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Kangaroo Keeper Bag Handbag Organiser

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Brand: Kangaroo / Type: Handbag Organiser

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    1 Review
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      23.05.2012 12:05
      Very helpful



      I can't recommend this- there are better products

      Kangaroo Keeper Bag Handbag Organiser

      Having the disease ME means that I have to carry around a few things with me in my handbag when I am out - medicines and cooling sprays and emergency snacks and things, and sometimes my bag descends into total chaos. I don't own lots of handbags and actually I tend to use my favourite most of the time which is a trusty Fat Face small to medium size bag that I love. It washes beautifully in the machine and has lasted me for more years than I care to remember. It only has one issue which is the fact that it is rather small and it tends to carry my items, but doesn't allow me to organise them maybe as neatly as I would like. When I saw a pair of handbag inserts for sale on Amazon I thought this would offer an ideal solution to my problems, and having measured up the sizes I orders them. This is the review of the Kangaroo Keeper Bag Organisers that retail for £8.99 for the pair!

      The inserts claim to mould to the shape of any bag and have space for up to 70 items, and they even claim that the large bag could hold 12 pairs of shoes! The smaller one that I use most often measures 25 by 20 by 20cms and it consists of seven pockets around the edge, several additional pockets towards the bottom and a central space. The pockets around the edge are designed to be of differing sizes to accommodate keys, phones etc. and they are elasticated to ensure that the items don't escape. The idea is that the central space then allows you to place large items more conveniently such as your purse or make up bag. They also have a key ring which allows you to locate your keys easily.

      I was initially drawn to this product because I often find that if my handbag is in chaos, it isn't ideal when I am out shopping, as rummaging around to find what I want is inconvenient. In addition it is also a security risk as you need to be positive and decisive at checkouts or in queues, as hesitation attracts criminals. I know this for a fact because before my mum sadly lost her independence from a stroke she was becoming increasingly confused, and was out shopping in M&S one day. I was always worried about her as her bag was really cluttered, and she would always keep the checkout lady waiting when trying to find her purse in a sea of other items. Sadly this lead to her being targeted by thieves one afternoon. They took her purse from her in the store and she never recovered from the incident. I also wondered if her reading glasses were partly to blame as these were often in the depths of her bag, and would cause her to rummage in stores looking for them in order to view items.

      I think many people would see this item as being the ideal solution to the question of changing handbags. With this insert you can simply transfer the items across from one bag to another. I don't own many bags so this attribute isn't very important to me personally, but for many women it would be a consideration I am sure.

      I Am Not Impressed
      Now my opinion of this bag insert is not exactly positive for a number of reasons. The pockets are very small and they are actually difficult to use in reality. Reaching into them to take out items is rather fiddly and in addition I do not find the insert to be robust enough and it tends to flop inwards. I think it is ideal if the items you file away in the compartments are emergency things that maybe you don't use very often, but I tend to use everything with frequency, and so it is not ideal trying to extract items from these rather tight spaces.

      The larger insert I feel is slightly more roomy, and I did use that with a different bag, but the spaces are still tight especially if you are planning to use them for bottled water or maybe a small umbrella. Also the claim that the larger one holds 12 pairs of shoes is frankly ridiculous- baby bootees or toddlers shoes maybe!

      I think you get what you pay for with these, as I know that there are designer makes of this product which are more robust and carry a much larger price tag. I think these cheaper copies have the right intentions, but in actual use they fall short of what I am looking for in this type of product. I like the key ring- it is accessible and is ideal to use quickly, I also like the opportunity to store away emergency items securely - for example pain killers or sanitary protection could easily be put there and used occasionally, but the everyday items like phones and lipsticks are a nightmare to extract from their pockets. I think the insert folding inwards is also really irritating as it isn't rigid enough as the material it is made from is far too flimsy.

      I have to say that I have given up using these products. I trialled them for a good few weeks but was not finding any real benefits, and some of the negatives were really beginning to irritate me. I think you have to spend more money to get a better quality item in this category.


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