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Fairfax Large Handbag

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3 Reviews

Kipling / Type: Across Shoulder Bag

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    3 Reviews
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      08.02.2013 00:27
      Very helpful



      The Fairfax is a great bag with lots of pockets and a detachable strap.

      ===Why I Got This===

      I love my Kipling bags but cannot afford them at full price so am always on the lookout for when some of them are on sale. Which is how I acquired this Fairfax bag.

      ===The Product===

      Removable and adjustable shoulder strap (136cm)
      Dual carry handles
      8 pockets:
      * Zipped main compartment with zipped inner pocket
      * Front velcro pocket has - mobile phone drop pocket, 2 pen pockets and clipped key cord
      * Two zipped end pockets
      * Two large pockets either side which fastens with velro
      * Back slip pocket with velcro fastening
      Furry Kipling monkey key ring called BESS
      Material:nylon and lining: polyester
      Available in two sizes - the original Basic (28 x 21.5 x 15cm) and the larger Kipling Fairfax L (32 x 22 x 15.5cm).


      Prices vary greatly and depending on colour on Amazon at present the prices range from £32 up to £79.

      ===My Opinion===

      I love these bags but only ever buy them when on special offer.
      The Kipling Fairfax bag has been one of the brand's best sellers and I have often watched it being advertised and demonstrated on QVC - but thought it was way too expensive - for me anyway.
      However I was so surprised to see this on offer on Amazon for £28. It was only in one colour - Warm Grey - which actually is a sort of beige colour. But I was just delighted to be able to order it and was really looking forward to seeing it 'in the flesh'.
      The good thing with Amazon is that you can see the product and if you do not like it you can returned it for free - so I was not bothered if the colour was unsuitable. In the event the colour is lovely - a great light brown/beige colour which will go with almost anything. The colour description is a bit odd though - as grey is not beige!
      The Fairfax comes in a fair few colours and patterns - depending where you are buying it from. It also comes in two sizes - the one I have is classed as the Basic but is very little difference to the larger one.
      The bag can be used three ways - as an actual handbag, as a shoulder bag or as a cross body bag.
      The bag is quite a compact structure and one thing I like about it is that it will stand up on its own - which is better for dipping into than a slouchy sort of structure.
      I like the fact that it has sort of secret pockets - so you can keep your items in separate compartments and hide away anything you want from the main compartment.
      The way I use it is to have a few make-up bits in one of the end zip pockets - just lip gloss, small comb, tiny perfume bottle, headache stick and some tablets. The other end pocket has a small packet of tissues - I like to keep things in these two end pockets as it fills them out nicely and gives the bag a better shape.
      Personally I always clear out my bag so I do not carry loads of junk so often my bag is relatively empty. The front velcro pocket has a key fob with my keys attached and also has two slip pockets for pens and one for perhaps a phone - though I prefer to keep my phone, along with my purse, in the zipped central pocket. Inside this main zipped pocket is another small zipped pocket .
      Now comes the secret sort of pockets - either side of the main zipped pocket are two deep pockets which are fastened with velcro - and yet another slim slip pocket on the back which also has velro.
      I like to keep my camera in these so it is ready to grab quickly and also one of the back pockets is great for my Blue Badge which is quite large - it fits away easily in its own pocket and is quite invisible until needed.
      The shoulder strap I tend to keep on most of the time as I find I use it a lot - but if you remove it the bag looks more dressy and you can then just use the handles. It seems more feminine that some other Kipling bags I have which only have a shoulder strap.
      The Kipling bags are extremely lightweight, being made of nylon. The pockets are lined with pale blue fabric which makes finding things easy. The fabric is water resistant and so is the lining so if you get a spill in one section it will not leak through the whole bag.
      I would definitely recommend this bag as all the sections make it very easy to organise your stuff and also know where to find things in a hurry. It is also very easy to clean and can just be given a wipe if you get a mark on it. The bag is very hard wearing and keeps its looks well. Some people wash them in a machine on a cool cycle but I have never had need to do that - though you are advised to remove the monkey first! However Kipling do not promote this method.
      You can often pick up good bargains on Amazon but you have to check the website often and buy as soon as you see a reduction as the price will either shoot back up or it will quickly be out of stock. Also watch out on Amazon as the measurements they give can often be widely inaccurate.
      I do not use my monkey and remove them when I purchase a bag. However do not get rid of the monkey as these Kipling bags can also be resold on Ebay once you get fed up of them and want a change.

      ===Star Rating===

      4 stars - depending on the cost.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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      04.04.2012 18:04
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great handbag for those who have lots to carry.

      I have this in a black dazzle fabric.

      I love the durability of kipling bags and always think you get your monies worth. The fabric is durable and washable and waterproof. The zips are durable and a good size and the stitching is always top dollar. Makes these bags all very good for the modern woman.

