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Kipling Brownie Wallet

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3 Reviews

Brand: Kipling / Type: Purse/Wallet

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    3 Reviews
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      06.05.2013 21:16
      Very helpful



      Perfect for me.

      My Kipling Brownie Wallet is a versatile part of my wardrobe. As with most Kipling products, this is available in a variety of colours, but I chose mine in good old fashioned black. Because of this colour choice, I find I can use it a both as an every day purse and in place of a clutch bag for nights out or a quick dash to the shops. I love that I can stash everything away in here without needing to take a handbag with me every time.

      Inside the purse when you first open it up there's a photograph holder on the inside lip. I have pictures of my babies here of course but you could use this for conveniently locating important cards or even medical information if preferred.

      If you fold the bottom lip down when the purse is undone, it reveals ample storage space for every card you could possibly need to carry! If you're anything like me you have at least ten different loyalty cards on top of your credit, debit, breakdown service cards - and then some more after that. This is one of the first purses, or rather purse/wallet, that I've had and found I have enough card holding space inside of.

      Then the inside bits include a zip up pouch along the middle of the purse, which I use for storing all my cash, and two open storage pouches either side of this. This is the bit that makes this purse suitable for using in place of a clutch bag - the extra storage spaces. I can easily fit my mobile phone, backdoor keys, lip gloss and mirror in here and still get my purse done up just fine. Some people might think it inconvenient to hold a purse all night on an evening out but to be honest you end up doing that with your clutch bag anyway for fear that someone might be away with it! The soft fabric outer makes this comfortable to hold anyway, and the shape fits neatly in my hand.

      I've had my purse for at least a year now and absolutely love it. It's still in excellent condition thanks to the nature of the hard wearing fabrics used and is looking likely to last for years to come. I had my reservations initially about spending £30 for a purse, but I already owned a Kipling bag that I absolutely loved so it definitely swayed my decision to go for this. It's a decision I have not regretted!


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        25.08.2012 22:58
        Very helpful



        I love this wallet and will purchase another one in the same design if mine ever wears out.

        I have owned this Kipling wallet for around 5 years now and it is still as good as new. I am very fussy when it comes to a purse/wallet as it needs to look good but also suit my busy lifestyle. This wallet fits the bill perfectly. The wallet itself is a nice fashionable colour and is in the traditional Kipling nylon fabric which can be wiped clean and means it stays looking new.
        The wallet is large being 7.5 inches long by 3.5 inches wide. Saying that, it fits into all of my handbags very comfortably.
        The stitching on the wallet is really strong and durable, in fact I am amazed with the amount of abuse mine gets that it still shows no sign of wear and tear.
        The organisation inside the wallet is excellent. There is a double backed durable zip section for coins, 3 sections for notes or receipts, 10 slots for cards and 2 window slots for photos/ ID etc.
        The card section has a loop with a stud closure which closes over to keep the cards safely concealed when the wallet is open - very clever idea to keep prying eyes out. The wallet closes over with a stud closure but instead of just 1 place to close it has 2 - perfect for a bulging purse! It is very practical because you open one stud and can reach for your cash and cards immediately without having to expose the entire contents of the wallet.
        The design has been very well thought out with functionality and practicality in mind. As always with Kipling, it is practical, functional but extremely stylish. What more can a girl ask for?!
        Seriously, anyone looking for a large wallet style purse that will stand the test of time they should give this one a go. It may seem a little pricey but if you think of how long a cheap purse lasts it works out to be very reasonable.


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        13.08.2012 14:00
        Very helpful



        Lightweight and durable, loads of organisational pockets and slots.

        ---The Brand---

        Kipling was founded in 1987 in Belgium.

        ---The Monkeys---

        Every Kipling handbag comes with a monkey key-hanger, which can be removed if you do not like that sort of thing. However the wallet does not have a monkey.

