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Taylor of London Rose Hand Cream

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Brand: Taylor of London / Texture: Cream / Type: Hand Cream / Suitable for: Hand

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2013 15:43
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      A distinctly feminine hand cream

      Being that I love a good hand cream and go through it at a rate of knots at this time of year, my husband kindly bought me a new variety to try as one of my Christmas stocking fillers. Having not heard of the Taylor of London brand before, I was keen to try it out and so having eventually finished my Soap and Glory hand 'food' earlier last week, I bought my new rose hand cream into work to try out.

      ~The Product~

      This rose hand cream comes elegantly packaged in a 125ml tube which stands on its silver cap making it easy to squeeze out. The tube is translucent in colour however a label covers the majority of the front and back of the body. The label is illustrated in a very feminine fashion with a bunch of pink roses together with metallic banner with the words 'elegant' inscribed in an italic text. The feminine touch is extended to the type used on the packaging with the front of the tube telling us that he product within is 'conditioning hand and nail cream'. In my opinion the presentation of this product is very pretty and girly and I love the floral illustration, however I feel that the lid of this tube slightly cheapens the overall look being a matt silver in colour. Had it been in a brighter pink or white then I would have had no complaints.

      Upon clicking open the somewhat dodgy silver lid, the smell of this hand cream is very true to form. In my experience any products with rose in the ingredients have a very distinct and floral smell and this product perfectly encapsulates the rose fragrance. The smell is rich, floral and quite strong, you can definitely smell it in the air once even the smallest blob has been applied. The smell makes this hand cream a definite women's product and therefore in our household it is used for my hands only. The consistency of this hand cream is quite thick in comparison to other hand creams and, dare I say it, a tad blob like in consistency. The hand cream itself is a very pale pink in colour and suits the overall pink colour way in my opinion.

      ~Product Claims~

      On the back of the tube is a paragraph which gives the user an indication of what to expect from the hand cream. We are told that this is a luxuriously rich cream that is easily absorbed and moisturises without greasiness. In addition it is said that the conditioning properties of the cream leave hands feeling silky soft and delicately scented. The remainder of the text on the back of the tube is in French and so, not being able to remember a lot of my French from school, I cannot interpret the majority of what is written.

      ~Directions for Use~

      Unfortunately the tube fails to outline a basic application method. I guess that most hand cream is pretty self explanatory, however it is always a nice touch in my opinion when a sentence is given. Having been using this hand cream for a week now, I like to ensure that both hands are clean before applying a small pea size blob into the outstretched palm of one hand before rubbing both hands together to get an even coating. It may be worth mentioning that I do like to remove my rings before attempting to apply hand cream else I find that it can often get clogged around the stone settings.

      ~My Experience and Results~

      Having applied a blob of this hand cream over my rather dry hands, I find that the cream has an initial greasy feeling which coats my skin for a matter of minutes before sinking in. The cream spreads easily onto my skin and after the initial sticky feeling I find that my skin feels soft and definitely replenished. As my hands do get quite dry and my skin feels very tight as a result I find that this is a great product for taking that feeling away. Therefore, as a consequence I would have to agree with London and Taylor's claims that this hand cream does indeed condition skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. The one claim that I do feel is slightly dubious is the one that says that this hand cream has a 'delicate scent'. Now for me a delicate scent is one more often associated with much softer blooms and I have yet to find a rose scented body product that is soft in fragrance. In my opinion this has a heady and strong smell, one that you can still detect hours after application and therefore I believe that this product is not delicate but offers a strong yet feminine fragrance.

      ~Price and Availability~

      This hand cream often comes in a set with other Taylor and London related items, however it can be bought as a stand alone product from a number of stores including EBay where you can expect to pay around £2 - £3 for it. This is a small price to pay in my opinion and one which I wouldn't mind paying again.

      ~Overall Summary~

      This is quite a good hand cream which I would definitely recommend for women who love to smell distinctly feminine and floral. It is not a product that will suit all, as the fragrance may well be too heady for some and the packaging too girly. However, I feel that this hand cream does a decent job of moisturising my skin and I would therefore recommend it to some if not all. This product scores a good three stars from me.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x


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