cuticles too, and if you suffer from dry skin on your feet or legs it can be used there also. It doesn't take very long to get great results from this either and with time they get even better.

                Its a dry hand cream 2 in 1 what ever that means? Which contains pathenol, vitamin E, allantoin, kiwifruit and daisy flower extract and it does a very good job at keeping your hands in tip top shape.

                Soap and Glory do not test their products on animals so rely on a good supply of human volunteers. They say that Endless Glove was tested for safety on 'a really nice bunch of people who wanted to lend us a hand. Some even lent both'. That really made me smile and its so nice to see a company that takes such care over its research and product testing isn't it!

                I am giving it 4 stars as I just like the Hand Food from the pink range a teeny tiny bit more. But this is still a great product.


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                15.04.2010 20:21
                Very helpful



                The best hand cream i have used and it smells delicious!

                I received this soap and glory endless glove hand cream as a present for christmas, along with a few other soap and glory products, and i absolutely love it! I have only just tried it, as i am working my way through loads of beauty products i got for christmas. Last week i tried this hand cream.

                This product is just a normal hand cream, which you just rub into the hands whenever you need to. However the tube suggests that you put the hand cream on thickly under some cotton gloves and leave overnight, which i guess would make your hands extra smooth and moisturised in the morning. I have not tried this method yet, as i dont have any gloves, and i think it would annoy me wearing gloves all night! You can also use this cream on dry cuticles, or feet and legs! So it just not just a hand cream it has many other uses!

                I just like to use this as a hand cream. The first thing you notice about this product when you flip the lid open, is the beautiful smell. It has a really fresh fruity smell, it is lovely! The best hand cream i have smelt! It is also the most expensive one i have used, at £4.50 a bottle! Although, after using this after seeing the quality of the product, i dont think it is too overpriced, it is still under a fiver for a really nice beauty product.

                When i first used this product i only used a tiny bit, as i wasnt sure how it would absorb, but it soaked in so quickly, i used a bit more of it. You only need a little bit more than a pea sized amount, to cover your whole hands generously, so i can see this product is going to last me ages! Especially as i am not wasting it by using it all the time, i only need to use it twice a day as this has really made a difference to my hands already, after only a week.

                My hands feel so soft, and they are not dry now at all. I find with a lot of creams you have to keep re applying every hour or so as it wears off so easily. But i only use this product twice a day, as the results really do last a long time.

                This cream does not make your hands feel greasy or sticky at all, and you can carry on with what you are doing straight away without having to wait for your hands to dry, as you can pick anything up!

                I am really impressed with this hand cream, when i run out i will deffinately be buying more, even though it is expensive, it is just worth the money for the quality of the product!


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                  03.04.2010 19:10
                  Very helpful



                  NOT FOR ME I'M AFRAID!

                  Soap and Glory Endless Glove Cream vs Soap annd Glory Hand Food?


                  Soap and Glory Endless Glove Hand Cream/Mask is a hand cream designed for dry hands. It is a 2 in 1 moisture formula mask containing pathenol vitamin E, allantoin, kiwifruit and daisy flower extract. Soap and Glory products are only tested on picky people and not animals!


                  This hand cream comes contained in a tall turquoise blue tube with a flip cap at the bottom. The front of the tube has the S&G logo, the hand cream nail, description and a pretty flower design. The back of the tube has information on how to apply the hand cream, warnings, company contact details and ingredients. It is also noted that once opened, the cream is safe to use for 24months. The cream itself is white and fairly thin in consistency.

                  *How to Use*

                  S&G recommend using this hand cream as an overnight treatment under cosmetic gloves. It can also be used as a normal hand cream as well as on dry cuticles, feet and legs. Avoid eye area!


                  As with alot of cosmetic products, the ingredients do not make alot of sense but the hand cream does contain

                  water, glycerin, parfum, fruit extract and leaf extract.

                  *Availability and Price*

                  Soap and Glory products are available in Harvey Nicks and Boots. Boots retail this at £4.50 for a standard 125ml tube and often run special offers eg 3 for 2 or 1/3 off the range.

                  *Contact Details*

                  Soap and Glory Cosmetics Co
                  PO Box 55507
                  SW7 5YX


                  *My Opinion*

                  Following my high opinion of Soap and Glory Handfood, I spotted this one whilst browsing the S&G section at my local Boots store..I am determined to review the bulk of their wonderful products! I paid the full rrp as the 1/3 offer has now ended but didn't mind paying this given the quality of S&G products and my positive experiences with the rest of the range. I was particularly disappointed with the Endless Glove Hand Cream.

