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Yves Rocher Arnica Essential SOS Hand Cleanser

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Hand Cleanser / Suitable for: Hand / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      09.11.2010 20:14
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      Nice gel that leaves hands cleansed but pricey when not on offer

      Since having my two boys I have had an obsession with carrying around these small 'no soap cleansers' in my bag whenever I leave the house. M youngest son particularly seems to be constantly covered in somehing unsavoury so these hand cleansers are extremely handy (pardon the pun).

      I have tried most brands, but on my last Yves Rocher stock up I decided to try their own version which is entitled Arnica Essential SOS Hand Cleanser. As I have just finished the tube I will now give you my opinion on the product at hand (again - sorry!!).

      Arnica hand cleanser comes housed in an attractive looking plastic packaging. Whereas most other brands of hand cleansers seem to be more of a bottle design, this is slightly different as it's a tube though that doesn't necessarily mean it's easier to use, but more of that later.
      The colouring of the tube is a bright yellow and matches the other Arnica products in the Yves Rocher catalogue and I have to say it is quite a jolly eye catching colour.

      So, how does the hand cleanser differ from other similar products?
      Well what caught my eye initially (apart from the bright packaging) is the fact this is rich in essential oils and uses sandalwood to "..cleanse and remove impurities..". Yes I am a sucker for products that promise the earth but I have rarely been let down by Yves Rocher in the past, and what I liked about this was it sounded as if though it cleansed the hands it wasn't one of those drying out the skin type of gels.

      My experience of using this has been positive and here's why:

      On first buying this a few weeks ago, I eagerly popped the tube into my bag and went about my daily business. When my son came out of school brandishing half of a sticky lollipop due to someones birthday, his hands were lets just say were not very clean looking (he is 5 after all). Being the super mummy I am (or at least aspire to be) I whipped out said gel to apply a blob to Zak's messy hands.

      Tube safely out of my bag I tried to open the flip open lid..and tried..and tried.

      Eventually after breaking one of my nails (which may I add are not long) I succeeded in accessing the gel and proceeded to apply a small amount to my son's hands.

      This did go smoothly thankfully, and after that I used some myself for the first time..

      The gel comes out of the tube - when eventually opened- with ease and luckily isn't too runny as the consistency seems to be a perfect balance. Though there is supposedly sandalwood used in this gel I can't say I can smell it myself, although it is a very clean scent that reminds me strongly of witch hazel so it's not entirely unpleasant.

      The cleanser is a transparent looking liquid that has a yellow tinge to it, and what looks like bubbles though it's not effervescent at all.
      When a small amount is squeezed into the palm of your hand you will notice how cold it first feels, though this is actually quite a nice sensation as it is a soothing sort of coolness and makes the process of cleaning your hands actually feel more thorough.

      The gel as mentioned is not of a runny consistency like other brands can be, so when some is applied a good rub is needed to fully absorb the cleanser onto your hands. This is a speedy process though as it melts into the skin almost instantly leaving hands cleansed.

      Is it any good?
      I have to admit I was curious about trying this as I thought it might offer something different to other similar products in the fact that I was hoping it wouldn't be drying on the skin.
      I needn't have worried on that front as the gel not only cleanses my skin perfectly, but also leaves a fresh clean fragrance whilst moisturising at the same time. It feels nice and fresh on contact with the skin and hasn't caused any rashes or irritated in any way.

      I would recommend trying this if you come across it somewhere (like Ebay for example), though I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it purposely. The reason for my sudden negativeness is though it works very well as a hand gel, the product just doesn't justify it's expensive price tag of £3.60. Bearing in mind this only comes in a standard sized 30ml tube I find that price quite extortionate considering most other brands are over half of the price for a larger size.

      I would however, point out that I bought this whilst on an offer of 'buy one get one free' which Yves Rocher regularly runs money saving offers making their (expensive) items seem more economical.

      This is a lovely scented gel that is an ideal size for bags, but it has to lose a point each for not only being difficult to open (and not just on the first occasion may I just add) but for the regular price tag it comes with as it just isn't worth paying that much extra for.


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