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Kipling Sumida Handbag

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2 Reviews

Brand: Kipling / Type: Shoulder Bag

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    2 Reviews
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      15.03.2013 02:14
      Very helpful



      A great bag for my introduction to Kipling bags

      I will be honest and say that this is the first Kipling Bag that I own, I do love Radley, but not the price tags. I received this last year as a birthday present. I had dropped some hints that I needed a new bag, with across the body strap, colourful and that will fit everything but the kitchen sink, as I was going away just after my birthday I needed a bag that would fit travel documents in as well as everything else.
      =The Brand=
      After doing some research, I found that the brand is of Belgium origin, and was founded in 1987, I have seen the bags around, but never really got round to getting one. Like Radley has the dog as its brand tag with Kipling their niche is a monkey key hanger, which you can use as a key ring or a bag charm, or can be removed whichever is your personal preference.

      =My Bag=
      The bag I have is the Pink one in the range, it is a cerise pink. the bag is a material base, there very lightweight, and can be machine washed at 30C or in case of a little mark can be cleaned there and then. Which is very handy as I always get my bags dirty.

      The Sumida Bag is a small bag, and is from the basic range, what I really like is the extension space, as you can unzip at the bottom of the bag and this gives an extra 2in of depth.
      The basic size is width 17in, length 9.5in and the width 6.5in, I measured the width from the base of the bag.

      The main handles are a good size, and comfortable, as they have extra padding, and there is also a cross the body strap, this measures 40in, and is just over an inch wide. If you don't want the shoulder strap this can be taken off.

      Or compartments, Wow is the first word that comes to mind and how I can be organised, as there is a main compartment that is zipped, an inner pocket which is also zipped, two small slip pockets, ideal for storing tissues etc in, three slots, which was brilliant, as pens always find a black hole in my handbag. There is also a key shackle inside which is fastened by a length of matching cord. Last but defiantly not least, is the furry monkey and this one is named Yvonne.

      The main body and the lining are both nylon.

      After receiving mine, I looked on the website, and found that the correct name for my colour was Carnation Pink, there was other colours and designs, but I thought I had better not stay too long on the website, would work out expensive.

      =My Verdict=
      In all honestly I would not have chosen the bag for myself, I think what would have out me off was the material being nylon, as that reminds of plastic rainmacs, and I don't think I would have been brave enough for the colour. But I actually love it, have to say my daughter has brilliant taste, as she's internet savvy, and would have got Nan or granddad to pay!!
      The zips are really strong on the bags and all the zips have the Kipling logo on the zip pulls, all the different sections are good sized, and all practical, and I like the fact that you can remove the shoulder strap. of course being a woman the fact that the bag can be expanded as there is always room for an extra lipstick in a bag. The

      =Did it do its job=
      I have to give it a 10/10, it was a perfect bag for the airport, as I could documents tidy, organised and when I was away, fitted bottle of water, a bit of shopping, it really did get a good workout, and came out as good as new.

      =Would I recommend=
      I would highly recommend not just this bag but the brand as well. The prices can be a bit on the expensive side, so defiantly shop around, I have seen some bargains on Amazon, and I have to confess my Wish list does have a few of the bags in.


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      28.12.2012 18:06
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great lightweight and versatile travel/handbag

      ===The Brand===

      Kipling was founded in 1987 in Belgium and produce travel bags and now also lots of different handbags and purses.

      ===The Monkeys--===

      Every Kipling bag comes with a monkey key-hanger, which can be removed if you do not like that sort of thing - it can be either a bag charm or an ordinary key ring.

      ===Why I Bought===

      I am now a firm fan of Kipling bags but find they are very expensive at full price so I always keep my eye open for a bargain.
      Knowing that I would be given some money for Christmas I was delighted to find this bag reduced from £65 to around £26 on Amazon - and by using a 20% offer for signing up for their fashion newsletters I actually got the bag for just over £21.

      ===Kipling Bags===

      The bags are very lightweight, washable (though the manufacturers state they should be spot cleaned - but they can be easily washed at 30 degrees in a machine or gently by hand).

