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Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream

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Brand: Udderly Smooth / Texture: Cream / Type: Hand Cream / What it does: Smoothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2011 21:19
      Very helpful



      Fabulous cream


      I have had a mad Christmas and new year, hence the lack of reviews in 2011 so far. That plus the fact that my data stick snapped deleting about 30 reviews that I had ready to post (boo). So my first review of 2011 is of Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream, a delightful prize that I won from dooyoo's 10 Days of Christmas competition that took place in December 2010.

      *The Claim*

      Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream is ideal for use on dry, stressed skin. It absorbs quickly, smooths roughness and softens skin. It contains Urea to enhance moisturising.

      *About the Product*

      Udderly Smooth products were originally developed to respond to patient and medical professionals requests. Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream is fragrance free and contains 10% urea to moisturize extremely dry, stressed skin


      Unscrew the lid of this pot and scoop the cream into your hand. Then apply liberally to dry and chapped feet and skin 2 to 3 times daily, massaging gently into your skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

      *Price and Availability*

      Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream retails at £8.29 for a 227g tub. I looked this up and although it is a slightly high price, I also think that in comparison to alternative products and when you take into consideration its high quality, it is also a fair price.

      Unfortunately, Udderly Smooth products are not widely available to buy in the UK, in fact they have only recently started retailing here however I think this is likely to change soon enough. You can however get your hands on this product if you visit and buy at www.amazon.co.uk and there are a variety of smaller stores that sell it and you can find these out by going to the sites own website.

      *My Opinion*

      The packaging: Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream comes in a round, thick plastic tub with a screw on and off lid. The lid of this tub is easy to take on and off. This method of packaging is easy to use and allows you to use the very last of the cream, unlike in bottles. It also allows you to take exactly the amount that you require, unlike those with a pump action.

      I really do like the Udderly Smooth packaging as its cow theme is evident on the tub with the splattered black patches. It has character yet looks cool in appearance. It is a white tub with the black patches and also red featured in the writing. It is certainly eye catching however not too in your face.

      Colour, texture and smell: Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream is bright white in colour. When you initially open the tub, the texture of the cream looks hard however when you scoop your hand into the cream is it soft, creamy and luxurious. It has the perfect combination between thick and thin and it isn't too heavy when it comes to apply it onto your skin, in fact it absorbs almost instantly if you rub if gently to your skin. Does it have a greasy feel? Not at all. This is particularly important to me as I absolutely despise creams and lotions that have this quality.

      As for the smell, well it is exactly as stated: fragrance free. Now I am someone that likes creams that have a strong fragrance or no fragrance therefore a lack of a scent was not negative for me at all and it will be great for people who don't like strong aromas in their creams. My boyfriend even steals this occasionally as you can't tell that it has been used. Until you feel the skin.

      Is Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream ideal for use on dry, stressed skin?

      Does it absorb quickly, smooth roughness and soften skin? This cream absolutely absorbs into your skin quickly. In fact, the second that you start to moisturise it smoothly in, it soaks instantly into your skin which is a very good quality. It contains Urea to enhance moisturising and this it absolutely does. When I use this cream, my skin was left with an udderly smooth finish removing any feelings of rough skin.

      Longevity of the product: I have been using this cream every day for approximately 3 weeks and I have used just under half of the tub therefore I would estimate that a 227g tub of Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream will last about 2 months when used liberally every day. If you are stingier with the cream then there is absolutely no doubt that it could be stretched to lasting a lot longer than this.

      *Would I Recommend This Product?*

      Are you looking for a fantastic cream which softens and smoothes your skin? Are you looking for a cream that is good for sensitive skin? If so then I would wholeheartedly recommend Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream. It is the perfect product for anyone that hates scented moisturisers and it works for people with sensitive skin as my best friend who really struggles to find creams that don't cause her skin to come out with a rash used it and she loved it.

      I would recommend Uddery Smooth Extra Care Cream as a nice treat for yourself if you can't afford to pamper yourself at the spa due to the tough economic times or as a present for any of the ladies (or gents) in your life. It is particularly good for men due to the lack of a scent.


      Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream is a superb product that could not have been more suited to me therefore I thank dooyoo profusely for such an apt prize. Christmas came early for me when this product dropped through my door a few days before Christmas.
      This cream is a fantastic product that has no smell and is therefore perfect for anyone that doesn't like creams and lotions that have scents. It has amazing nourishing qualities and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth after application. I liked this product so much that I have since bought Udderly Smooth Hand Udder Cream to see if it is a one off good product by the brand, or if the whole collection are just as excellent.

