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Tesco Handwash Aqua

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5 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Hand Wash / Suitable for: Hand / What it does: Cleanses,

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    5 Reviews
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      14.08.2012 17:21
      Very helpful



      Inexpensive antibacterial hand wash - why waste money on others?

      The bottle currently on sale is a newer version from that illustrated above.

      ===Why I Bought This===

      As both myself and husband are not in the best of health I like using antibacterial hand washes so that we can minimise the amount of bugs we catch - I am not sure if it works but I feel a little more reassured by using them.
      There are vast amounts of these antibacterial hand washes on sale at present but we find that this Tesco Hand Wash does the job just as well as the more expensive brands.

      ===The Brand===

      Made for Tesco.

      ===The Product===

      500 ml curvy semi-opaque bottle with press down pump (turn the pump to release).
      Water droplet image on front.
      Tesco Antibacterial Hand Wash 'removes germs and odours'.
      Suitable for sensitive skin.
      Warning - avoid contact with eyes.
      Produced in the UK for Tesco.
      Use within 24 months.
      Mid blue colour, not much smell.
      'Gentle formula with mild and creamy lather'.
      'Ph balanced formula contains moisturisers with odour neutralising fragrance' - tested on fish onion and garlic odours.


      69p. Refills are sometimes available online for about 10p cheaper.


      Avon's Everyday Value handwash is sold for about 30p - but not online at present.
      They have other non-antibacterial selling for 55p
      Tesco Moisturising hand wash is 75p
      Carex 500 mls is £2.20 - but on offer at present.
      Dettol Hand Wash 500 mls - £3.49 but currently on offer.

      ===My Opinion===

      I always have two bottles of this hand wash on the go - one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. It is reassuring to know that when you have washed your hands you have killed germs at the same time. This hand wash does not have an especially attractie bottle or colour - and very little smell. The bottle says it has a creamy lather but I find it has very little bubbles. It does clean your hands quickly And easily though, and whilst I do not have sensitive hands I have not found this drying at all. Not having much of a smell the males in the family also use the hand wash without complaint.
      However it does clean your hands well and and does not leave them dry - so really that is all you need. Anything extra you pay for other brands is just window dressing really - pretty bottle, different colours and aromas.
      It is good to know that hands can be germ free - this is important when leaving the bathroom and also when preparing food. I know normal hand washing with soap is supposd to clean hands sufficiently, but only if done very thoroughly, not just a quick rinse under the taps. So using this antibacterial hand wash gives a bit more peace of mind.
      I also like knowing this is being used when people in the house have colds or bugs - as I definitely do not want to catch them!
      Not an especially pleasing bottle to look at and not an inviting fragrance - but as it is bordering on the budget end of the market you cannot expect too much.
      if you want buy a more expensive brand and later on refill with this cheaper brand.
      Tesco currently have also eighty different hand washes on sale online so it must be a lucrative market - and if you have the money then go ahead with fancy ones - but for people watching with money this does the job and is often a quarter of the cost of some others - so it is a place where you can make some savings.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars - does its job and is reasonably priced.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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      07.09.2010 10:50
      Very helpful



      A good quality hand wash at a great price!

      We usually buy this as it's very cheap and pleasant to use. I bought it at university a lot too whilst on a budget! It costs just under 50p for a 500ml bottle, so it's pretty good value at 1p for every 10ml! A bottle with quite regular use will last a long time too - usually over a month and even up to two months.

      Tesco make hand washes in a variety of flavours but this is my favourite. It has a very cool and fresh scent and somewhat reminds me of the sea being called 'Aqua'. It has a lovely deep blue colour so looks good too. The consistency is just right and it will bubble up well in your hands after you give them a rub when moist.

      The symbol for this hand wash is a rain drop, and it comes in a clear or translucent bottle so you can see the blue colour easily. The white cap needs a little twist before it's activated (to prevent leakage) and then you can eject the soap by pushing down like normal. One push gives out a very reasonable amount of the soap so you might want to just push it slightly!

      You can even buy refills of the same flavour for this, although it's no harm buying a new bottle as the refill costs about the same. This is my favourite from the Tesco range and seems to work well, leaving hands feeling very clean and smelling nice. It doesn't have anti-bacterial properties but will clean all dirt off hands.

      Thanks for reading!



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      27.09.2009 11:31
      Very helpful



      An ok product for the price

      Up until a few years ago we always used Tesco Handwash, but when I had my first baby and started to wash my hands frequently I found the handwash made my hands quite dry and I have since replaced it with Carex.

