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Tesco Lavender Hand Wash

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Hand Wash / Suitable for: Hand

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    1 Review
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      31.12.2010 14:44
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous fragranced lavender hand wash from Tesco

      I have a real passion for beautiful toiletries - what woman doesn't? I also adore the fragrance of lavender and if I am able to purchase lavender toiletries what more could I possibly ask for? I love lavender due to its' calming and relaxing fragrance, but there are so many products on the market that smell very artificial and I cannot abide using these. I grow several different varieties of the beautifully fragranced plant in my garden and each year I will cut the flowers and strategically place them around my home to enable their delightful scent to fragrance my rooms. Whilst browsing amongst the toiletries aisle in our local Tesco Extra a couple of months ago I was delighted to discover a batch of bottles of lavender fragranced Hand Wash and I swiftly unscrewed the lid of one to take a sniff. I was even more delighted to witness an extremely natural smelling fragrance, so proceeded to locate the price tag on the shelf and due to the extremely reasonable cost I purchased all eight bottles! After using the hand wash for approximately six weeks I made a product suggestion to Dooyoo to discuss my experience of using this very luxurious product.


      The 250ml bottle is totally exquisite and very luxurious in appearance and my initial impressions were that this was going to be way out of my price range. Although Tesco manufactures the product their name cannot be located on the front of the label, as it is hidden on the lower section of the reverse. There are pretty purple images of the lavender flower located on both sides of the label and in the background is a large image advising us that the hand wash contains natural extract. The word lavender is written in purple italic writing and we are informed that the wash contains French lavender together with natural essential oils. This information is relayed to us once again in French on the lower section of the label and the whole appearance of the packaging is very pleasing to the eye.

      As the bottle is manufactured from a transparent sturdy plastic we are able to see the luxurious purple coloured hand wash. The upper section of the bottle is chrome coloured and again, very appealing to the eye. The large dispenser is made from an opaque coloured plastic and I was pleased to see that it reaches the base of the bottle so my initial thoughts were that I would be able to use the entire contents.


      The dispenser is easily operated and only one short press is required to release a sufficient amount of the hand wash. As this is a Tesco brand product I was somewhat surprised as to how thick the wash actually is, as I expected it to be more runny, particularly due to the price, which I will discuss later in this review. The lavender fragrance is evident the moment the wash is dispensed and as soon as it makes contact with water its' scent becomes much stronger. If you do not like lavender you will most definitely not favour this product, as it is extremely strong, which is something I absolutely adore.

      The wash is very luxurious and creates a plentiful lather within seconds, which thoroughly cleanses my hands. As I suffer with my hands, particularly during the cold winter months whereby they crack and subsequently bleed, I was initially a little apprehensive about using a product containing essential oils, as I feared it would exacerbate my problem. However, I need not have been concerned, as the wash is extremely gentle and caring for my skin and left my hands feeling extremely soft and thoroughly moisturised. The product is very refreshing and on the reverse of the label we are advised that French lavender has been used since ancient times to promote a sense of well-being and calm. I couldn't agree more, particularly as I always feel totally relaxed when using any product containing this gorgeous natural fragrance.


      There is an extremely lengthy list of ingredients provided to us on the reverse of the label and for obvious reasons I do not intend copying them into this review. As with all products of this nature care should be taken not to get into the eyes and if contact occurs you should immediately rinse with warm water. There is also a warning that the hand wash should not be kept in direct sunlight, although there's not much chance of that with living in this country! The hand wash should be used within 24 months of opening and the bottle can be recycled once empty.


      The hand wash is extremely luxurious and very gentle on the skin and I have suffered no adverse effects whatsoever whilst using the product. Whilst I tend to alternate my hand washes in both of my bathrooms I have used one entire bottle and just as I suspected the dispenser enabled me to use almost every last drop without me having to turn the bottle on its' side and/or bang the underside! A real positive with the dispenser is that it does not drip, as this is a real frustration of mine whereby hand washes drip into the sink after each use. Another thing I really favour with this product is that the lavender fragrance will linger on your hands for a considerable time after use and I cannot resist the urge to keep taking a sniff! I cannot recommend this hand wash enough and consequently, it receives a full 5 stars from me.


      As this product is made specifically for Tesco, obviously it is only available in Tesco stores. The price is what shocked me, as the 250 ml bottle of luxurious hand wash cost me only 99p and I had honestly expected it to cost at least three or four times this amount, particularly due to its' rather upmarket appearance. I have checked online for an up-to-date price and it seems that they were on offer when I purchased, as they will now cost you £2. However, in my opinion the hand wash is still worth every penny that you pay.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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