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The Body Shop Hemp Hand Scrub

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Brand: The Body Shop / Scrub / Type: Hand Scrub / Suitable for: Hand / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    3 Reviews
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      08.04.2012 19:03
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      A good scrub for dry hands

      This hemp hand scrub is designed to exfoliate and cleanse extremely dry hands. However, I also use this on my feet as well as my hands. Although I would say the exfoliant is a little too harsh for any other part of the body.

      ***Product and packaging***

      The product is 100ml in quantity and is contained in a foil tube with a plastic screw top lid. The cream contains hemp seed oil, glycerin and walnut shell; amongst other ingredients.

      The cream is pale in colour with brown particles of walnut shell contained heavily within it. The cream smells earthy and is creamy and thick in consistency.

      ***Use and results***

      The cream can be applied to both wet and dry hands. It is rubbed all over, palms and backs, to moisturise and exfoliate. The cream itself feels silky and smooth on the skin, but the walnut shell is quite abrasive so I find that I don't rub this in too vigourously as it can hurt! It is then easily washed off to remove the walnut shells and cream residue.

      After washing the cream off of my hands, the hemp oil had left my felt silky and smooth, The walnut shells had scrubbed of the dead skin cells and left the backs of my hands looking rejuvenated. The moistured look and feel remained for several days after using this - I do not suffer with very dry skin, however.

      ***Overall opinion***

      This is a nice mid-week moisture booster for hands and feet. I would not recommend this to individuals with sensitive skin, as the walnut shells are quite abrasive so may upset some sensitive skins. I recieved this as a gift several years ago, but the product retails around £10 and is exclusive to The Body Shop. This does seem quite expensive, even though the tube would last a few months, if only used once a week.

      I do like this cream and the results it delivers, but I can't help but think that this could easily be replicated at home with olive oil and sugar. Therefore, I probably would not purchase this at full price; but if I saw it on offer I would definately buy it.


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        11.06.2011 22:42



        A must have for those with extremely dry, itchy hands.

        I'm a huge fan of the whole Body Shop Hemp range and this has to be my second favourite (first being the body butter). This product is designed for 'extremely dry skin' which is something I know a lot about as a dermatitis sufferer. My worst affected areas are my hands, they were always very dry, sore and most of all itchy. The Hemp Hand Scrub contains walnut shell to exfoliate and hemp seed oil to soothe. The walnut shell feels heavenly on my itchy hands, it's very coarse and works brilliantly at removing dead skin and relieving the itchiness. The creamy hemp seed oil feels very moisturising and once rinsed off my hands feel silky soft, very clean, pampered and so moisturised I don't feel I need to immediately apply hand cream which is brilliant! I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dry skin conditions.


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        25.07.2009 16:16
        Very helpful



        I'm so glad the sales assistant in The Body Shop showed me this product.

        The motivation behind trying the product in the first place
        ------------------------------ ------------------------------------------

        At 38 years young I have old lady's hands. There is no denying it, when I do the pinch test on the back of my hands the skin peaks in small mountains and no longer springs instantly back into shape. On top of that, the skin on my right hand is worse than my left and looks a little like alligator skin, I can see individual scales. It is depressing. My face has stayed relatively line free, for which I am grateful to my mum's good genes, but my hands tell the tale of a working mother of five (and a bit!). Nature versus Nurture, and nurture is winning in the battle for my hands.

        Years of pram pushing have taken their toll, as has endless bowls of washing up and, more recently, an increase in handwashing to stave of swine flu (I'm not obsessed, I'm just careful!). I should have used sunlotion on the back of my hands, but honestly, who thinks about the damage the sun can do in the middle of a British winter? But it does damage, look at the backs of the hands of any woman who regularly pushes a pram and you'll see the results of sun damage, even in the middle of winter.

        I've used dozens of hand creams and lotions, I've even forked out on Elizabeth Arden hand cream and I don't spend that much on my face! But the scales stay put. Yes, the skin gets softer to the touch and my hands smell lovely, but visibly there is little difference and what there is doesn't last long between applications. I really do have very dry hands.

        How I discovered The Body Shop Hemp Hand Scrub and what to do with the product
        -------------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------
        Old lady hands might seem like a very small complaint, but it really was playing on my mind. Approaching 40 is a big thing for me (I was awful as 30 loomed!) and having hands that look a decade older than me plays on my mind, particularly when driving and the damn things are in full view on the steering wheel infront of me. So a couple of months ago while browsing The Body Shop (on a mystery shop!) I took the sales assistants offer of 'help' up and outlined my general complaint to her (yes, it was all part of the mystery shop but I elaborated the scenario and I wrote a fantastic report about her afterwards!). The sales assistant took me to The Body Shop Hemp range, showed me the hand scrub and offered to test it on me. She placed a tiny pea-sized blob on the back of each hand and gently massaged it into my hands and wrists, rinsed it straight off with warm water and let me dry my hands. Instantly my hands felt smoother and the scales had gone!

        What is The Body Shop Hemp Hand Scrub and why does it work?
        ------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
        The Hemp Hand scrub is a creamy exfoliator made with crushed hemp seeds. Apparently Hemp seed Oil has a very high concentration of essential fatty acids and these restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness to the skin. I can certainly vouch that the exfoliator is effective. I'd never considered exfoliating my hands, assuming that the procedure would be too harsh for the delicate, thin skin I have on the backs of my hands, but I was amazed at the difference after applying the Hemp Hand scrub.

        How frequently should you use it and how much does it cost?
        ------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
        The sales assistant told me I should exfoliate my hands once per week at the most and I have found once every ten days to be sufficient to maintain a scale free appearance. There is still a difference between my right hand and left hand (about 5 years I'd guess!) but the back of my right hand no longer looks scaly and sore. The Scrub costs £7.80 per tube. I've used it 7 times using two pea-sized blobs with each application. There is very little missing from the tube so I expect to get a couple of years use out of it. Very good value in my opinion.

        Personal opinion
        The only drawback to this product is the smell. Hemp has a very dodgy fragrance! As a teacher I do worry that students might get a whiff of my hands after I've used this product and think I've been smoking something I shouldn't have been. For that reason i use the scrub on weekend days. There is definitely essence of Hippy about it.

        Other than the fragrance I can find no fault with the product. It works, simple as that. It is long lasting and good value for money. My hands have had a decade knocked off them and almost match the rest of my body.

        Warning to other pram pushers
        Apply a good sun lotion to the backs of your hands, no matter what season of the year it is. Pregnancy MAY give you stretchmarks, unprotected prampushing WILL give you granny hands.


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