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Tisserand Intensive Hand & Nail Cream

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tisserand / Type: Nail & Hand Cream / Suitable for: Nails & Hand

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    2 Reviews
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      17.10.2011 20:56
      Very helpful




      I'm a nurse and as such, my hands get really sore and dry from the perpetual washing of them that it's necessary to do when I'm at work. My hands do sometimes need some tender love and care and so I'm always on the lookout for any treatments that will keep my hands looking vaguely human! I have used Tisserand products a few times before and I have generally found them to be decent products and so when I saw Tisserand Intensive Hand & Nail Cream then I thought it was worth a try as my usual Dove Hand Cream was close to running out.

      The one thing that I like about all Tisserand products, including this one, is that it is manufactured from 100% natural products. Infact, the ingredients show that it is made up entirely of pure essential oils and natural extracts which, I think, help to make an intensive and yet sensitive product which I can use as much as needed. My skin is very sensitive and does react to products, particularly when these products are synthetic. I found with the Tisserand Intensive Hand & Nail Cream that my hands do not react badly at all and I get no rash or itchiness which I have found with some other products.

      I bought my recent tube from my local independent chemist for £5.90 - which seems like a good price, especially as one tube lasted me around a month when I was applying once or twice a day. It's in a small enough tube that I can carry it around in my hand bag and therefore apply it when needed.

      When I used Tisserand Intensive Hand & Nail Cream I found that I needed to apply only a small amount of the lotion to my hands as a little seems to go a long way. If I used too much then I found that it took ages to rub in and it felt a little greasy, but if I used just a pea size lump of the lotion then it rubbed in very nicely and left no greasiness. It feels rich and luxurious, but also not heavy and it absorbs quickly and it's moisturising effects seems to last several hours. Like I said, I tend to put on one or two applications per day and this seems enough to keep my hands in a decent condition.

      I love the smell of the lotion and find the aroma of geranium and sandalwood is the most prevalent. However, the smell is subtle and in no way overwhelming - and the smell lasts for several hours also once it has been rubbed into my hands.

      Overall, I really like this product for all of the reasons that I have stated and would recommend it to anyone.


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      26.08.2009 07:33
      Very helpful



      A non greasy, luxurious treat for your hands and feet.

      During my life time quest for the "perfect" hand cream, Ive tried sooo many, mostly all with "glowing" recommendations from some one or this magazine or that shop and all sadly failing to meet my exacting criteria in one way or another.

      At last Ive found it The Queen Of All Hand Creams, well I think so anyway.....

      The skin on my hands is extremely fragile and often tears, it doesn't take much for these tears to become infected, then Im in trouble. So for me a rich, emollient cream is absolutely vital, it can't be too greasy and of course I would prefer it to smell divine.This cream ticks all the boxes.

      Tisserand ~

      Are a company started in 1974 by Robert Tisserand at first they were called Aromatic Oil company. Robert decided at the tender age of 17 he wanted to share essential oils with the public after being introduced to them himself by his mother.

      For 11 years he bottled the oils by hand and wrote the labels and despatched the orders on a Saturday morning at the post office. All this from his bedroom in South London.

      He published his first book ~ The Art Of Aromatherapy in 1977.

      Tisserand Aromatherapy Products Ltd was launched in 1985 with Robert still at the healm as essential oil and formulations consultant offering products containing organic and ethically harvested essential oils and plant extracts.

      It contains only pure essential oils and extracts.

      No synthetic fragrances.
      No parabens or SLS
      No animal ingredients ie lanolin.

      Packaging ~

      The olive green and white plastic tube with a flip top lid is fully recyclable and features a floral picture, it appears expensive and classy with an abundance of natural ingredients. It states ~


      Intensive Hand and Nail Cream ~ Essential Oil Rich ~ soft floral aroma with a warm spice note.

      It's a 75ml/ 2.5floz tube and is suitable for vegans.

      Availability ~ John Lewis and independant health food shops or on line for approx £6.30.

      I have bought it on line and recieved excellent service, I qualified for free p&p as I had spent £30. The parcel arrived 2 days later after me receiving tracking e-mails off them ,but 1 item was missing from my parcel, I e-mailed them and the missing product was delivered the following day.