      Tesco Handwash is Tesco's own brand of handwash and comes in a 500ml bottle. It can be bought in two different styles, you can either get a bottle with a pump dispenser or a bottle with just a normal screw lid. The pump dispenser bottle is a little bit more expensive at 78p and the bottle with the normal lid is 53p. I personally would prefer to buy the bottle with the pump lid on as this is much easier and more convenient to use when washing your hands.

      On the bottle it describes the antibacterial handwash as a gentle formula that will help and condition your hands. The PH balance formulation contains moisturisers to leave hands soft and smooth, while cleaning at the same time.

      I think this is a good handwash for price and used it for many years, it is easy to use, with the pump dispenser. You don't have to use a lot and it will lather up, a 500ml bottle will last ages.

      It was only when I started to wash my hands frequently that I changed it for arguably a better brand. When you have a baby you need to wash your hands before doing anything and everything, and as soon as I did this my hands started to become dry and got a little chapped. Therefore the only option was to try another brand and since I have used Carex I haven't had any problems.

      Overall I think this handwash is fine for day to day use but if you need to wash your hands all of the time then be a little kinder to your hands and use something else.


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      22.08.2009 19:58
      Very helpful



      A really cheap and lovely-smelling handwash

      The Tesco aqua handwash is an excellent product, which gives you clean, nice smelling hands at a very cheap price! You can only buy it from Tesco supermarkets and you get a 500ml bottle for just under 50p, which isn't bad at all. You can buy Tesco handwash in a variety of other aromas but this is my favourite as it's very fresh and attracting.

      It comes in a plastic bottle, which is pretty tough. The Tesco logo is on the top with a large 'Handwash' logo below followed by the variety and the respective image of a rain drop. The bottle is translucent so you can see the aqua blue liquid inside.

      The top has a simple button where the soap is dispensed through. You must unlock it by turning it before pushing down to release the soap. You only need one push as a good deal of soap comes out, and you should use it with wet hands to foam up some soap. It smells wonderful and really fresh and is soft on your hands to give them an excellent clean. I'd highly recommend it as it's really cheap, easy to use and smells wonderful. I'm sure it does just as great a job on cleaning hands as other soaps!

      Thanks for reading,

      Dan ©


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      24.10.2007 15:49
      Very helpful




      Tesco handwash

      We go through lots of handwash and working on the principle that they must all surely do the job of washing off the grime, I decided a while ago to stop spending a fortune on the stuff. This represented great value and we have continued to use it for some time.

      ~~~~Product and Packaging~~~~

      As expected, because of the price, the bottle itself is quite unprepossessing. It’s just a plastic pump action bottle with the name of the product on the front and instructions and ingredients on the back. The blue handwash can be clearly seen, unobscured by patterns and swimming sea life; I like this because I know immediately how much there is left.

      Press down the pump and the handwash comes out easily. It is a kind of light blue colour and when rubbed into the hands lathers up nicely. It has a clean spa kind of smell which when rinsed off lingers for a while so I can tell if the children really have washed their hands if I ask to smell them!

      ~~~~Using it~~~~

      The instructions are on the back, but it really is just common sense. Turn the pump to open, add product to the hands, lather up with water and rinse off.

      The only warning it gives me is to rinse off the product if it gets into eyes- I imagine it would sting.

      ~~~~Price and Availability~~~~

      This handwash is available online at www.tesco.com and at Tesco stores. I’m sure it costs less than 50p for 500ml, but the last few bottles I bought came with 50% extra free, so a real bargain!

      ~~~~My Verdict on the stuff~~~~

      I have bought lots of bottles of the handwash and keep it in the bathrooms and kitchen. I tend to find that children use handwash much more easily than soap. It also means that I avoid having to wash my hands on grubby bits of soap which have seen too much action from hands following rugby/ football matches. For me, the big advantage of liquid handwashes is that it’s easier to wash down a plastic bottle than to try to clean up a filthy bar of soap.

      This handwash is obviously excellent value and it does work. Hands washed with the product smell and look fresh and clean. The pump action works well and in fact continues to work down to the end of the product. As I mentioned before, I like the fact that I can see how much of the handwash is left and so know when to replace it- no good waiting for anyone else in the house to remind me!

      I had thought that given the price of the product, it might be a bit harsh, but none of us seem to have had any adverse reaction, and no one has complained of drying skin. However, we don’t have sensitive skin, so I can’t vouch for it being suitable for everyone. The bottle does however tell me that it is suitable for the whole family, and states that it is pH balanced, soap free and will moisturise the skin; it may just be ok for most people.

      For a no frills, easy to use and great value handwash which works, I would recommend this one.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela xx


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    • Product Details

      Tesco family handwash has been specially created with a delicate fragrance to gently cleanse and help moisturise your hands / Its pH balanced, soap free formulation is suitable for everday use for all the family / Wherever possible and practicable, only recyclable packaging materials will be used /

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