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Fenn Wright Manson Zip Purse

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Brand: Fenn Wright / Type: Purse

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    1 Review
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      31.08.2012 13:30
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      nice purse but not for that price.

      I used to carry around a hello kitty clip purse and this is what I kept all my money and all of my cards in from my bank cards to driving license, it worked like this for a while but I have a lot of points cards to fit in here any more. I started liking the more "grown up style" purse as I saw it, with all the zips and card slots and a real place to put notes and change. After looking for a long time I gave up as I never saw anything that I liked so I just stuck with either my pocket or my Hello Kitty purse. It was nearing Christmas and my mother said she would have a look for me. I opened up a big box one morning and found a set of two purses by Fenn wright manson. Having a look over them I noticed she had left the price on, oops. Outraged at the amount she actually spent on a purse. For the set of two purses it was £80! She then told me she got it from TK Maxx and that was just the original price and not TK Maxx' marked down price.

      === Material and design ===
      I only use one of the purses which is why I'm only reviewing one of them. However both are made out of real leather, much to my distaste. Not a fan of items of clothing, shoes and accessories being made out of animal skin so if I had it my way I would not of bought this purse due to that never mind the price. When looking at it that way you can see along with the branding why it is expensive. The design of this is nothing exceptional which I would of expected. This has one zip in the middle and on one side there is a smaller zip. When undoing the main part to the purse. In the middle in a compartment for change, and on both sides of the purse there are 4 slots for cards and a compartment for notes behind it and this is the same on both sides so altogether this can hold 8 cards comfortably. Looking at the purse this is visually pleasing, it's a dark black which is weird because you can get lighter shades of black but this is really dark with embroidered black flowers on it, this comes out a little so it has some depth to it and feels nice to touch.

      === Stashing my cash ===
      I'm not a fan of change, I'll usually shove anything under a pound coin in my tin to save up and because when I'm trying to pay for something all the change gets in the way of "real money" but of course it does add up when saving. So more often that not my change compartment is empty of filled with pound coins. I have a lot of cards, on one side of the purse I put my important things such as both my bank cards, driving license and my national insurance card. On the other side are all my points cards which I have more than 4 but the cards slots are roomy and I have 8 and because I don't want to over fill that I put any other cards in the zip compartment on the outside of the purse. Having two separate note slots has come in handy, on one side I'll put all my bill money or money I need to pay out or money someone else has given me for something, so I know not to spent it. On the other side I put money that I can spend or if I have just been using my card that day I'll shove all my recites in there.

      You can fit a lot into this purse, my dad has given me the responsibility with high amounts of his money in my purse before you I can get around £400 in notes in one side of the purse and about £200 in the other along with change before this comes a puzzle to attempt to do up.

      === Durability ===
      Over the past year I have collected and tried to shove as many thing sin this purse as I can, I have 11 points cards and 4 important cards. I have also shoved a lot of cash into here and over the past two years it has taken it's toll. I have noticed this year that the main zip is starting to come away from the material it self meaning the purse will soon be out of action due to money and what not being unsafe. This has last almost 2 years and has been every day, but for the brand and the price I'm pretty sure it should be lasting a bit longer than it has.

      === Over view of the purse ===
      The design is nothing special and it doesn't even stand out but nonetheless it is pretty, due to that, the brand and the fact it's made out of leather I wouldn't actually get this myself and I'm surprised my mother actually paid the price she did for this item. I can get a lot of things in this purse but I seem to of outgrown the use of this purse since it is no longer big enough, either that or it's been badly made with fenn wright mansons name signed to the product and not due to quality.


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