                  Packaging - like other S&G products, the packaging is attractive though I personally prefer the pink tubes! The flip top is being at the base of the tube is perfect for ensuring you get full use of the cream. The tube is easy to squeeze and to handle.

                  Appearance - I squeezed the tube a little and the cream squirted out onto my hand. Unlike the Handfood, the Endless Glove cream is alot thinner and quite runny so I ended up squeezing too much onto my hand. The first thing I noticed was the smell..this contains daisy extract and this was the aroma being released from the cream and I personally didn't like this. I would have been happy if the smell had been kiwi but I am not personally keen on flowery fragrances!

                  Applying - I rubbed my hands together and the smell of flowers got stronger and lingered for a while before eventually disappearing. I found the hand cream to be quite sticky and took longer to absorb than the other S&G hand cream. I don't use this overnight so cannot comment on this but perhaps this may work better for that purpose than as a normal hand cream. I personally could not see any difference in the texture or dryness of my hand.

                  Recommend - this wasn't for me and I will be sticking to Handfood as I feel it absorbs better and smells sweeter which I like though if you want deep moisturising overnight this may be for you but be warned, it is very flowery in scent which doesn't appeal to all.

                  Thanks for reading



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                    24.01.2010 00:45
                    Very helpful



                    A great hand cream that does what it's meant to.

                    I received this hand cream for christmas this year and was excited to try it out as all the Soap & Glory products that I have used before have been completely brilliant. I'm a big fan of hand creams, having dry and uncomfortable skin on your hands can be such a pain and this sorts it right out.

                    I love that the product comes in a tube with a flip top as this makes it so much easier to close up when your hands are all slippery from putting the cream on. The tube it comes in is a nice pale blue colour with the familiar retro style font and witty text, so it's definitely easy to spot on the shop shelves.

                    It costs around £4.50 which is brilliant considering how long it lasts and how well it actually moisturises.

                    The product has a really nice fruity scent as well which makes it lovely to use. It sinks into the skin quickly too, without leaving a greasy residue whch is especially useful if you're using the hand cream on the go.

                    I would definitely recommend it, especially if you're looking for a hand cream to use on the go.


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                    21.01.2010 19:48
                    Very helpful



                    Fantastic, creamy, hydrating hand nourishment.

                    It's true what they say, that hands tell your age, and in quite a few cases tell people you're alot older than you actually are! For me, I seem to have been blessed with the power of youth, at 21 years old I have the skin of a baby and the appearance of half my years. However, there's a horrible fact niggling away at me, a fact that says that one day this will all come to and end! So I say, why try to correct when its too late, when you can protect now and hopefully dodge the terror that is time!

                    After reading what seems like endless amounts of tips and treatments for hands, there seemed to be one that repeated itself. Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise. Another tip that popped up more often than not was the use of lashings of moisturisers under cotton gloves at night to give your hands a truely hydrating renewal. This can't work, surely! Well, that's what I told myself for a long time, until I came across this product when browsing the Soap & Glory section of my local boots, and felt compelled to give it a go!

                    If you're not already aware of Soap & Glory (do you live under a rock?), it is fast becomming a firm favourite with women, and men, everywhere. I was unaware of their products until late last year, and have found myself with a stash of more than I need, purely because I've fallen in love with their products and packaging. Soap & Glory product a multitude of luxurious bath, body and beauty items to suit all needs, deeds and pleads. They carry almost everything you could ever wish for, and present it in the most delightfully shabby chic packaging a girl could want! If you're a big fan of chic, retro, pin-up styling, then Soap & Glory will sell themselves to you purely on the way their products look (I'm an example of this!) Not only are the products wonderful, and good looking, but they all carry an acceptable price tag too!

                    Soap & Glory products are exclusive to Boots and Harvey Nichols stores, and to their official websites which can be found at www.boots.com and www.harveynichols.co.uk.

                    'Endless Glove' comes in a generous size 125ml tube for a bargain price of £4.50. This is a large tube in comparison to most other hand cream products, so it's definately worth the money. Also, a little goes a long way. That said, the amount of time it lasts depends on how often you use it and how much you apply. Still think it's a fantastic price!

