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H&M Imitation Leather Bag

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Brand: H&M

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    1 Review
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      09.10.2012 11:55
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      A nice bag with a bright edge!

      Shoe girl
      I would say that I am more of a shoe person than a bag person, but every now and then I like to treat myself to some new arm candy! When I saw this bag in H&M I did feel it was a bit different for me, but I liked it immediately so decided to treat myself.

      It is available from H&M stores and on the shop's website, and it costs £12.99. The version I have is off-white and bright pink, as shown in the picture above. It is also available in plain red and also in black, although the black version is currently out of stock online.

      Travelling light
      When I go out in the evenings I always like to take just a small bag with me. Usually I find that all I need is my keys, phone, cash and a lippie and I am good to go! So a little clutch bag or something small is all I really need - I hate having a bag that is half empty flapping about! And this one does fit the bill in terms of size as it is small and perfectly formed...

      The size of the bag is 17x25cm, and is a bit larger than your average paperback book. The bag is made from imitation leather and is very soft to the touch, although the material has a slight ridged effect. It is matte, so has no shine to it at all, and it lies perfectly flat.

      On the front of the bag is a small pocket with a zip - I personally like to have a small zipped compartment on the outside of any handbags I use as I like to keep my Oyster card there for easy accessibility! Inside, the bag is split into two sections, and there is another small zipped compartment inside too.

      Pretty in pink
      What sets this apart from other cream coloured bags is that this bag has neon pink detailing. So the strap and the zips are all tripped in bright pink. Although there isn't masses of pink here, and cream is by far the predominant colour, it is such a bright pink and in such contrast to the cream that it really makes the bag stand out and gives it an edge. And the inside lining of the bag is neon orange! So again a really bright colour that helps the bag stand out and makes it a bit more fun.

      I must also mention the strap of this bag. It is attached to the top of the bag with about five or six inches of silver chain. Then the rest of the strap is made of the same leather material as the rest of the bag and is long and thin - and is also in the shocking neon pink. The strap is adjustable and at its shortest I can use this as a shoulder bag and it sits comfortably on my hip. If I extend this strap to its full length I can wear this as an across-the-body bag, and if I place it over my right shoulder, it falls on my left leg exactly where my hand reaches to.

      Size is everything
      I have now used this bag a few times and it is perfect for when I am going out in the evening, or if I am popping out and only need a few things. I am currently 'borrowing' my husband's Kindle, and this fits perfectly into one section of the bag and then I can chuck all my other bits and pieces into the other side. I have used it so far in the across-the-body style and it is really comfortable as the strap is soft - and the bag will never be too heavy anyway as you can't fit that much in it!

      Giving outfits a twist!
      The only problem I have with this bag is it most definitely doesn't go with everything. The neon pink makes it quite edgy and it has a slightly sporty look to it. This means that it won't go with just anything and if you are dressed formally or for work, then this bag simply won't work (although the red or black versions would do just fine). This really looks best with a more casual look, or if you are wearing something a little edgier. This does mean that you may not get loads of use out of it, although I guess it depends on your own personal style! However it can really add a fun twist to an outfit, and the bright pink really makes it stand out.

      One thing it does look great with is denim, especially dark blue jackets or jeans. I think this is because the neon contrasts so well against the dark blue. I think I will get the most use out of this bag when I wear it with my dark indigo jeans!

      In summary...
      Overall this is a good quality bag at a decent price. It is different and a bit eye-catching, and I would recommend it if you like accessories to have a bit of a fun twist to them!


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    • Product Details

      Off-shite bag with neon pink trim.

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