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Wera Slotted Screwdriver 0.5 x 3.0 x 80mm

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Brand: Wera / Product Type: Screwdriver

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    1 Review
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      21.03.2013 10:34
      Very helpful



      You get what you pay for with Wera

      Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of screwdrivers in my toolbox.
      A couple of my favourite screwdrivers are a few made by Wera tools, which is a German tool making specialist founded back in 1936.

      To be completely honest I don't even know where I acquired my Wera screwdrivers from, as I am almost certain that I did not buy them, and so I can only assume that they have been left at my house by someone, or have got mixed up, and put into my toolbox at some point by accident.
      However, I currently have 2 Wera screwdrivers from the Kraftform plus range - a 100mm Pozidriv (or Phillips), and an 80mm slotted (or flat bladed) screwdriver. This review will be based on the slotted screwdriver, although a lot of what I have to say applies to the other one too.

      The Kraftform plus range are known for their unique design of the handle of the screwdriver, which is based around the contours of the hand during the screwdriver use, and it uses a specifically designed combination of ergonomic soft zones, smooth zones and hard zones. This design is pretty much the main reason (although not the only reason) that this screwdriver is one of my favourites to use. I believe a lot of effort and thought must have gone into the design of this handle as it seems to fit into my hand so well, and all the lumps and contours cling to the various finger movements that take place in the hand as the screwdriver is rotated. This makes the rotation a lot easier, and I can really feel that the work rate of my fingers, wrists and forearms is reduced compared to the aches that I get using other screwdrivers.

      The appearance of the screwdriver is also pleasing, as can be seen from the picture above, the colouring of the handle is black and green, which is hard wearing, and tends to hide any dirty marks, dents or chips that might occur during the hard life that a screwdriver generally goes through. Also at the base of the screwdriver handle printed in white clear lettering is a description of the screwdrivers size, and a picture of the tip size and shape. The dimensions of the tip of the screwdriver are as follows:

      Thickness of tip 0.8mm
      Width of tip 3.0mm

      These dimensions give a handy little screwdriver which has a small but tough tip on it. It is perfect for small slotted screws, and comes in very handy as it is the only screwdriver of this size that I own.
      The shaft of the screw driver is a decent length, allowing plenty of leverage as the screwdriver is rotated, again making the whole action a lot easier. The tip of the screwdriver is constructed from hardened steel, and then coated in chrome which is notable by the golden colour at the tip of the screwdriver. This helps to give a good bite into the screw to try to reduce any slippage, and thus rounding off or damage to the screw head.

      Overall I can really recommend this screw driver, as it is comfy, very hard wearing, and a lot less tiring to use than my other random screwdrivers in my tool set. At the same time I find that it does fit well, and bite tightly into the screw head, and so it works well for the tough jobs were other screwdrivers, and certainly my electric screwdriver (which I'm not keen on) would struggle, and constantly slip, and round of the heads of screws.

      Having had a browse about for an idea of a price, this generally retails at about £5 - £6, which is quite expensive for 1 screwdriver, but now that I have used it so many times I believe it is worthy of that price tag.
      A better deal however, (and one that I am really tempted with myself!) is to buy a set of these screwdrivers. For example Toolstation do a set of 6 kraftform plus screwdrivers for £21.80, which works out as £3:63 for each screwdriver - a bargain for the quality that these offer.

      Thanks for reading.

      Copyright © l500589 2013


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    • Product Details

      "For slotted screws / With Lasertip for better bite in the screw, effecting higher torque transfer, less slipping and less damage to screws and surfaces / Features: Multi-Component Kraftform Handle; High Torque Transfer."

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