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Tesco Fig & White Tea Hand Wash

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Hand Wash / Suitable for: Hand

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    2 Reviews
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      16.02.2013 17:24
      Very helpful



      A basic anti bacterial handwash with pleasant scent

      Tesco Fig and White Tea Handwash
      I am so awful at impulse shopping for toiletries that even a supermarket shop is not safe from this addiction. Tesco have brought a few new products lately. I love the Flower Pharm range and I also noticed that these new luxury handwashes were on sale at two for £3 so I thought I'd try a couple. I bought a couple, this Fig and White Tea and a second one that I forget but think it is an orange scented one but will be reviewing at a later stage.

      I was initially rather tempted by the look of the packaging as it is in a neat square shaped, plastic bottle in a white colour . Interestingly the label around the bottle is removable in case you might want to have no label on your handwash or maybe even re use it after the contents have finished. I did like the picture on the front of the label which shows a stylised drawing of flowers and swirls in silver line drawing and then the name of the product is in a pale green box in the centre.

      I was also attracted to this fragrance as this one was antibacterial which I do like in a handwash especially in the kitchen and the downstairs loo. This I put in the downstairs loo as it looked quite smart but was also anti bacterial and it fitted in the tiny space behind the taps on our tiny sink in there.

      Fig and white tea had no real suggestion of scent apart from maybe fruity from the fig but I thought it smelled like a fruity coconut fragrance which I quite liked. It isn't the strongest scent but after washing my hands I can still smell it on them. The product is a very pale green clear colour and not really that thick but thick enough to do the job I found. It also worked quite well on dirty hands after a gardening session clearing things that had died back and once again filling our garden bin.

      The pump dispenser is white like the bottle but with a classy silver ring around the base. Once I had finally figured out the open close sign I found it worked well giving me enough product in one push to wash my hands . I did use two pumps when my hands were dirty from the garden though.

      I can't say this is a very luxurious handwash in that it offers no moisturising element and that I think would be essential in a luxury product. I think the luxury element is the packaging and the unusual fragrance . I m not sure i would pay full whack for this one though. At £1.50 it is okay value but at £2 pushing it. I am not actually convinced I would buy it again at £1.50 because I have found cheaper handwashes that do just as good a job.

      I liked the smell of the sweet fruitiness but can't say I can smell white tea at all. I am not sure about the fig either except that it is sweet but I am sure they have hidden coconut in there. It isn't the most natural aroma I have smelled but interestingly there are no ingredients on the product at all until you lift the label on the back and there you find them hidden.

      Naturally these ingredients are far from natural and the sweet fragrance comes from cinnamal but the rest of the ingredients are the usual sodium laureth sulphate, sodium sulphate and many other chemicals so don't expect a natural product here in any way.

      The bottle contains 300ml of product and the bottle is recyclable through plastic recycling schemes. According to the label this product is dermatologically approved but with all those chemicals I do wonder about the irritation for those with eczmatic hands. I am not sure i would go for this if I had eczema on my hands. However for those with tough skin on their hands then this hand wash gave a nice creamy gentle lather and effectively cleaned all the hands that we have washed using it.

      I do suffer from eczema but not on my hands and this has not caused me any adverse reaction nor has it caused any problems with any of the grandchildren using it. It is a handwash full of chemicals so if it does splash in your eyes then rinse thoroughly with water as it does sting.

      I like the fact that this hand wash has the antibacterial properties as I feel confident when using it in the kitchen and downstairs loo which is actually where I have this one. I did get rid of the smell of dirt and garden and leave my hands smelling clean and of coconut in my view!

      Yes and no. It looks smart and to me it smells quite pleasant. I am not convinced about the ingredients and wouldn't describe it as a luxury product but it looks a lot better than the value anti bacterial so in comparison to that it is luxury. I am not convinced that i will be buying thos again unless on sale. There are just too many other handwashes for me to try.