      The main ingredients are ~

      Geranium Oil ~ refreshing
      Orange Blossom Oil ~ rejuvenating
      Rose Oil ~ balancing
      Bergamot Oil ~ renewing
      Chamomile, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang Oils ~ soothing
      Patchouli Oil ~ calming
      Jojoba Oil ~ antioxidant rich
      Kuki Oil ~ vitamin rich
      Carrot Root Extract ~ toning.

      To Use ~

      Massage a small amount approx the size of a 1p(less is more due to the luxurious nature of this cream) into hands and nails as often as needed. Non greasy formula. Due to the content of natural essential oils the colour of this product may vary over time. Keep at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Not tested on animals.

      The Hand Cream ~

      This creamy white as opposed to pure white hand cream packs a powerful punch, it smells divine geranium and patchouli are the top notes with the crisp scent of bergamot, followed closely by the sweetness of orange blossom and the heady flowery scent of ylang ylang. Rose stands alone, as you massage the luxurious cream in with sandalwood and chamomile tagging along behind. The only scent I don't pick up is the "warm spice note" promised on the tube, but maybe thats just me.Within seconds the cream now I say cream but its not a thick cream, it's more a cross between a cream and a lotion, is totally absorbed leaving my hands luxuriously soft and glowing with a dewy radiance. I can feel the cream and essential oils penetrating my skin immediately upon contact with a slight tingle, a feeling of reassurance that it's working it's magic.

      If I had read about this cream and seen the list of oils contained within it I would have thought ~ too many different aromas and I can imagine you thinking the same, but fear not, I can assure you it's intoxicating! It just works on so many levels ~ refreshing, soothing, sweet, crisp and thats only the aroma.

      The inclusion of geranium and rose, both well known for their balancing effect on female hormones adds another dimension to this hand cream, when applied last thing at night you actually feel yourself unwind and relax as the rich, heady floral scent floats up and drenches your whole being creating an experience quite unique.

      The inclusion of kukui seed oil not only adds to the moisturising properties it's packed with vitamins and is used in the fight against eczema and psoriasis.
      Carrot Root Extract (pops up in alot of creams and cleansers now) is used in conjunction with the jojoba seed oil as it stimulates the production of sebum, therefore not only helping to moisturise but giving tone and elasticity back to weathered skin. As well as containing high levels of vitamins A and C it also helps as a preservative.

      I also massage a little cream into my feet each night before I go to sleep so aswell as rejuvenating my hands it helps keep my feet in tip top condition. Upon waking, my feet and hands are soft and still delicately scented, I reapply the cream to my hands before I leave the house in the morning and depending on the weather I may use it a third time upon returning(usually in cold weather). But my feet stayed moisturised throughout the whole day.

      I have used this hand cream for approx 18 months and the skin on my hands is toned, taut and glowing, there is no sign of the dreaded "age spots" either, much to my friends disgust. Remember hands tend to age fast so look after them ladies!I have experienced only a couple of tiny tears on my fingers in this time and they have healed rapidly with no infection, I feel the vitamins and antioxidants present in the cream give it the extra ability of healing. A tube lasts approx 4 to 5 months depending how many times you apply, so I think it gives value for money.

      To date I have bought this hand cream for 6 friends/family ages ranging from 17 to 67 and they all Love it and have bought new tubes for themselves so it seems to suit most age groups.

      I got a real bargain, just before Mothers Day my precious hand cream made an apperance in my local Tesco together with a body lotion packaged in a beautiful box with a price tag of £15.

      Knowing the type of customers in our Tesco I knew it wouldn't sell and I carefully monitored it's price from a safe distance(not wanting to arouse suspicion that I was a shop lifter as Im definitely not).

      When the price tag was adequately lowered to £5 a box, along the shelf I walked scooping up 4 boxes, what a bargain especially as the hand cream alone costs £6.30 add the body lotion at £8.50. Thank you Tesco see you again next Mothers Day.....

      The only disadvantage I can see is some people are not going to like the exotic floral aroma, as I know some prefer lightly scented or even unscented hand creams. I can't imagine it being too rich for anyone as it's not a thick cream, it's more a cross between a cream and a lotion, disappearing almost immediately upon massaging in. It's non greasy so no complaint there.

      To summarise it's a fabulous hand cream that suits my skin perfectly, treats my senses and gives a whole relaxing night time experience.

      I would award 10 stars if allowed, but 5 will have to do.


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