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B&Q Multi Purpose Plug & Screws

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Brand: B&Q / Product Type: Accessories

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2011 23:28
      Very helpful



      Good reliable product that I have bought more than once

      You know how it is. You've been in your house a few years and started to realize that there isn't enough storage, or it's the wrong sort. Or maybe you've just moved in and the storage is non-existent (you went there because everything else was great, of course!): in any case you know that the only answer is doing a BIG REFIT (or perhaps just sticking up a couple of shelves.

      So you go off to your shelf store, having measured up, pick up shelves and brackets and get home, confident that your stock of screws and wall plugs will help you do the job in half a morning and earn you some top Brownie points.

      You mark out the wall with consummate care, pencil, measuring tape and spirit level to hand, checking everything twice, and then you get your drill ready for the first hole. And here is where the problems can begin. If you're really lucky, you live in a wooden house, and the drilling and fitting are really easy. But of course you don't and your walls are made either of plasterboard or brick. And if it's the latter, chances are that you drill straight into the mortar. Here's where you discover that you don't have the right wallplugs or that they simply don't work, either with the wall, by spinning annoyingly round when you put the screw in, or by not matching the screw size anyway. And if you're fixing shelving to plasterboard, then you need specialist fixings that come with their own engineered screws and are expensive.

      You wish that it was possible to get a plug and screw that matched each other every time, and that you could use in all wall surfaces.

      ABRACADABRA - B and Q appear to have done that with the Multi-Purpose Plug and Screw!

      These come in packs of 50, with the following dimensions and prices:

      6mm drill, 35mm length - £6.35
      8mm drill, 50mm length - £7.88
      10mm drill, 60mm length - £9.58

      You can also purchase these more economically in boxes of 200 - these come in at about twice the price for the packets of 50, so the unit price is halved.

      B and Q's description of purpose is

      "For use on light/medium weight items. Ideal for shelving, curtain rails and wall lights".

      I now will stick to these, despite the fact that they are quite expensive, as they work beautifully. They fix in both plasterboard and brick, and the screws bed in in a really satisfying manner - you can feel the plug holding firm in the wall and the plug provides just the right amount of resistance to the turning screw to tell you that it will hold. They work in plasterboard because they are designed to expand outward in a manner a bit like a pantomime policeman's knee bend. It's nice putting the plugs in as they have good strong ends that you can gently knock flush to the wall with a soft hammer or (my preferred method) a screwdriver head. The screws, by the way are cross-head ones, and it's worth getting a screwdriver head that matches these well if you are going to use these a lot.

      Cosmetics - the plugs are grey, and the screws a sort of brass colour, so although you won't see the plugs after your fab refit, the screwheads will look quite smart.


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    6 Piece Bedding Set / Duvet cover set

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