      The fairfax in particular i like because it has so many pockets! Two outer pockets and a big middle pocket and a smaller one inside the middle one for all those things you wouldn't want a cashier to spy whilst getting out your purse! There is also the key chain attached to the inside of the bag for clipping on your keys or wallet which is good for security but not so much if you are trying to get in in a hurry in the pouring rain and have to detach your keys as well as fish them from the depths! You can get a lot in it without having to carry a massive bag. There are short handles to hang over your arm and also a detachable shoulder strap to wear over your body. Nice to have a choice. And the point of attachment of the handles is all really good quaility and durable stitching.

      These bags are made to last and endure all that we women throw at them and in them. The fairfax is good for those who like pockets and to compartmentalize their handbag paraphenalia.

      My only bug bear with this particular bag is that the shoulder strap attaches diagonally, one on each side of the bag. I can see that this is the only logical way to do it bacause of the depth of the bag, but not all that nice looking.


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        06.08.2011 06:28
        Very helpful



        I would definitely recommend this bag and do often!

        I first came across this bag when watching QVC well over a year ago. I was intrigued by the brands story and thought the bag looked smart and practical and the little monkey keyring that comes with it caught my eye.

        When my bag arrived in the post at first inspection I was a little disappointed as it looked much smaller than I imagined and it was classed as the Large version of the Fairfax. But once I'd filled it with all my usual junk it really surprised me. I do tend to carry around everything apart from the kitchen sink so to find it all fitted into what at first appeared to be a small bag was brilliant. Its like a Marry Poppins bag as with everything in there was still plenty more room for other stuff.

        My usual bag at the time was bigger but was just like a sack so everything would just pile up at the bottom. This made it difficult to find anything in a hurry and I must have spent at least 10 minutes altogether rummaging around in it on average day. This bag gives you that time back and saves you a lot of embarrassment when your at the checkout or when the train conductor asks to see your ticket.

        Bag: 23.5cm x 35.6cm x 7.6cm (9.25" x 14" x 3")
        Handle length: 49.5cm (19.5")
        Detachable strap: 135cm (53")

        Because the bag is made up of 8 separate compartments it is really easy to organise all your things in so I always know where my stuff is. There is also a phone slip and two pen loops in the front pocket along with an inbuilt strap with a large lobster claw clasp on the end that you can attach your keys too. The phone slip is a little on the small size and if my n8 phone is in its case it wont fit in, so I tend to keep tissues here. The pen loops are great but don't fit thicker style pens but are good for your usual Biro or pencil. The Key strap is a godsend and one of my favourite features as the strap is plenty long enough that you don't need to unclip your keys to unlock your door so you always know where they are.

        The bag is made out of 100% nylon, this does not sound very attractive but in real life it is a rather nice fabric, it has a matt finish and because of the way it is dyed it has a slightly mottled appearance that is pleasing on the eye. It has a canvas look about it and is water resistant. This makes it extra practical as you can wipe it clean, Kipling does not recommend machine washing but I washed mine at 30 and it was fine and air dried very fast. The lining is made out of the same material so if anything leaks in one compartment is wont run into the next. The lining in all Fairfax bags including the black is a pale greyish shade which is very handy as it means it is easier to see what's in your bag again cutting down on rummaging time!

        I ordered this bag in petrol green which is a delicious deep teal green with a hint of blue when viewed in daylight. The colour options are vast for this bag, in general this is the usual for Kipling items. What's great is that they seem to take on a totally different feel depending on what colour option you choose. There are also prints available too that are really unusual and again come in many different designs. Kipling also release new colour options every season so if your like me and get addicted to the practicality there are always new options to choose from. This season peppery was released which is a warm beige with a hint of khaki I wanted it as soon as i saw it and now i have two Kipling Fairfax L bags.

        These bags are widely available but if you want the latest colours before anyone else going to Kipling direct is the best option where the retail price is £83. Next best in my experience is QVC but the most popular colours always sell out very fast because the Fairfax is usually sold at a special price of around £56 with postage. QVC also sell limited addition print options that you wont be able to get anywhere else. Then Amazon is always a good option especially for getting a bargain but you will still pay a higher price for the latest colours and styles but you do usually get free postage.

        I bought my latest peppery coloured Fairfax off Ebay for £73. This was the cheapest place to get it at the time but a week later it was on QVC a lot cheaper then a week after that on Amazon with free postage! Unlucky for me the Ebay seller only gave a 7 day returns policy with the purchase but to be honest I don't mind that much. I feel I paid for quality and I know I will get good value as I will use it every day for a long time.

        Now I could not do without my Fairfax. Four months ago I bought a tan sued fringed bag that cost a fair bit. It has been a spot on trend for a while but after using it for a few weeks I just longed for the perfect organisation of my Fairfax, hence buying the peppery option. Every now and again I use other bags for fashion but within 20 minutes of being out I miss my old favourite and cant wait to go back to using it.

        The only improvements I can think of would be to make an even bigger version, maybe just an inch so you can fit a rolled up A4 sized magazine in, maybe a leather version or leather look and a larger mobile phone pocket for the bigger modern mobiles like the iPhone etc....

        Beware kipling bags are addictive, thanks for reading my review I hope you liked it.



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