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Kipling Alvar Shoulder Bag

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3 Reviews

Kipling / women's handbag / available in a range of colours.

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    3 Reviews
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      06.08.2012 17:16
      Very helpful



      Practical yet stylish handbags.

      This is a black designer handbag by popular bag designer Kipling.

      --Price and availability--

      I bought mine from a local independent bag shop for £34.99 but I understand that you can get better prices online!

      Kipling bags are quite widely available especially in department stores and designer outlets.

      --Personal experience--

      I have had a few Kipling bags over the years and favour their practicality and reasonable prices over competitor designers. The classic Kipling bag features a thick, durable material with quite a pleasant texture.

      For everyday use you can't beat a Kipling bag as they are just so practical with the designs very well thought out!

      I found this bag fantastic with all its compartments. One thing I hate about having a handbag that only has one compartment is that you can never find anything! I have a large handbag and everything ends up being right at the bottom of the bag when you need it the most!

      I favour a bag with many compartments for each essential. This kind of design, as championed by the Kipling design I am reviewing offers practical on the go storage which is easily accessible. This bag comes in loads of different colours but I chose the black one as it needs washing less often! Asides from the three visible compartments in the picture, there is also an inside zip up pocket, suitable for important documents but I use it for my keys as I always lose them!

      I do like the range of colours that Kipling offer and I own a light green bag by them also but I was looking for a smart black bag.

      This bag comes with the classic Kipling monkey to entertain children if you have them!! I think the one I had was named Augustus or something, and they are very cute! The bag is easily washable when it gets grubby and this is a great feature to a Kipling bag that not all designer bags can offer you.

      --My verdict--

      Buy Kipling and you won't be disappointed with the quality!


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        27.12.2011 00:56
        Very helpful



        Long-lasting lightweight bags - lots of pockets and great for travel

        ---The Brand---

        Kipling was founded in 1987 in Belgium.

        ---The Monkeys---

        Every Kipling bag comes with a monkey key-hanger, which can be removed if you do not like that sort of thing.

        --Why I Bought---

        Like many others I was very sceptical about the rave reviews that I was hearing about Kipling bags.
        However I am now a proud owner myself and now I also rave about them!

        ---About Kipling Bags---

        They are so lightweight, washable (though the manufacturers state they should be spot cleaned - but they can be easily washed at 30 degrees in a machine or gently by hand).

        ---Kipling Advantages---

        1 - Lightweight
        2 - Lots of organisation pockets
        3 - Some cross body for convenience
        4 - Keyfob to attach your keys to the bag
        5 - Nice chunky zip-pulls
        6 - Cute monkey keyring - which can be removed if you choose
        7 - Lots of colour choices
        8 - Easy to clean.

        ---The Alvar Bag---

        Size - Height: 26cm, Width: 33cm, Depth: 4.5cm.
        Colours - At present the bag is selling on Amazon in an amazing 24 different colours and prints.
        Description - The is a very slimeline and flat bag before it is filled.
        It has two zipped pockets on the front.
        There are two main compartments - the front one having slip pockets and pen holders, the back one having a smaller zipped pocket and also the keychain with lobster clasp to hold your keys safe.
        It is sleek and uncomplicated and sits flat against the body.
        Can be worn on the shoulder or across the body.


        As with most Kipling bags the price for different colours varies from day to day and at present (January 2012) the price goes from £32.50 for the Party Print up to £65 for the Laquer versions and the Blaise Print one (on Amazon).



        ---My Opinion---

        I love having all the different pockets to keep my stuff organised and the only downside of any Kipling bag I would say would be the cost - but I kept an eye out and purchased mine when on offer - which they are sometimes on Amazon or Javari.
        The prices vary so much for the different Kipling designs and colours it is always worth checking online and you may be able to pick up a bargain.
        (I have picked one £42 Quaso bag up for £12.60 this week on Amazon!)

        ---Star Rating---

        4 stars - the bag would get 5 but because of cost I gave it a 4.


        You can also find various clips showing the size and layout of various Kipling bags by visiting YouTube.


        Can be found in many shops but I get mine on line mostly from Amazon or Javari.
        You can also buy then from the official Kipling website, QVC shopping channel or various other handbag websites.


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        25.11.2010 17:20
        Very helpful



        A lovely stylish bag

        I'm not the sort of person who tends to have lots of different handbags, mainly because I am likely to forget to swap over essential items over and end up leaving the house without keys or money! Therefore, I tend to always just have one handbag that I use for everything until it gets so battered that I need to get a new one! Therefore, my handbag always needs to be functional, smart and be able to go with pretty much any outfit that I am wearing, which, of course, means that it has to be black!

        For my recent birthday, I was feeling that it was about time for a new bag and having browsed lots of websites I showed my husband a Kipling bag on the John Lewis website that he very kindly bought for me. I've had it now a couple of months and I absolutely love it!

        The bag I got was the Kipling Alvar Zip Across Body Handbag which is available in either black or fuchsia. Needless to say I got the black! It comes in a crinkled nylon fabric which I really like but might not be to everyone's tastes. Across the front it has two zipped compartments and the Kipling logo. The zips are quite prominent and when I first saw the bag I thought they looked like two white stripes going across the front. I think that the whole appearance of the bag is very attractive and I am very happy with it. Added to this there is also the appearance of the trademark Kipling monkey key ring which I love and my daughters adore. In fact they adore this little chap so much that I am surprised that he is still attached to the bag and not now living in one of theirs! This monkey is very cute and my daughters love the fact that he has bendy arms which means that they can make him suck his thumb!

        I like the bag because it is very roomy having two main zipped compartments as well as the two extra thinner ones at the front. As well as that it has compartments for a mobile phone, MP3 player and pens. It also has a clipped keycord which I guess the main purpose is for attaching keys. However, I use it for attaching my memory stick that I use at work which is incredibly useful as that is the one thing that I never want to use. There are also a couple of extra pockets inside, so if you are that way inclined, it has everything you need to be extremely organised. I only wish that I was as I tend just to throw everything in. The bag has enough space for everything that I want to put in it and is big enough to hold a paperback book as well which is great for when I am travelling on the train.

        The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that is long enough to wear across the body although I tend to just use it as a shoulder bag, The strap can be up to 123 cm in length if you choose. It is also easy to see that the bag is very well made I've had it for over two months and I've taken it with me everywhere everyday and it shows no signs of wear and tear at all. It is also smart enough for work but casual enough for more relaxed occasions.

        The bag costs £49 from John Lewis which is not cheap but I think is very reasonably priced for what you get. I really like my black one but I do think that the fuchsia is a little too bold for me. It's a great bag and could quite possibly make an ideal Christmas gift too.


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