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Tesco Sweet Mandarin & Mimosa Hand Wash

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Hand Wash / Suitable for: Hand

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2013 22:07
      Very helpful



      A nice enough non bacterial handwash from Tesco

      Tesco Sweet Mandarin and Mimosa Luxury Handwash
      I am so awful at impulse shopping for toiletries that even a supermarket shop is not safe from this addiction. Tesco have brought a few new products lately. I love the Flower Pharm range and I also noticed that these new luxury handwashes were on sale at two for £3 so I thought I'd try a couple. I bought a couple, this Sweet Mandarin and Mimosa and also the Fig and White Tea which I reviewed previously.

      I was initially rather tempted by the look of the packaging as it is in a neat square shaped, plastic bottle in a white colour . Interestingly the label around the bottle is removable in case you might want to have no label on your handwash or maybe even re use it after the contents have finished. I did like the picture on the front of the label which shows a stylised drawing of flowers and swirls in silver line drawing and then the name of the product is in an ornage box in the centre.

      I was also attracted to this fragrance but unlike the Fig and White tea one this handwash is NOT antibacterial which I do like in a handwash especially in the kitchen and the downstairs loo. Because this was NOT antibacterial I put this in our bathroom upstairs as it is only my husband and I who use our ensuite and hand washing here is not usually prior to preparing food nor after being in the garden.

      I thought this would have an orange aroma but in fact the mimosa floral aroma blends in perfect harmony and you get a mix of both fragrances quite subtly. It isn't the strongest scent but after washing my hands I can still smell it on them. The product is a VERY pale orange, in fact it is virtually clear in my view and not really that thick but thick enough to do the job I found.

      The pump dispenser is white like the bottle but with a classy silver ring around the base. Once I had finally figured out the open close sign I found it worked well giving me enough product in one push to wash my hands . I do find if my hands are very dirty for any reason that I need a couple of pumps but not for an average wash.

      I can't say this is a very luxurious handwash in that it offers no moisturising element and that I think would be essential in a luxury product. I think the luxury element is the packaging and the unusual fragrance. I m not sure I would pay full whack for this one though. At £1.50 it is okay value but at £2 pushing it. I am not actually convinced I would buy it again at £1.50 because I have found cheaper hand washes that do just as good a job.

      I liked the smell of the sweet orange fruitiness and the floral mimosa but these fragrances do not seem to come from anything natural at all. It is interesting that there are no ingredients listed on the product at all until you lift the label on the back and there you find them hidden.

      Naturally these ingredients are far from natural and indeed the list contains the usual sodium laureth sulphate, sodium sulphate and many other chemicals so don't expect a natural product here in any way.
      The bottle contains 300ml of product and the bottle is recyclable through plastic recycling schemes. According to the label this product is dermatologically approved but with all those chemicals I do wonder about the irritation for those with eczmatic hands. I am not sure I would go for this if I had eczema on my hands. However for those with tough skin on their hands then this hand wash gave a nice creamy gentle lather and effectively cleaned all the hands that we have washed using it.

      I do suffer from eczema but not on my hands and this has not caused me any adverse reaction nor has it caused any problems for my husband either. It is a handwash full of chemicals so if it does splash in your eyes then rinse thoroughly with water as it does sting.

      Yes and no. It looks smart and to me it smells quite pleasant. I am not convinced about the ingredients and wouldn't describe it as a luxury product but it looks a lot better than the value ones so in comparison to that it is luxury. I am not convinced that I will be buying this again unless on sale. There are just too many other handwashes for me to try.

      If you are interested then get down to Tesco quickly as this Tesco Luxury Hand Wash range is only available on promotion until 24 February 2013 and the offer is for two bottles for £3. After this time you will be paying the £2 full RRP.

      It is a nice enough handwash but not so great that I will be sticking with it as I have too many others to try out but it isn't bad except for all the chemical ingredients.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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        20.12.2012 18:58
        Very helpful



        A gorgeous hand wash from Tesco, but too expensive at full price

        I love trying and testing our new products and will spend far too much time browsing the beauty aisles in supermarkets and stores. When shopping at Tesco a few weeks ago my eyes were drawn to their newly launched Luxury Handwash range, which contains three different fragrances. As a result, I made a couple of purchases with this review discussing my experience with using Sweet Mandarin and Mimosa.

        The appearance of the packaging is very appealing to the eye and looks very superior when making a comparison with other brands and it is a real shame that Dooyoo have not included the image that I provided to them. My initial impressions were that the square shaped container had been manufactured from china, so I was pleasantly surprised when I lifted it from the shelf and discovered it to be a lightweight plastic. It is the front of the packaging that captured my attention, as it offers a touch of luxury with its orange label in addition to the pretty silver swirls, which form delicate flowers. To create the finishing touch and to further compliment the packaging, the lower side of the dispensing unit offers an eye catching glossy silver section.

        I'm a little naughty when I catch a glimpse of a new hand wash in a shop, as I cannot resist unscrewing the lid to take a sniff and in addition to the appealing packaging, it was the delightful and very refreshing aroma that won me over with this product. Whilst I favour the zingy and uplifting scent of mandarin, Tesco have included mimosa, which is not something I was familiar with. Consequently, a search online informed me that it is a pretty plant that sports the most aromatic nectar rich blooms in the springtime. The delicate floral undertones of the mimosa work in perfect harmony with the refreshing mandarin making this a fragrance, which is well suited for both men and women.

        Despite the glossy silver section of the dispensing unit offering a modern appearance, I found that it hindered my use of the pump, as when pressing down, it would knock against my fingertips. Whilst I would previously decant all of my hand washes into a china dispenser, I have long since given up on this practice, particularly as many of the containers offer a desirable appearance and look attractive when situated adjacent to the wash hand basin.

        With the exception of this grumble, the hand wash was easily dispensed, but I must admit to being a little disappointed when I witnessed its clear and uninspiring appearance, as opposed to the refreshing colour of pale orange that I had anticipated, which would have perfectly emphasised and mirrored the stunning aroma. There are no surprised with its consistency, which is identical to that of any other branded hand wash that I've used such as Imperial Leather or Carex and up until this point, the only luxury was the appearance of the packaging.

        I found that I didn't need much of the hand wash to create a sufficient lather, which was when the refreshing aroma intensified. The product enabled me to effectively cleanse my hands of any grease and grime and it was effortlessly rinsed away without leaving any sticky residue. Unfortunately, I suffer with problematic skin on my hands, which can become extremely dry. However, the hand wash did not cause me any issues and surprisingly, I found that I did not need to apply moisturiser after each use, as it was very caring. I favoured the fact that the adorable refreshing aroma lingered on my skin for a good while afterwards, so as far as I am concerned, this is a good quality product.

        However, due to the container not being transparent, I was unaware of when the product was almost empty and another issue was that the dispensing unit did not allow me to use the entire bottle. On a positive note, I experienced no issues with the unit dripping during my period of use.

        The normal price for the hand wash is £2, but at the time of writing, you can purchase two bottles from the range for £3. Whilst I enjoyed using the hand wash, I do not feel it is worth its price tag and neither does it warrant the name "luxury". As a result, I wouldn't repurchase at full price unless I was buying as a gift and due to the reasons discussed above, I feel a four star rating to be appropriate.

        I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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