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David & Goliath I Heart Hearts Reversible Tote Bag

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Brand: David and Goliath / Type: Reversible Shopping Bag / Tote

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    1 Review
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      28.09.2010 17:51
      Very helpful



      A superbly awesome tote which will suit all stylish shoppers!

      David and Goliath is a popular brand name in our household for quite a few reasons, the main one being that their witty slogans and cute designs are simply awesome. A lot of people out there may not be aware of who David and Goliath are, or what they produce, and I'd advise all those people to check out their UK website as you're likely to find something you want or something that would make a great gift for a friend or relative: www.chicksrule.co.uk. Having spent far too much money on their web store and in the nearest physical store (Birmingham Bullring), this is just one of a billion items I have purchased from them in the recent months!

      This 'I Heart Hearts Reversible Tote Bag' can be purchased from David and Goliath itself, either at their online web store www.chicksrule.co.uk or in one of their physical stores located in London (Bluewater, Carnaby Street and Covent Garden) and Birmingham (Bullring). Occasionally a few D&G products pop up on Play.com and other online retailers, but I am yet to see this being stocked anywhere else.

      David and Goliath products can seem pretty pricey, but for a fairly new company and with their products and designs very much in demand by the youth of 2010, it's easy to see why their prices are what they are. This 'I Heart Hearts Reversible Tote Bag' is priced at £15, which may seem rather high for a tote bag (I know I think it's a little on the expensive side), however the majority of David and Goliath products are aimed at teens to late 20's - the age range with the biggest disposable income. It pains me to say it, but D&G have hit the mark when it comes to cashing in on the need of those, like me, to purchase ridiculously cute and awesomely cool products.

      This 'I Heart Hearts Reversible Tote Bag' is one product in a whole range which is entitled 'Noggins'. These 'noggins' are in fact heart shaped images depicting all sorts of weird and wonderful things such as food, people, animals and monsters - all of which come complete with a cute little face. The 'Noggin' range of products all feature these heart shaped images as part of the 'I Heart' slogan, the 'heart' part of the print being made up of the themed noggin and followed by the name of the noggin - i.e.) I Heart Pizza, I Heart Pirates etc. Have a quick look on their website to see what all this super sweet fuss is about!

      The bag itself is made from 100% cotton, and has a lovely soft jersey material feel to it. The fabric used to make this bag is good quality and the stitching is strong and durable. At first, I did hesitate as to whether the bag would be able to hold much, weight wise, as the fabric does have a little give to it but this really doesn't cause any problem when in use. The give acts more as a positive as it means you can cram more stuff (or oddly shaped bits and pieces) inside due to the fabrics slight stretchiness.

      This 'I Heart Hearts Reversible Tote Bag' is square in shape, measuring 40cm x 40 cm / 16" x 16 inch meaning it is a pretty decent large size and easily fits in a number of folders, text books and files or a good amount of varied size groceries. Even with its large capacity size, the tote still folds up pretty small and can be tucked away inside your handbag ready to be pulled out in any situation in which you may need a second bag at your disposal i.e) when buying your lunch on your break from work, or during an unplanned shopping trip. The handles of the bag are lengthy enough to be worn over the shoulder, with the tote positioned under the arm, but avoid being too long that the bag feels like it's getting in your way. This 'I Heart Hearts Reversible Tote Bag', as the name suggests, is also designed to be reversible - with both the inner and outer sides featuring a print meaning you can turn the bag inside out for a different look. Two bags in one!

      The outer side of the bag is made from a fabric that is superbly shocking bright pink in colour and features a cute print which reads "I Heart Hearts" in a black bubbly font - the first 'heart' being made up of a picture of a bright blue smiling heart which has been pierced with an arrow. Beneath this print is the brand name 'David and Goliath' in a smaller sized bubbly font which is coloured the same bright blue as the smiling heart motif. I love the cute print on this outer side and I think this is mainly due to the little smiling face on the blue heart - it's so cute!

      The inner side of the bag is made from the same jersey-like fabric material which has been printed with a repeat pattern of all the different 'Noggin' designs that David and Goliath had produced up to the point of this one being made. The print features 'Noggins' in the form of pirates, dogs, donuts, pancakes, monsters, ninjas, vampires, cowboys, cookies, nerds, burgers and more!

      Whether you choose to use this 'I Heart Hearts Reversible Tote Bag' the default way around, with the slogan on the outside, or turn the bag inside out to feature the 'Noggin' line up on the outside, this bag will look great no matter what! The designs of David and Goliath products are made to be fun and stylish, and this bag certainly fits the bill. If you're looking to add a little humour to your life, this 'I Heart Hearts Reversible Tote Bag' can really help you out!

      In my opinion this 'I Heart Hearts Reversible Tote Bag' is a brilliant buy - either for you or as a gift for someone that will appreciate its awesomeness. Tote bags are becoming more and more popular, with their ease of use and their capability to hold a ridiculous amount of stuff - so when it comes to choosing between a boring tote, or a super flashy awesome tote, I know which I would opt for! Supermarkets are trying to push shoppers into reusing their shopping bags and begin to think more greenly - so why not be the most stylish eco-friendly shopper out there and use your bag with pride next time you do your big shop! David and Goliath are growing in popularity, and their product range has definitely expanded within the last year. Browsing their website will more than likely end in you purchasing something for yourself, or finding something that you know a friend or relative would love to receive as a gift. This 'I Heart Hearts Reversible Tote Bag' is suitable for all ages - whether you're looking for a new school bag or wanting a sweet tote to whip out at the supermarket check out to carry your groceries home in. The design is great, the reversible feature of the tote essentially gives you two products for the price of one, and the quality of the bag is fantastic. What more could you want? (Other than a whole bunch more products from their range!). A big thumbs up from me!


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