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Eastpak Delegate Messenger Bag

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Brand: Eastpak / Style: Messenger Bag

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    4 Reviews
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      26.05.2013 17:53
      Very helpful



      Built to last but I doubt I'll be using it in 30 years time when the guarantee runs out

      ~Getting the Message~

      My Eastpak Delegate messenger bag is something I bought to make life easier when I'm travelling and since I'm off somewhere nearly every week, good bags are important to me. The main reason I fancied a bag in 'messenger' style was that I like to have at least one hand free when I'm dragging my suitcase around or messing with an umbrella, buying a train ticket or waving my passport at a passing official. I don't want to have to keep stopping, putting a bag down and ferreting around for things. The reason I chose Eastpak was that I have one of their wheeled cabin bags which I adore and I know their bags are built to last.

      I find it comfortable to have a bag that lies across my body rather than one which can slip off my shoulder. The Eastpak is one of several bags I use to carry my computer and work gear around. I have a particularly small one which will slip inside my cabin baggage but it won't hold much more than a computer and a notepad, a cute one with a great picture on the flap but an uncomfortable strap that tries to strangle me, and this one - the one I choose when I'm flying with an airline that won't let me take both a handbag and a computer bag. I either use the front pocket of the bag as a pseudo-handbag since it's easy to access and things don't fall out, or I put a small handbag inside whilst I pass through the boarding process.

      ~How will you use yours?~

      Whilst I use it for my computer, many people will not consider it suitable as it has absolutely no padding. Perhaps I'm more blasé when carrying a company computer than I might be if it was my own but I there's plenty of space inside if you want to put your laptop in a neoprene sleeve before putting it into the bag. I don't think you'd struggle for space with any laptop as this is a rather big bag and if I had my time again, I would probably have gone for the smaller 'junior' version of the messenger bag. My full sized one is 15.2 inches across, 11.8 inches high and 4.7 inches deep (with an option to make that bigger if you undo the zip that goes all the way round the outside and makes it several inches fatter if you need the space. The junior is a couple of inches smaller on height and width but is almost as deep at 4.2 inches. However, the junior weighs in at just under 400g compared to nearly 600 for the Delegate. (You can tell, can't you, that I got this mix of metric and imperial measurements from the Eastpak website - they seem to be pretty confused on such things). I would strongly advise to pay no attention at all the measurements on the amazon.co.uk listing as they are utterly bonkers. They claim the bag weighs 599 g but when it's in a box it weighs 299g. It must be a magic weight-loss bag.

      ~Will I still be using it when I'm old and grey?~

      One of the key attractions for me with Eastpak is their massive 30 year guarantee. Whilst I cannot imagine that anything I buy now will be something I want to still be using in 30 years time, it's pretty reassuring to know that the company trusts its materials and workmanship to make a promise of that kind. The fabric used is a heavy-duty, hard-wearing, rain-shrugging-off type of canvas. Mine is in a turquoise blue - a darker blue than the one in the photograph that dooyoo have given on the listing. It was not chosen because I liked the colour (I don't hate it but I don't particularly love it either) but because it was the cheapest available colour at the time I bought it. Amazon list dozens of different designs and the prices vary a lot according to the popularity of the colours and mine was clearly not a popular colour. They have fabrics with funky designs such as sushi, boiled sweets and comic strips and these tend to make the bags more expensive. List price for mine on the Eastpak website is £45 whilst Amazon offer the same bag for £38.85 and I paid a much more reasonable £17.99 on boxing day 2012 in the Amazon sale. I would suggest that if you are flexible about the colour and willing to wait for a deal to come along, you can really save on one of these.

      ~Built to last~

      On to the structure of the bag. It has an adjustable strap which can be made extraordinarily long if that's what you like. The strap can be shortened or lengthened from both ends and it's important to make sure that the padded shoulder/neck strap is in the right position to be comfortable for you. If you like to carry on your shoulder, the under-side of the strap is designed with a slip-resistant fabric. The straps are attached at each end with plastic clips and these are probably the only thing I don't like about the bag as I've had the clip flip open a couple of times, once sending my bag onto the floor. I've asked my husband to look out some cable ties next time he dares go into the garage because I'm looking for a bit more security to stop that happening again so I plan to attach the strap a bit more securely.

      The bag has a flap which fastens securely with two clips, like those you find on daypacks. If you don't want to do these up, the contents are still secure because the main compartment has a zip across it. The flap has a large pocket that runs the width of the bag and I use this as my surrogate handbag, dipping in to find my passport, wallet or phone as I'm walking around. The main compartment is just a great big space without any structure or divisions except for a large flat zipped compartment at the back. I hadn't even realised it was there until I had a look at it closely for writing this review. On the front of the bag, on the outside of the main compartment are two large open-topped pockets, each about half the width of the bag - basically there's an extra strip of tough fabric running across with a seam up the middle to divide it into two pockets. These are - by pure fluke - exactly the size I need for my Kindle fire, my diary, an average-sized paper back or whatever I want to be able to access quickly without having to go into the main dumping ground of the big compartment. There is also a Velcro-sealed large pocket on the back of the bag.