        ---Why I Bought---

        Like many others I was very sceptical about the rave reviews that I was hearing about Kipling bags and wallets.
        However I am now a proud owner of a few bags myself and now I also rave about them!
        This Brownie wallet is supposed to be the most popular of the Kipling purses - according to shows I have seen on QVC anyway. I have often watched them demonstrating the wallets but at a price then of £35 I never thought I would end up owning one.
        I bought the peppery version (as in picture above) to match the Reth bag I already have.

        ---About Kipling Items---

        They are so lightweight, and can be spot cleaNed or wiped over to keep looking in good condition.
        The bags I have washed but with this wallet I would suggest just giviNg a quite wipe with a wet wipe should be sufficient.

        ---Kipling Advantages---

        1 - Lightweight
        2 - Lots of organisation pockets
        3 - Lots of colour choices
        4 - Easy to clean.
        5 - Long lasting and hard wearing.

        ---The Brownie Purse/Wallet---

        This is large - 19 x 2.5 x 9.5 cms.
        Comes in made-made material which is water resistant the same as the handbags.
        The fabric is sort of mottled and the lining is pale blue - also water resistant.
        The purse is slightly padded so feels a little squishy.
        It is lightweight and espandable.
        Opens with a popper to reveal note sections plus a zipped coin section.
        Inside the flap are two transparent pockets for passes or photographs.
        The popper has two places to close depending on how ful the wallet is.
        There is a front flat which also opens out after undoing a popper to reveal many card slots, six one side and seven the other.
        There are also two full length slip areas for receipts etc.


        At present the purse is selling on Amazon in eight different colours - but more choices are available (as well as some patterns) and can be picked from other outlets or from Ebay.


        I purchased mine back in April with a special 'fashion' promotion so got it for £14.99.
        The full price now is £36.90 but on Amazon some are reduced with an Ash Grey one selling for £18 whilst my Peppery shade is £31.
        As with most Kipling items the price for different colours varies from day to day and it pays to shop around.



        ---My Opinion---

        I love having all the different pockets to keep my stuff organised and the only downside of any Kipling item I would say would be the cost - but I kept an eye out and purchased mine when on offer - which they are sometimes on Amazon or Javari.
        I bougth mine in Peppery (see above picture) - a lovely beige/khaki sort of mottled colour that is a type of neutral colour. I find that this will go with anything - as opposed to some of the other Kipling colours which can be very vibrant. I have a Reth bag in the same colour so was really pleased to be able to pic up the Brownie purse when at a sale price.
        When the purse is empty is weighs next to nothing which is amazing.
        It is made of the same strong and durable material as the bags and matches perfectly.
        The fabric and lining are both water resistant - so unless you are out in a complete downpour the contents should be alright.
        Being Kipling it is all about organisation and you will not be disappointed with the number of pockets and slots in this purse.
        As with having any new bag or purse it is great fun to move your items in and fill up all the pockets. You will never run out of slots in this purse and you can carry loads of notes, coins, cards and receipts and still be able to carry a slim phone - so if you are just popping out this may be all you need to carry. That is were the estra popper comes in if the purse gets a little fatter.
        This purse fits fine into my bag but it is a large wallet so if you had a small handbag it mgiht not fit.
        This feels so well made and has such a good zip on the coin sedton I am sure it will give me many years of service - all I need now is more money to fill it!
        The prices vary so much for the different Kipling designs and colours it is always worth checking online and you may be able to pick up a bargain.

        ---Star Rating---

        4 stars - the purse would get 5 but because of cost I gave it a 4.

        ---Would I Recommend?---

        Yes definitely - this is one of my favourite Kipling items so far and I intend to get it in some other colours if I can grab myself a bargain price sometime!


        You can also find various clips showing the size and layout by visiting YouTube.


        Can be found in many shops but I got mine online from Amazon.
        You can also buy them from the official Kipling website, QVC shopping channel, Javari or various other handbag websites.


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