      For additional information on this product or Udderly Smooth products in general, you can visit their webpage at www.udderlysmooth.co.uk.


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        17.07.2009 08:24
        Very helpful



        A great protective barrier cream to prevent chaffing and ensure a comfortable ride

        ****What is Udderly Smooth****

        Udderly Smooth ("US") chamois pad cream is a protective cream that was specifically designed to prevent saddle soreness for cyclists. By creating a barrier between the skin and the chamois pad (as well as the rest of the shorts) this product allows cyclists to be in the saddle longer and consequently travel further and faster in more comfort. For those of you that are unsure, the chamois pad is the nappy like padding in the crotch and backside area of padded cycling shorts.

        ****Looks, consistency and smell****

        US looks like any typical body lotion/skin cream and is white in colour, although I should point out it is much thicker than a moisturiser. Given US acts as a barrier it needs to be so this is not unexpected.

        US is not strong smelling or perfumed. There is a slight smell but then you will always get this, even with "odour free" products". However, it is not overpowering in any way and unless someone gets on their hands and knees, makes like a dog and start sniffing your crotch no one will ever know that you are using it, well not whilst you are on the bike anyway. Off the bike, it may be a different story since I find that using US makes me walk funny as it feels like I have had a severe accident in my shorts.

        ****Applying Udderly Smooth****

        The usage advice on the back of the tub states that US can be directly applied to the skin, or directly to the chamois pad. Having sensitive skin I need to be extra careful when using new lotions and potions so the first time out I thought I had better play it safe and slapped in on the chamois pad. Whilst it did prevent chaffing, I did notice that the pad soon absorbed all of the cream, resulting in another covering, which is a bit difficult (and obscene) on the side of the road.

        Once I established the cream was OK for my skin I applied it directly to that in the hope that it would last the duration of the ride. This time my skin absorbed the cream quickly and whilst I needed to have a top-up I thought I would save myself the embarrassment and carried on.

        From my experience and in my opinion the only way to use this cream is to apply it directly to the skin and the chamois pad in liberal amounts. This 'double whammy' feels weird to begin with but it is the only way to ensure that I am protected all ride, and I can honestly state that I have managed 5 hours in the saddle and the protective barrier has been there throughout without the need for any top-up whatsoever.

        If, like me, you get a bit slap-happy whilst applying US to the chamois pad and get some of the cream on the actual shorts this is not a problem. The cream does not stain and will wash out, even at very low temperatures. I wash all my cycling clothing at 30 degrees and any excess US always washes out first time.

        Whilst US washes off easily in the shower, perspiration doesn't seem to affect it or make it 'run', unlike other creams I have used, which is another positive.

        ****Who else is Udderly Smooth good for?****

        US is ideal for all participants in any outdoor activities where there is a possibility of chaffing. Whilst the product states it is a chamois cream it is not just for the cycling world and other sportsmen, such as surfers, jockeys and horse riders etc. will benefit from using this product. In my opinion, the golden rule is "If it rubs/chaffs then apply some US".

        It is not only those taking part in sporting activities who will see the benefits of using US. US is prescribed by the NHS for those with severe skin complaints (such as eczema and psoriasis), breast feeding mothers and other skin conditions. This makes it very versatile. US do have other products in the range (these creams are thinner and do not contain shea butter) and these are more suitable for medical ailments, although the chamois cream can be used and I have started to use this in preference to E45, a cream I have been using for years.

        ****Price and availability****

        I have only ever seen US available online. The price depends upon the size and type of product you buy. A tub of the cyclists specific costs £6.99 and will last several weeks, representing great value for money.


        Many cyclists believe that the chamois pad in modern day cycling clothing is good enough and that there is no need to use a separate cream. Whilst modern day chamois pads are ergonomically and anatomically designed they still have their flaws since everybody is different and unless you buy made to measure (I am unsure if there is such a service for cycling clothing) there is going to be chaffing somewhere, the extent of which will vary from person to person.

        US is a great product that I now wear on every ride, whether it is an hour's hack or a 5 hour trek it makes no difference. I can go out safe in the knowledge that one generous application will see me through to the end. Putting on a pair of shorts, where the chamois pad has been coated in US, is a strange feeling and it is one I don't think I will ever get use to. There's something just not right about having a thick, wet and cold (at first) substance in the backside/crotch area, and whilst it feels strange off the bike you will soon forget once you get pedalling and the focus changes to riding the bike.


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      • Product Details

        Anti-chaffing cream with shea butter / Developed originally for Cyclists to help prevent chaffing /

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