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Chanel Spring Summer Flap Bag

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Brand: Chanel / Type: Grab Bag

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2010 13:18
      Very helpful



      If you want a piece of true designer legacy and history then choose Reissue

      About the bag / exterior

      The Chanel flap style 2.55 handbags was given to me as a birthday gift by a very dear person, the Chanel flap bag still holds its classic diamond type shape, the black quilted double in patent calfskin. I was astonished by the detailed craftsmanship on the handbag; the naked eye can elegantly seek out the fine stitching detail which seats proudly creating an elegance and beauty, it's a bag that requires admiration and redemption.

      The texture is what you would expect smooth leather with magnificent glossy shine finish. This classic master piece has the classic double CC turn-style lock, and the famous black and gold double strap which itself feels like a fine piece of jewellery. The bag flaps open into another golden clip on lock, clips or click on are like the ones you may find in a old fashion purse. On the back side of the bag there is medium size pocket for storing purse, mobile and keys.

      History and the meaning behind the bag

      After receiving this fantastic gift, I went to research the history and meaning behind this magnificent craftsmanship. I could not believe my eyes, this here was not just a bag but a piece of history and legacy left behind by Coco Chanel. The lock, the strap, the fine stitching all tells a story of her life. The original classic CC lock Chanel is a mere repentance of the historically marked Reissue 2.55.

      History: locks

      Many of you might be aware of the Chanel Reissue 2.55, this is the original bag of Coco Chanel, the CC lock , which is now widely seen on Chanel bags, was introduced in the early 1980s by a designer called Karl Lagerfeld. Before the introduction of the CC lock all Chanel bags had the square "Mademoiselle Lock" this lock was the representation of Coco's bachelorhood, never marrying.

      History: strap

      The original strap on the Reissue 2.55 was all-metallic chain handle, the classic 2.55 has the black and gold interlock strap. The story behind the strap seems rather poignant and emotive. Coco Chanel grew up in an orphanage/convent, consequently, the double chain shoulder strap comes from when the children's' caretakers in the orphanage would dangle keys from their waists with the same type of chains as on the Reissue.

      History: Pockets, zips and detailing

      The zipped compartment inside the front flap of the Reissue is to be believed where Coco impounded her love letters from her lover, it is believed at that given time she was engaging in a love affair. In the original Reissue one can find brownish red colours to dazzle and bestrode the classic interior within the bag. In fact this beautiful interior holds a heartily story, The brownish red colour inside represents the colour of Coco and the rest of the children's uniforms, the nuns' wore black with white trim, hence, the packaging on Chanel.

      Another little detail I have read upon is the importance of the back pocket which can be found in the Classic 2.55 and the original Reissue. The back pockets were used by Coco to secretly stash extra cash for her convenience.


      Wow! What a beautifully emotive story, it's unimaginable to believe that so much thought and history has gone into creating a magnificent handbag. The Reissue tells us so much about Coco's life and her history, even the small details speaks about Coco's love, childhood, sorrow and joy. If I can give you one piece of advice today I would say " ladies or gentlemen, if you want a piece of true designer legacy and history, then forget about the classic 2.55 bag, get the original historic Reissue 2.55, it will most defiantly be a story teller".

      Thank you for reading!


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