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Bosch 45 Piece Accessory Set

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Brand: Bosch / Type: Drill Bits

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    1 Review
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      14.05.2013 16:01
      Very helpful



      These will drill wood, brick and metal.... but they no good at drilling for oil

      I like to do a bit of DIY as I find it quite relaxing, sometimes, especially when I have the right equipment for the job that I intend to do.
      So to help in such jobs as drilling holes for things like putting shelves up on a wall, hinges onto doors, locks into place and other jobs that involve a hole being drilled, then the most important thing is to have the right drill bit to get the hole drilled.
      Sadly though, the more holes that a drill bit drills then the more likely hood is that the bit will need replacing, which, is what I have to do every so often.
      When it comes to replacing the bits there is a bit of confusion as there are so many to choose from, coming from all sorts of companies, all offering the same 'quality' bits at the lowest prices.
      This time round I need a few new wood and masonry bits, a few different sizes, so I went on the search for the best deals. This is when I came upon a set of drill bits at a nice price that actually offered a little more that the bits that I needed, which was a bonus for me.
      This bit set that I had my eye on was in fact from a very well known company that I have used many many times in the past, that company being Bosch, with this bit set being the 45 piece set which comes in it's own special case.

      * So what do you get in this bit set which comes in its own special case..?
      You get 5 masonry bits, a 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm, these being silver in colour.
      You also get 5 wood bits, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm, these being black in colour.
      There's also 11 metal bits, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm and 7mm, these being a bronze colour.
      Finally, in the drill bit collection, you get 3 flat wood bits, a 16mm, a 22mm and a 32mm, these being a bronze colour.
      Plus, there's also a collection of screwdriver bits, both cross head and flat heads, together with some hex bits as well, in fact, there's 8 cross heads, 3 flat heads 4 hex bits and 3 'star' bit. These driver bits are used in all power drills with or without the extender bar that you also get in this kit.
      And there's also a counter sink bit so that you can neaten your work up and sink those countersunk screws, hiding them away and out of site.

      As for this special case that the bits come in. well, this is a blow moulded case which has a slotted section for each and every set of bits.
      In the bottom half of the case there are the screwdriver bits, together with the hex bits, are all slotted into a grey plastic panel which in turn slots into the bottom section of the case.
      Also on the bottom there are two other grey sections which house the masonry nits and the wood bits. These sections are not only slotted into the case they are set on little hinges so that the sections don't fall out of the case.
      Finally in the bottom half, there are two little gaps for the counter sink and extension bar.
      In the top half of the case we have the metal bits, which again are housed in a grey section which is hinged into the case. Then, to the left of these we have the three flat wood bits which just pop into the moulded case, being trapped in place by the shape of the plastic itself.

      * Are these bits any good then..?
      They're not bad at all really, in fact, they are as good as most drill bits that I have used, a lot better than some I have had the misfortune of drilling with.
      Some drill bits that I have used have been as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike and let me down faster than my local MP. The metal bits having trouble going through butter and wood bits bending when they came to a knot. Don't get me started on masonry bits I have used in the passed, with some of them annoying me that much that I've ended up hammering a hole in the brick rather than try getting a hole through with some bits.
      But these bits are totally different. They actually work, and they carry on working for a time afterwards too. Then, after a quick sharpen with the appropriate sharpener, they're ready to get through what ever material they are designed to go through once more.
      The wood bits have a point on the ends. This is designed for two reasons, firstly, to pierce a pilot hole in the wood so that you know where you're drilling. Also, more importantly, when you want to drill through a piece of wood without splintering the other side when the bit pokes through this little point pokes through first so that you know when to stop drilling, pull out the drill, and you can then drill from the other side of the wood. Boring I know but I through relevant as many wood bit points have the ability to flatten or fly off after the first spin. But these ones manage to stay pointy enough to carry on with the job in hand.
      As for the masonry bits, they too have a special design for a certain reason, this design being the flat edges on the side of the ends. These flat edges are designed to help get into the hardness of the masonry as a normal ended bit would simply flatten without the edged bits.
      I've used many masonry bits that have struggled to drill into brickwork, let alone concrete, with some bits even glowing red hot as they struggled to make a dent in the brickwork that I need to get a hole into. But these bits work well indeed, managing to keep the edges in tact and staying the right colour as they spin around. I have drilled through concrete with all of these and at not one point have they turned red hot with strain. Although they do get hot, as with all bits, so don't be touching the bits after they have done a few spins.

      Is there anything else to mention..?
      When this first came it arrived in a green and yellow cardboard box, which the blow moulded box slides in and out of and is only there for the purpose of advertising Bosch itself, with it being the colour of the company itself. Although as there is a little hole in the top of the box flap I'm guessing that this is where it is hung up in the shop that sells these.
      Anyway, reading the box was quite interesting indeed and actually had some rather useful information, such as a few images of different types of drills that these bits can be used in. then, if you turn the box over there's a few more images, showing the drill bits and there sizes. These images are quite useful to show what the bits are for and the size of each one, with the bits being show next to the material they are meant to drill through. Plus a few more images of what the bits can be used for.
      There's also the usual health and safety garbage with a face covered with a mask, a pair of gloves and a few other noticeable symbols.

      The case itself is nice and lightweight, about 800 grams, even with the bits in place, and it locks together with the help of two little plastic clips. It's not massive either, being about 230mm by 185mm and 60mm thick.

      My opinion..
      This is without a doubt one of the best little collections of drills bits that I have used, price per item speaking anyway. What I mean by that is that the build quality and the amount of bits you get is well worth the money considering that I have seen less bits selling for more money, with some of them bits failing quicker than a blind pensioner on a driving test.
      I've used all the bits quite a few times since getting them and I have had no real trouble with them so far. Even the masonry bits, which, to be honest, I always expect these type to fail first as they are the ones that have to go through the hardest material, but these do hold there own without going into complete melt down and burning everything around them.
      Although I do have to say that one of the 'cross head' drive bits did lose a bit off one of the 'crosses' which made it redundant. But it was unscrewing a screw that was tighter than the clasp on a politicians wallet.
      The flat wood bits are great indeed. They don't rip through the wood, they gently edges through it, leaving a smooth hole right the way through and, if you use the right drill, there's very little effort needed to get the job done, which helps with those who either can't or simply can't be bothered to put that much effort into drilling a hole.

      I particularly like the way that the bits are housed in the grey 'hinged' compartments which really aid in getting the bits in and out and then they snap back into the case so they don't move about anywhere.
      In fact, the moulded plastic case manages to grip all the bits perfectly well indeed, so that, once they're poked into place, they stay there.

      I nearly forgot about the counter sunk bit, which again, is sharp enough to help get that nice sunken hole in order to hide the counter sunk screw so that you can finish the job neatly. Although you do have to waggle the drill about a little in order to get that nice smooth counter sunk hole.
      The case that they come in is designed well, especially the little hinged sections which the lower drill bits slot into. The way they 'swing' in and out is ideal so that your not losing bits of flesh when you try and pull the bits out.

      * So what about the price of this useful set of bits..?
      It's a remarkable £15.00, which is a bargain indeed.
      I went out and totted up the cost of these types of bits and thing as though bought individually and the total cost came up to a lot more than £15.00. In fact, three sets of driver bits went passed the £15.00 mark, which left the others still on the shelf if I did buy them one set at a time.

      ©Blissman70 2012/13


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