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Forge Steel Mini Pliers Set 8Pcs

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Brand: Forge Steel / Product Type: Plier

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    1 Review
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      22.06.2012 13:59
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      A good set of pliers for hobbyists.

      I got these to supplement the two other pairs of pliers I already have. I know having a lot of pliers might seem odd, but I have had two hobbies over the years that need pliers in a fairly big way and so have gathered quite a collection. The first was beadwork & jewellery making which I used to do and still do the odd bit of here and there, and the second is the dolls houses.

      What You Get
      You get 8 different pliers in a cloth zip case. The pliers that you get are:

      diagonal pliers (side cutters in my book but this is what they call them now!)
      long nosed pliers (also called half round pliers by some people)
      round nosed pliers
      flat nosed pliers
      needle nosed pliers (also called long nosed pliers by some people)
      bent long nosed pliers
      end cutting pliers
      combination pliers

      This set is designed as a 'mini' set - i.e. rather than being full size in length, these are sort of stubby looking and are all around 4.5 inches long. They're all made of high quality chromed steel and have soft grip black and red handles (red may not seem important but it's much easier to not lose a brightly coloured tool lol so it's helpful in my opinion!).

      Obviously the idea behind having different styles of pliers in one set, is that for each job you do, you can pick the most appropriate style of plier to use.

      I got these from Screwfix about 4 years ago and I think they were a similar price then to now - now they retail for £23.49 - I could be mistaken though and may have paid slightly more or less, it's hard to recall.

      A Different Plier For Each Job
      You might wonder what sort of jobs each of these would be used for, well I can't tell you what others use them for, but I can tell you what purposes I put them to:

      Round nosed and half round nosed (long nosed) pliers are the two sorts I've used most in jewellery making. They're design makes it easy for you to bend ear wires, head pins and eye pins into loops easily and quickly. There's a knack to using them and when I used to do the jewellery making regularly years ago, I would often be seen sitting with a pair in each hand manipulating the wires to make earrings etc. These days I don't do this except as a hobby, so I'm not as fast as I used to be, but they still serve the same purpose and are also good for creating tiny loops and hooks when making dolls house bits and bobs. The longer and finer the nose on these the better they are for really fine work.

      Flat nosed pliers are the sort of pliers most people know and are good for gripping and pulling, twisting etc. These are quite a small pair but are useful for when I cock something up and have to remove a pin from something or want to hold a tiny pin in place in an awkward corner while banging it in with the hammer.

      Side cutters are a new thing to me with this tool kit - previously I would use the cutting tool on a pair of half round pliers I owned that also doubled as side cutters. Now however, I have these and its nice actually because they're very easy to use and snip wires nice and tidily.

      Bent long nosed pliers are basically like half round nosed ones but with a kind of kink in the middle. I'm not honestly sure what this is supposed to make them more useful for and I'll be honest I rarely use these myself but they can be handy if you're working in very tiny spaces.

      End cutting pliers are another cutting tool - instead of the cutting blade being along the side however, this is at the end. Useful for cutting the tip off something that sticks out too far - for example if you've put a pin into a piece of wood and need to cut it flush with the wood.

      combination pliers - the only pair in this set which don't get used! Personally I don't see that these do anything that the others don't and feel they've just been added to bump up the numbers.

      My Thoughts
      I find this set very useful when I'm sitting doing fiddly work putting together furniture items or other bits for the dolls houses and when I make the odd pair of earrings for a friend's birthday or something. I wouldn't say these would be much use around the house particularly they're more what you'd consider a hobbyist's tool set really.

      The most well used of the set for me is the half round plier (long nosed - sorry), because they have the flat grip inside and the rounded outer edge they're the most overall useful set in the pack and therefore the most well worn. Having said that, they've stood up to time quite well and the handles are still in tact which on one of my older pairs (also half round nosed), its not - it was in fact this which prompted me to look for a new pair/set in the first place.

      The case which these live in is fairly simply designed. It has little elastic loops which the nose of each pair of pliers sits into and then Velcro straps to hold the handles in place. The zip runs right round the outside meaning when you're using these it opens up flat which is nice, but when closed all the pliers are kept safely tucked inside out of the way.

      I think this is a set I'd very highly recommend to anyone who's doing a hobby where they're going to want a variety of pliers like this. I doubt I'd recommend them to anyone wanting them for anything more than hobby use however. I have to admit I was quite surprised to find these in Screwfix when I bought them because all their tools tend to be aimed very much at DIY use rather than hobby purposes.


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    • Product Details

      "8 Piece Set / High quality and great value, with soft-grip handles / Features: Chrome Vanadium Steel; Bi-Material Handles / Specifications: W x L x H: 220 x 220 x 40mm."

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