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Irregular Choice Lola Shoulder Bag

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3 Reviews

Brand: Irregular Choice / Type: Shoulder Bag

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    3 Reviews
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      29.08.2013 08:27
      Very helpful



      Nice fashion bag

      The Irregular Choice range are a funky collection of shoes and bags which are a little alternative in their design and will not be to everyone's taste but I think they are fun and rather quirky. I got this bag for £13.99 which is well below the normal rrp of £24.99

      This Lola shoulder bag is ideal for the summer as it is bright and lively looking with lots of detail and overall a rather girly cute look to it. It goes well with casual clothes and especially nice summer dresses and skirts. It is made from blue felt and is in a half moon shape, it measures about nine inches across. There is a large red bow with white polka dots on the front and there is also a red gingham style red and white polka dot material that is a lighter red than the bow on the top of the bag. There is red piping around the bag that frames the blue felt nicely. The only thing I was not keen on with the design is the small charm on the outside however this can be removed and that is what I have done. It just looked a bit tacky, like something an eight year old would want to have.

      The attention to detail and splash of colour does not stop on the outside either, the inside of the bag is orange. The bag has a press stud clasp which is pretty reliable and does stay attached, i have never had a problem with this bag breaking open when I do not want it to.

      This is a fashion bag rather than a practical regular use one, there is an inner compartment that is zipped but it is rather on the small side and does not hold much. You can remove the red strap if you want to use it as a clutch bag. The strap has a nice length to it and is easy to adjust as well. The strap is probably the one weak point with the bag as it does not look as nice as the rest of the bag. It has a cheap look to it that I do not like. The size of the bag means it can only hold the essentials but on a night out that is not a problem. Its main limitations is if I take this out during the daytime and then the lack of storage could be an issue.

      Overall I love the design and it is a fun looking item. Not the greatest bag in the world but given the price that I paid I'm very happy with it.


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        24.06.2013 17:40
        Very helpful



        Brilliant handbag and purse. Totally love it.

        I saw this on amazon as I was looking for a birthday present for my teenage niece and out of impulse I purchased it, since it was pretty and cheap. I opened it first so I could see what I purchased and boy was I amazed at such high quality the bag was! When I was buying it, I didn't know it was a leather bag but I loved it so much I bought one for myself too! Here are the pros and cons of this bag:


        It's made of synthetic leather and the outer surface feels very smooth and silky, like a you're touching a baby's butt. It's sparking and although it looks cute on photos it's actually very elegant and graceful and it fits with almost any outfit. I liked the fact that the bag is decorated with at least five different colours so there is something in your closet that is bound to match with it!

        You can carry it as a purse or strap it as bag. So it's really good for all occasions. It has four compartments inside, each compartment is shaped differently so you could fit different objects in it without the bag protruding and looking like you've robbed a bank and can't stash your takings properly! It's all sizeable and you can fit pretty much any stuff you carry in your normal boring handbag and more.

        It's waterproof!! Don't you just hate it when rain falls and bag changes colour because of the moisture mixture and then you have like spots, scratches or sagging of the bag? No this one! I bought this for my niece about a month ago and she went to some outdoor concert and it was all wet but not soaked. After it dried it looked as good as new. The fabric is very is just amazing and it doesn't smell too.

        It's made here in Britain!!! The company that makes these bags are 100% British and they also sell a lot of durable stuff. I'm a regular customer of theirs so I purchase a lot of their products and they always last long and I've never been disappointed.


        I haven't seen any flaws with this bag so far. I bought my own about two weeks ago, the black one, and everyone keeps complementing me on it. I love it and it's still going strong.

        If you love changing handbags frequently, I recommend you get this one. It looks expensive but it's really a good cheap price (just £17.19) and it's not Chinese made so you're guaranteed it will last long as the leather is pretty strong and durable. I recommend this for any woman really, whether you're a student, a banker, a CEO, stay at home mom, this bag was made with the modern British woman in mind. Great as a gift, great as treat, and it's a must have if you're into trends and fashions but even if you're not, it's just ideal. The guys love it too and if you took it on a date as a purse, you'll not go home empty handed! Excellent product, good service, highly recommend.


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          24.06.2013 16:49
          Very helpful



          Annoying strap but cute shoulder bag!

          I bought this Irregular Choice Lola shoulder bag a few months ago to match my favourite pair of Irregular Choice shoes.

          The shoes are made from blue coloured felt with a red fabric bow on the front with white polka dots. They have a Perspex heel as well and they are stunning.
          I also have a pair of flats by Irregular Choice that are similarly designed with blue felt and a red polka dot bow on the front.

          ~ Appearance ~
          The bag is really cute.
          It is made from blue felt and is a semi-circular shape.
          The back of the back and the top of the front of the bag have a red and white checked fabric and then the front of the bag has a big red bow with white polka dots.
          The bag opens and closes with a press stud and the inside of the bag is lined with a bright orange coloured velvet material.
          There is an Irregular Choice heart shaped 'patch' sewn into the inside of the bag, where other brands would put their label.
          There is a zip compartment at the back of the bag, but it is quite tight so it is difficult to get much inside of it.
          The bag has a red patent leather adjustable strap, which is removable and can be unclipped easily.
          There is also a charm on the bag, which can be unclipped. The charm has a strawberry, an ice cream and a monkey with a banana on and it is quite cute.
          The bag is 9 inches from left to right and 6 inches from top to bottom. It is not very wide. It stretches to about 2.5 inches wide when it is in use.
          It is really cute and I love the design. I had had my eye on this for years before finally getting around to purchasing it.
          I also have a rectangular shaped clutch bag and a large handbag all with the same blue felt and red polka dot bow cute designs.

          ~ In use ~
          I have only ever used this when wearing one of my matching pairs of Irregular Choice shoes.
          The red strap can be removed to make it more of a clutch bag, but I have only ever used it as a shoulder bag as it is a bit of an awkward shape to be a clutch bag and I already have a clutch bag in a similar design, but a more convenient shape.
          When I'm out and about I tend to carry a lot of things round with me. I find that this bag is just big enough for all of the essentials. When I take it out I usually put my phone, purse, keys, a small body spray and an odd item of make-up or two in it. There is nothing else that I really need to carry around, but my usual handbag also contains a camera, my make-up bag and a full size deodorant, which it would be nice to take everywhere, but obviously with beautiful little bags, come a few sacrifices.
          The adjustable strap is easy to adjust , but when the bag first arrived the strap was neatly folded inside the bag and the strap has awkward kinks in it, which make the strap look awkward and cheap. The strap is quite rigid and it would have been better if it had been made from a softer material instead.
          It is comfortable enough to wear and it looks really cute.
          I always try to keep my belongings in good condition, but if you spilled anything on this bag I think it would probably stain.
          A label on the inside says, 'do not machine wash wipe with a damp cloth only'.
          The bag comes with a pink dust bag with, 'Irregular Choice' in gold lettering across the front so that you can store it away safely without it getting dirty or dusty.

          ~ Price and availability ~
          This Lola shoulder bag can be picked up online at www.amazon.co.uk for as little as £14.99 or as much as £34.99. It is also available on ebay.
          You can also get this bag in other colours and fabrics.
          The Irregular Choice website no longer sells this bag.

          ~ Conclusion ~
          The kinks in the adjustable strap are the only negative thing I have found about this bag.
          It holds as much stuff as I need it to. It is comfortable to wear and it looks really cute.
          I think it is very reasonably priced and I do intend to buy it again in other colours because I have the shoes in other colours as well.

          Here is a link to my matching shoes, which are my absolute favourite pair. I will be reviewing them soon..


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