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Kipling Imara Medium Shoulder Bag

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2 Reviews

Brand: Kipling / Type: Shoulder Bag

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    2 Reviews
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      01.01.2012 20:46



      Slim expandable lightweight bag - hard wearing

      --Kipling Bags--

      I too am a newish convert to the famous Kipling brand - I had heard rave reviews and seen them advertised on QVC but was a bit sceptical - until I got ones of my own and I could see how good they were for myself!
      They all come with their own little monkey - but it can be removed if you prefer.
      These bags are very strong and durable - have great zips and zip pulls, lots of pockets and I think will last for absolutely ages.


      35x28x5 cms.
      Made of crinkle type nylon as are most of their standard bags.
      This one has a removable shoulder strap and also ordinary handles.
      It is a slouchy satchel sort of style with two velcro fastenings on the front.
      The large main zipped compartment contains slip pockets for phone and pens etc, a smaller zipped pocket and a cord to fasten your keys to.
      A special feature is that it is expandable - there is a zip around the base that when opened makes the body of the bag deeper - or when close it is nice and slim.


      The only downside with Kipling is the price - but I try and pick my bags up when on special offer.
      Currently on Amazon one has the standard price of £59 but reduced to £44.75. But they can also be picked up on other handbag websites or on Ebay.

      ---My Opinion---

      Would say I now love Kipling bags too.
      There are many reasons but a few of my favourites are:
      * Lightweight - very light before any items put in so its up to you how much you put in and how heavy it gets - personally I like to streamline my contents to keep it light.
      * Compartments - I like compartments to keep my items sorted - there is a kipped interior pocket for my lip gloss, head stick and perfume. The slip pockets are also great for my camera, phone and pens.
      * Optional across body strap - personally I tend to keep my strap on as I like to sling it over my shoulders - but it can be converted to a handbag f you prefer.
      * Classed as water-resistant - can be wiped out inside and out if something spills but I have also washed on a 30 degree cycle but the official recommendation is to sponge clean. Great if you are caught out in a shower - as I often am on my mobility scooter.
      * Sleek lines - I like Kipling bags for their features but am not too keen on the ones that have loads of pockets around the outside. This one however has a sleek profile both back and front.
      * I have not made much use of the expandable feature but it is unobtrusive and also handy if needed if you have extra items to carry.

      ---Would I Recommend---

      Yes definitely for the bag but try and find it on offer.

      ---Star Rating---

      4 stars - only because it can be quite expensive.




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        01.02.2011 11:55
        Very helpful



        A superb bag

        I have to say that I do love my handbags, but especially when they are a bargain. I have heard of Kipling bags, they are quite expensive but good quality bags, and I've never yet managed to own one because they are just out of my price range really. When I saw via a deals website that Amazon were selling this Imara bag for just £17, I couldn't resist and quickly ordered one. I thought that if I didn't like it when it arrived, I'd just return it, but I absolutely love it and think I got an absolute bargain considering it is currently on the Kipling website for £60!

        The Kipling Imara bag is a shoulder bag, but does have a detachable "across-the-body" strap which is how I use the bag day to day because I'm not overly keen on shoulder bags, especially when I'm out with Harry - I prefer to have my arms free. Amazon were only offering the bag at this price in a dark brown colour (as pictured above), and as this happens to be my preference for handbags anyway, that suited me perfectly. The bag is classed as a medium size, which is fine for my everyday use, and has lots of room to spare as well. I have included the dimensions of the bag at the bottom of the review in case they are of interest. The bag does have an expanding feature, which I'll mention later on.

        The bag has a really good classic to it. On the front flap, the Kipling logo takes centre stage and matches the colour of the body of the bag perfectly. There are velcro straps at the bottom of the front of the bag which hold the front flap in place, with the webbing straps down the entire panel. The shoulder strap is also made of the brown webbing - it's nice and soft yet strong, and the shoulder strap adjust a fair bit as well. The detachable cross-body strap is also the same, and attachs at each end of the bag, but can obviously be removed if you'd rather not use it. This is also nicely adjustable, and as I'm quite small, it suits me fine, yet extends well enough to suit a taller individual as well.

        Underneath the flap, the bag is closed with a zipper that is smooth and operates easily, and then inside, the bag has plenty of pockets and things for you to store your phone, cards and an extra pocket for whatever else you might need to store. There is also something for you to attach your keys to your bag with inside, which I think is a great feature, and something I would use if I was out shopping, just so I know my keys are safe inside. The interior of the bag is lined in a very pale blue which actually complements the brown really nicely. It feels slightly waterproof, and looks like it will wipe clean as well, which is handy with the rubbish I can sometimes chuck in my bag.

        The bag itself is a great size. I have quite a large purse yet it fits into the bag with ease, not even having to squeeze it through the zipped opening is really good. I find the opening is definitely a sufficient size, and the fabric of the bag allows for it to expand easily. As well as this, the bag has an expanding feature at the bottom of the bag. There is a zip along the bottom seam which can be unzipped to expand the bags depth by a good 3 or 4cm which is really handy if you need to fill up the bag at short notice, and offers plenty of extra storage too. I think this is a great feature of the bag, and although it's not something I have needed to use yet, it's nice to know it is there, and I think Kipling have definitely thought this bag through adding this feature on!

        Overall, for the price I paid, I am thrilled with my new Kipling bag. It came with the famous Kipling monkey key-ring attached to the side of the bag which indicates it is an authentic Kipling product, and it's so cute I've kept it attached to my bag, although it is easily removable if you wish. The bag is very adaptable as both a handbag and cross-body bag, so really you could say you are getting 2 bags in one. The material is great - it feels waterproof, yet very soft and supple, and I imagine this will last a really long time if you take care of it. There is plenty of space inside and the expanding storage offers a extra something too. The bag is available in a variety of colours from the Kipling website, but in Just Black, True Blue and Wild Blue from Amazon. I think the price of £17 I paid for it was a steal, and if you're looking for a great quality bag that will last and adapt to you, then even £60 is good value for this bag. Recommended!

        Product Dimensions: 14 x 24.5 x 39 cm
        RRP: £60
        Official Website: http://www.kipling.com

        Thank you for reading.


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