                    The tube that 'Endless Glove' comes packaged in is a bright pastel-y blue colour, fitting in with the other products from the Soap & Glory 'Spa' range. The tube comes complete with the iconic Soap & Glory retro font, logo and pun title. The back of the tube is complete with product info, directions for use, ingredients and barcode. 'Endless Glove' has a hand flip-top cap at the bottom for ease of use - I niggles me when hand products come with a screw cap as they're impossible to fasten once the product has been applied, so this is a god send!

                    'Endless Glove' looks very much like any good, high end moisturiser, and likens itself to a body butter with its rich, thick consistancy. 'Endless Glove' is white in colour and creamy to the touch. It spreads easily and lacks that horrible greasy feeling that alot of hand products seem to have. I've found that a little goes a long way so this is definately value for money.

                    This moisturiser has been developed to leave hands feeling soft and supple without the leftover greasiness of other handcreams. The cream sinks into the hands within 30-60 seconds of massaging, and leaves no greasy, slippery leftovers. The only thing 'Endless Glove' leaves behind is lovely, hydrated, smooth hands!

                    The ingredients within this wonderous moisturiser have been put there for a reason, each with their own fabulous beneficial charms. The cream contains Titanium Dioxide which naturally protects our lovely mitts from harmful UV rays that we come into contact with daily (or atleast when Britain gets some sun!). Daisy Flower Extract comes into play by reducing pigmentation, dastardly age spots and freckles. There is also Allantoin which carries anti-irritant and soothing properties making it perfect for use on dry, itchy, irritable skin. Panthenol which magically transforms into pro-vitamin B5 - the stuff that leaves skin silky smooth! Then comes Theobroma Cacao Extract which stimulated the beta-endorphins in our skin to leave us feeling lovely. Vitamin E, which we all know is famous for its anti-aging properties which fight to rejuvinate aging skin. Last but not least, Kiwifruit Extract which comes jam-packed with healing, antioxidant powers. With all this lovely jubbly stuff crammed into one bottle, it's no wonder this moisturiser seems to work miracles on tired, ageing, dry, flakey, chapped or needy mitts!

                    Like all good Soap & Glory products, this moisturiser smells absolutely delicious. Carrying a fruity scent that loves to linger on the skin, this cream is filled with the delicious smell of fresh blueberrys - yumyum! Hand products tend to smell either over perfumed, granny-like or somewhat greasy, but this takes it to a whole new level with its yummy fresh smell!

                    There are two ways to use this product, as indicated on the packaging by the '2-in-1' text. The first way to use this product is as a general day to day moisturiser. My hands have a terrible habit of drying out after being in contact with moisture, particularly after showering or washing the dishes. I use 'Endless Glove' to hydrate them quickly once they begin to dry out. I've found that it instantly banishes the dry, flakey hideousness and leaves my hands feeling soft and supple. For everyday use, I'd suggest no more than a pea sized splodge is needed, as this is a rich forumla that has provides great coverage with the tiniest amount.

                    The second way to use this product is to apply a thick layer of the cream onto your hands and wear cotton gloves over the top. This method is used to give your hands a complete overhaul. The heat from your hands within the gloves helps to absorb the moisturiser deep into the skin to hydrate and soften from within. You can give your hands a quick pamper via this method if you have an hour or two to spare, or choose to really go to town on letting your hands have a thorough drink by wearing the gloves overnight. I choose to wear the gloves overnight, once or twice a week, ontop of a daily moisturising routine, just to make sure they are thoroughly looked after. However, it is down to your own personal preference how many times you use this method. Every little helps!

                    In my opinion 'Endless Glove' is purely superb. I'm a sucker for gorgeous packaging, and this ticks all the boxes. I always keep my S&G products out on show as they're too pretty to keep hidden away in the cupboard. The cream itself is luxurious, feels expensive and smells delightful. For me, this is an absolute treasure, and I love to treat my hands to an overnight drink of this product as much as possible. Not only is it asthetically pleasing, but it works a dream. Who doesn't want soft, silky, smooth hands? I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again in the future, and can see myself sticking to this hand cream for the long run.

                    The only downside I can see for this product is that the tube is large, and unfortunately does not come in a travel size, or mini version, therefore carrying it around for day to day use can be a bit of a problem, unless you tote a large bag. Soap & Glory really could do with thinking about supplying us addicts with a smaller sized, travel friendly tube, but until then, I'll still use this as it's too good to miss out on!

                    ** Also posted on Ciao under the username little_feets88 **


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