      ===Kipling Bag Advantages===

      1 - Lightweight
      2 - Lots of organisation pockets
      3 - Some cross body for convenience
      4 - Nice chunky zip-pulls
      5 - Cute monkey keyring - which can be removed if you choose
      6 - Lots of colour choices
      7 - Easy to clean.

      ===The Sumida Bag===

      This bag is part of Kipling's Basic range and is classed as 'Small'.
      It is also described as a 'duffle' bag but to me a duffle bag has a draw string closure which this one does not - but apparently the term can refer to any large bag or holdall.
      This is a large handbag or small overnight style bag and has grab handles as well as a detachable shoulder/cross body strap.
      * Size is 17 inches wide when at largest and 9.5 inches long - with an additional 2 inches of expansion again. The base is 6 inches wide.
      * Garb handles are 19 inches and are reinforced over the webbing where they are held
      * Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap (40 inches long and 1.25 wide)
      * Zipped main compartment
      * Zipped inner pocket
      * Two slip pockets and three pen slots
      * Furry monkey key ring called Yvonne
      * Internal key shackle fastened by length of cord to body of bag
      * Fabric: nylon
      * Lining: nylon
      * Can be worn on the shoulder or across the body
      * Can be used as handbag with strap removed
      * Expandable base - adds just over 2 inches in length
      * Can change shape by fastening lobster claw grips to rings on the lower sides of the bag.


      I have seen this 'Small' Sumida bag online in grey, black and purple. The only one that was selling on Amazon when I bought it was the Carnation Pink one which is shown in the image above.
      The standard Sumida comes in other colours such as bright red and with a contrasting zip.

      ===Other Sizes===

      The one I bought was classed as 'Small' and the standard Sumida is slightly large and has a zipped pocket on the front.


      I paid just over £21!
      The recommended retail price is £65.


      * Cost at full price.
      * This bag does not have a lot of different pockets as some others do.

      ===My Opinion===

      I was delighted to be able to pick up such a good large Kipling bag for just over £20.
      Granted it was only on sale in the Carnation Pink, but I am lucky to have a small wallet in that exact colour so it was perfect for me, as well as loving pink colours and having a cerise coloured duffle coat anyway.
      Kipling do many different shades of pink but this one is quite deep and not at all 'Barbie' and more a sort of cerise shade.
      I like the fact that the bag has handles, as all my other Kipling bags only have shoulder straps.
      The zips are chunky and strong with Kipling logo on the zip pulls. The fabric and lining are both water resistant - so unless you are out in a complete downpour the contents should be fine.
      The bag can look very different depending on how you fasten it.
      The bottom zip around the body of the bag can be undone to add an extra 2 inches of length to the bag - with this expanded and the two lobster claws undone at the sides this is a large roomy holdall that will easily accommodate A4 files and lots of items for a night away.
      However if you want to look more dressy you can close the expansion section so the zip just looks decorative and fasten the lobster claws onto the two D-rings down near the base - this makes the bag more into a Gladstone sort of shape and is much more compact and dressy - although still roomy inside.
      If you want to use it with the shoulder straps you need to undo the claws and then fasten them to the strap. However I am lucky to have another Carnation Pink strap from my Quaso bag so I can use that strap fastened near the grab handles and still keep the lobster claws fasted to the D-rings - thereby having the best of both worlds - the bag more compact and also with a long strap.
      I do not find this bag too large for every day use at all - and it is also versatile enough to carry files if I am attending a meeting.
      I love the bright colour and the fact that with just the handles it is more dressy than an ordinary shoulder bag.
      Also its large base means it can sit nicely on a table without flopping over to much.
      The only thing I would have liked would be maybe a few more compartments inside the bag - and perhaps have the bottom section as a separate pocket - but then it would not be large enough for files so all in all I am very happy with my new bag.

      ===Star Rating===

      4 stars - the bag would get 5 but because of cost at full price I gave it a 4.

      ===Would I Recommend?===

      Yes definitely.


      You can also find various clips showing the size and layout of various Kipling bags by visiting YouTube.


      Can be found in many shops but I get mine on line mostly from Amazon or Javari.
      You can also buy then from the official Kipling website, QVC shopping channel or various other handbag websites.


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