      ~On the road~

      Whilst I use it for work, these bags are easily big enough for an over-night or weekend bag for someone who packs light. For work I can stuff so much into it that I can barely lift if and it undoubtedly encourages me in bad habits. When I'm in the office I'll roll up with my computer, several files and notebooks, my lunch in a thermos, a couple of cans of drink and a load of fruit. Things can get lost for weeks because it's just so capacious. The one downside for me is that the interior is black and I find things harder to find in black-lined bags.

      If you can get one of these for the bargain price that I paid, I'd say grab whatever colour you can and pocket the change. If you're willing to pay more, take your time and find the colour or pattern that expresses your personality. I would probably have gone for the sushi or the coffee cup design if I wasn't such a tight-wad and if I'd been surer I was going to love the bag. Also consider whether you need this much volume and check out the Junior messenger which may be more suitable if you don't want to lug quite so much stuff around.


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        31.08.2011 21:36
        Not Helpful
        1 Comment



        its a good item

        i've been using my eastpak bag for about 4 months now and i can happily say i didn't regret a penny i spent on this item for sure. It supports all my heavy books for uni. My shoulder doesn't even hurt after carrying it the for the entire day. The colour is also funky which i really like and it goes with most of the clothes i wear daily to uni.
        I also took this bag for my summer holiday in Italy this year and i used it as my hand luggage when going. I actually packed half of my stuff in that bag and i was actually surprised it all fitted in. I sometimes take it with me when im going out for shopping for uni because i don't want to carry all my shopping bags with me. I would recommend this bag for students of both sex. :)


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          05.11.2010 16:22
          Very helpful



          A great product - very highly recommended! :)

          Delegate Messenger bag

          I have just started university and I need a new bag as I have a lot of books, files and my netbook to carry around, but I didn't want some huge backpack or a small suitcase. So I saw this on amazon and it turned out to be the perfect messenger bag.

          *About the product*
          The messenger bag comes in loads of different colours and styles but the actual bag design (measurements) is the same. I don't have the one pictured above, I have one that it grey and black in diagonal stripes (called Diagon grey). The product has other features including:

          ~Capacity of 22 litres
          ~Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap
          ~Buckle closures
          ~One large zip pocket at the front, one large velcro pocket at the back
          ~Expandable capacity
          ~31cm x 40cm x 13cm
          ~Weighs 0.5kg
          ~Rain covered zippers
          ~30 year warranty

          *My opinion of the product*
          I really like my bag, it fits all of my uni stuff in including all of books, files and my netbook. I haven't had to use the expandable capacity as it is big enough and with all of my stuff in it, it still has room in it.

          It also has a zip up pocket on the inside with is great for my blackberry/ipod and purse so I know where they are and that they are in a secure place. It feels really really well made and very durable.

          It has two buckle/clip fastenings at the front which is really easy to open and close. It does not say on it or on the site that it is waterproof, but being caught in the rain a number of time this week - it has not let any water in.

          The shoulder strap has a padded bit a the top which is good as it takes some of the pressure off my shoulder but not all of it and it can also be adjusted to different lengths.

          I bought it from amazon for about £30 and they had lots of different colours and styles for slightly varying price, but they are all about the same. They also made junior/childrens smaller versions of these too.

          It is a really great durable bag which I think is going to last ages, it is also has lots of pockets/compartments and lots of room. It fits all of my uni stuff and my stripy one looks great too.

          Good points
          *Expandable capacity
          *Adjustable shoulder strap
          *Lots of different designs/styles to choose from
          *Zip up and velcro large pockets
          *Available on amazon
          *30 year warranty
          *Good price

          Bad points

          For more information: http://www.eastpak.com/uk/en/

          Thank you for reading my review


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            29.03.2010 19:42
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Spacious and comfy but the strap can dig in

            This is a mighty big bag!

            Sometimes, when you just have to take everything in the world with you (not including the kitchen sink, but usually needing a laptop) .....a weekend away, business trip, college/uni day. This'll do it all!

            The funky colour hides a sturdy bag with zippered pockets both in and out for things you might need, such as a purse/wallet, keys and train tickets, all easily loseable but now findable! In the one I have, there's a handy pen pocket for the little blighters to jump in and be cosy.

            The strap's adjustable for even the tallest or smallest of users, and no-one can complain at the built-in, padded laptop bag, there for you to let your laptop live in luxury!

            The only thing that is annoying, is that it can be hard to find things in the jumble of the bottom of the bag, and sometimes the zip can catch, but that's a usual with any bags. Eastpak also come with a 25 year guarantee (if I remember correctly) so if the strap goes or there's a hole in it through wear and tear, it'll be replaced quick snap!


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          • Product Details

            Want an urban shoulder bag with ample packing capacity? The Eastpak Delegate has a full 22 litres of packing capacity along with expandable capacity, reflective zipper pull tabs and an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap.

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