      If you are interested then get down to Tesco quickly as this Tesco Luxury Hand Wash range is only available on promotion until 24 February 2013 and the offer is for two bottles for £3. After this time you will be paying the £2 full RRP.

      It is a nice enough handwash but not so great that I will be sticking with it as I have too many others to try out but it isn't bad except for all the chemical ingredients.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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        20.01.2013 14:54
        Very helpful



        A disappointing hand wash from Tesco new Luxury range

        I'm an absolute nightmare when shopping, particularly as I spend far too long lingering around the beauty aisles much to my husband's sheer dismay. I cannot resist trying and testing out new products and when I discovered that Tesco had recently launched a new luxury hand wash range, I did not hesitate in picking up a bottle of each of the three fragrances with this review discussing Fig and White Tea.

        I found the contemporary appearance of the product extremely enticing despite it being pushed to the top shelf and out of eye level. The unique shape of the rectangular shaped white coloured plastic bottle contains 300 ml of what Tesco claim to be a luxury hand wash and there is a removable label contained on both the front and reverse should you wish to reuse it at a later date. The label on the front creates a rather superior impression with its flowers, which are illustrated with silver swirls with the product fragrance being displayed in a pale green box.

        I had no idea what to expect with the fragrance and whilst I am familiar with the aroma of fig, I have never experienced it within toiletries as is the case with white tea. Whilst the pump dispenser creates a luxurious appearance due to its shiny silver lower side, I found it a little difficult to use, as my finger tips were catching each time I pressed down on the pump. Although this didn't cause me any issues, I would anticipate that those consumers with larger fingers would experience a problem with dispensing and would subsequently need to decant the contents of the bottle.

        With the exception of the dispenser issue, a sufficient amount of hand wash is released with one press although I cannot admit to it offering a luxurious appearance. I had anticipated it to offer a pastel green colour to mirror the inviting colour contained on the label, but unfortunately, it was translucent and rather disappointing. However, its consistency was acceptable, as it didn't seep through my fingers, so I was easily able to spread it over my skin when water was introduced.

        In terms of the fragrance, I must admit that again I was disappointed, as initially the aroma of fig was rather artificial and too sweet. However, within a couple of seconds I was able to witness the delicate hint of white tea, which offered a slight zestiness, which slightly reduced the sweetness although I cannot admit to the overall aroma being uplifting or particularly favourable. On a positive note, the hand wash created a gentle lather and effectively lifted away any dirt and was easily rinsed away without leaving any residue.

        Unlike the other two fragrances within the same range, namely Mandarin and Mimosa and Peony and Pomegrante; both of which left their delicate scent on my skin after using, the aroma of Fig and White Tea had totally disappeared. Whilst this may not be a concern for some consumers, I prefer my hand washes to leave their delicate fragrance on my skin. On a positive note, I did not suffer any adverse reaction when using such as dryness or itching. However, as I suffer with problematic skin on my hands, it was necessary for me to apply hand cream following use. Due to the hand wash containing antibacterial properties I felt assured that it was eradicating any germs of bacteria that may have been present on my skin. I used the hand wash in the kitchen, as I did not find it favourable for bathroom use and I can agree with Tesco's claim where they advise that it eliminates odours, as the strong aroma of the onions I had been peeling, had been lifted from my skin.

        Unfortunately, due to my experience, I cannot see how Tesco can claim that this is a "luxury" hand wash, as I found it to be very average and for that reason I will not be making a further purchase. Out of the three fragrances that I've tried, I can highly recommend the Peony and Pomegranate.

        The newly launched Tesco Luxury Hand Wash range is available on promotion until 24 February 2013 where you can purchase two bottles for £3. After this date, the hand wash will revert to its normal price of £2 per bottle, which I feel is a little excessive for what you are receiving. Due to the reasons discussed above, I feel a 2 star rating is appropriate, but unfortunately, no recommendation.


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