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Bloomingdale's Medium Canvas Bag

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Brand: Bloomingdale's / Type: Shopping Bag

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    1 Review
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      06.10.2012 15:31
      Very helpful



      5 stars

      Visiting New York in 2002 was something that will stay with me forever. Happy memories with my mum and lots and lots of shopping. It was amazing. My mum had recently been diagnosed with cancer and so at the first opportunity I flew us both to New York. Luckily she was fine and it was a lovely memory to store away forever, however recently my mum went back to New York and didn't take me! I sulked for about a week! I'm not bitter, honest! ; )

      So when she asked me what I wanted bringing back, I started reeling off a list of mega expensive items, half pulling her leg, half serious! Upon her return, I couldn't wait to see what little goodies she had brought me back and was delighted when she presented me with a Bloomingdales brown paper bag that looked full of goodies! One of my favourite items she bought for me was this canvas bag from the famous department store, Bloomingdales. Bloomingdales is probably a little like an American Harvey Nichols.

      When we went in 2002, I picked up one of the hard plastic little brown bags, and it sat dormant in a drawer somewhere for years, until they massively came in to fashion and I thought, hang on I've got one of those somewhere! I've used it to death ever since and it was looking a bit tired so this replacement was very much welcomed.

      Size wise this is massive compared to the little brown bag, but I found that the little brown bag was pretty useless for actually carrying things around as it was so small. I could pretty much only use it for taking my lunch to work in and that was about it, but this canvas bag comes everywhere with me. I mainly use it to store my open university folders and work in, but if I need a bag for something, this more often than not gets tipped out on the floor somewhere so I can use it for something else. My eldest daughter recently went for a sleepover and asked to use it and I had to stifle a laugh as I overheard her say to her friend 'do you like my bag? It's from New York!'. Little diva.

      The canvas bag is perfect for carrying on your shoulder and hangs about 8 inches below the shoulder on the straps. It is strong and I have no worry about the weight it will hold. I think the only factor would be the weight that I could carry! There is an interior pocket inside which has a zip, but I rarely use this. I might chuck a pen in there or something to save me riffling to the bottom when it is full, but I always use it in conjunction with my handbag anyway so any small or valuable items are stored in my handbag, as the main body of the canvas bag doesn't have a zip so the contents are exposed.

      Size wise it is approximately 30 cm by 35cm and has around 15 cm depth, but because of the canvas material it is quite flexible and will hold a lot. It is quite a boxy shape and isn't curved like the Big Canvas Bag.

      For anyone who is aware of Bloomingdales, then this bag stands out a mile and will be noticed by people. It has 'medium canvas bag' printed on the front in brown, and Bloomingdales written vertically on the side panels. The litte brown bag and medium brown bag etc are a brand on their own I would say and recognisable to most young women. The untreated cotton has a natural look and goes with anything.

      Priced at $28.00 which i think is around £22. Use it for shopping, an overnight bag, uni/college work or a gym bag. It's versatile, and to get one means a trip to New York. Win win!!


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