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B&Q Wood Chisel

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Brand: B&Q / Product Type: Chisel

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    1 Review
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      27.08.2013 09:17
      Very helpful



      Worth investing in

      A couple of years ago I attended some short courses at B&Q about DIY and one that taught me far more than I expected it to was a basic introduction to tools. I approached it thinking I knew it all but at the time the courses were free with a gift voucher incentive, so I thought I'd just go along.

      I already owned a set of chisels, most of which were a bit battered, having been used for various tasks like opening paint tins, prising slabs up, as well as splitting wood, trying to cut through things, wedging doors open/up etc... All of those tasks, as well as many others, are strict no-no's for chisels - a chisel is a chisel, intended for whittling wood and other woodworking tasks, nothing else!

      The first thing I noticed when I used the chisel that day was how sharp it was. I brushed my finger with the tip, and it made a tiny cut - my own chisels would be more likely to bruise me than cut me! We started to cut out of a piece of wood the correct shape for a door hinge, and with the correct sharp chisel made this an effortless, enjoyable task.

      Immediately after the course I knew I needed to invest in a new chisel, which is how I ended up with this B&Q 19mm (3/4") chisel. We were advised to buy chisels individually, to get the best quality we could afford, and I completely understand why, and hopefully I've conveyed that here - no more "value" chisel sets for me. This one is retailing for £7.48, which would be more than I would have previously considered paying. I also invested in a stone for sharpening it, but in over 18 months I haven't ever done that, although it could probably benefit from it by now.

      The chisel itself is 260mm long, the handle 120mm long and the blade 140mm. The handle is plastic, partially covered with rubber, ridged and moulded, and has a metal strike plate approximately 22x22mm covering the end. It is slightly curved up to a diameter about 35mm at its widest, making it easy to grip safely and securely when in use.

      The blade is bevelled to all three edges to give a crisp sharp edge at the tip for fine detail. The end of the blade is protected with a plastic cover, which I have managed to keep with the chisel but would be easy to lose.

      The B&Q chisels are available in 12mm, 19mm and 25mm widths, depending on the type of jobs you anticipate doing. I have found this 19mm one to be perfectly adequate for everything I've needed, which has been hanging doors and cutting out for latches in doors and frames. It's still the only chisel I own (although I admit I have kept my old ones for opening paint tins etc!).

      Since owning it, the handle is still in perfect condition, the blade is still nice and sharp but its surface is slightly tarnished in places, not that this affects performance at all.


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