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Kipling Enora Handbag

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Manufacturer: Kipling / Type: Shoulder Bag

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2013 08:33
      Very helpful



      Lightweight, deep pockets, washable and good choice of colours.

      I have always wanted to own a Kipling bag ever since the first time I saw QVC shopping channel demonstrating them on the television. I have watched the presenters and guest presenter talking about how good quality bags they were and talking about how long they last and for a lot of years. I could never really choose which one I actually liked the best because I loved them all but I had took a fancy to the Enora bag because it seemed to fit my needs a little more than some of the others available.

      Then around a month ago I had been shopping with my hubby in Debenhams and actually had the chance to take a good look at the Enora bag and it was much nicer than I imagined it would be in the flesh. The assistant tried to make me buy it but it was priced at £60 and she tried to convince my hubby to buy me it but he wasn't having any of it and couldn't be persuaded lol. So I have been looking online to find the best price possible and spotted it on Amazon website far cheaper, so immediately bought it lol.

      When I ordered it I couldn't wait for it to arrive, kept checking my emails for a despatch date and finally it arrived. I waited eagerly and almost beamed when the postie handed it to me lol. It arrived in cardboard box, nicely wrapped inside and well packaged. The bag came inside a transparent plastic bag with label on the ring on the handle. This label gives information about taking care of the bag etc and a useful label to read.

      The bag is a good size and measures approximately 9 inches in length up to the zip fastener and 14 inches across the bag to the widest point. It has a front flap pocket at the front of the bag which is easy to open and close and has a velco strip to hold it securely closed. I find this flap doesn't open until I pull it open. This pocket reaches to the bottom of bag so a good length size. It has the Kipling logo just below this flap on the front of the bag. It is a kind of nylon material which is fairly soft but very durable and can be simply wiped with a damp cloth if anything has splashed onto it.

      It has 2 handles which are made of a kind of strong cotton material and a kind of woven design and quite a strong material. There is a leather strip in the middle to get a good grip of the handles if you want carry the bag in your hands. It feels really comfortable to hold in my hands and it doesn't slip from my fingers. The handles are quite long and I can easily also slip the bag over my shoulders if I want to carry it this way. I am not sure there would be enough room worn this way if I wore a winter coat but it has fitted well wearing a summer coat and just clothing.

      It has a long shoulder strap which is fairly long and adjustable to be as long or short as you may need it to be, this strap is also detachable buy 2 silver clips which are clipped onto 2 rings on the top of the bag near to the zip area. The clips are really easy to unclip if necessary and are handy if you only want to use the bag for a carrying one and not a shoulder bag. The strap can be placed inside the bag if you want to keep it there in case you decide you then want to use it while outdoors.

      The bag has a flat base and the base is a good feature if you are wanting to place the bag down on a surface and it not tipping over. I love this feature of the bag, it means I can sit the bag on a counter when out shopping while I find my purse or items in my bag while out shopping etc.

      At the top of the bag it has a really excellent quality zip which has a leather disc which you can use to slide the zip open and then closed again. This zip is quite chunky and amazing quality. It doesn't stick while using it and it simply just slides across really well with ease.

      Inside the bag it is a grey lining which is a kind of nylon material but extremely good quality material. It has an inner zip pocket which is quite a large pocket and I store my tablets. pain killers, indigestion tablets and hearing aid batteries and plasters and various other items I may need to carry around with me. This pocket would be ideal to store any bits and bobs you want to carry in your bag.

      Also inside the bag on the other side of the zip pocket there are 3 pen pockets and the pens fit nicely inside the pockets and are very easy to take in and out of them. Also there is a mobile phone pocket which my phone fits nicely inside. It also has a larger pocket which I use to place my hand cream, hand gel and tissues inside, I could fit a few more items inside this pocket if necessary because it opens quite wide. Also inside the bag is a key ring holder which is on a pink lead and has a clip at the end of the lead to clip your key ring onto. I like this holder because it saves me searching inside my bag for my keys and I just have to pull the lead to take them from the bag.

      The front flap pocket also is quite roomy and my kindle and the case fits nicely inside it and plenty of room to hold a note pad and large diary and even room for more items if necessary. Although my kindle is inside this pocket, the bag is incredibly lightweight. I was totally amazed how light it actually was when I placed my kindle inside it compared to how heavy my old bag weighed with the kindle inside the bag. My hubby has a small tablet and he allowed me to test it inside the pocket with the kindle and it fits well and with room to space, so this pocket would be ideal for carrying both these items in the bag and there ready to use while outdoors.

      When choosing a colour, I decided to buy the Peony which is a very vibrant pink colour and a really pretty pink and really girlie. Pink is my favourite colour so this colour suited me really well. I don't mind brightly coloured bags because although I am in my 50's I am quite a funky kind of woman and a little crazy when it comes to colour choices lol.

      Like I said earlier in my review I bought this bag from Amazon and it is available in lots of colour choices, black, grey, brown, latte, lilac, blue, silver. patterned and lots of other different colours. A colour to suit all in my opinion and for various choices of colours such as a darker colour maybe for work etc. I did find the price does vary quite a lot with the colour choice. I paid just £33 for the Peony and luckily that would have been my first choice anyway being my favourite colour but the patterned one is priced at £58.50, so a huge difference in price for just the colour choice. I am so pleased my Peony choice was the cheapest of the lot lol or I would maybe have chosen a different colour because there is over a £25 price difference.

      It is also machine washable, and although I haven't washed it yet because I have only just recently bought it, I will update my review once I have washed it in my washing machine. The stitch work inside and outside of the bag is extremely good too.

      Last but not least it has a cute little monkey attached the a ring holder on the side of the bag in a pink colour to match the bag, each monkey on a Kipling bag has a name which I am told by the QVC guest presenter is named after a member of the Kipling group or one of their family members. The Enora bag monkey is named EMMY, which I didn't know until I bought the bag. I think this name suits my bag because I have a cute niece named Emmy, so the monkey name was a good choice for my first Kipling bag lol. This little monkey is certainly a cute feature for the bag and all Kipling bags come with a monkey and different name.

      This bag has to be the best bag I have ever bought, the quality is absolutely superb, I am so happy with this bag I am now hooked and want to buy more in the future and am going to have a collection of Kipling bags.

      If you have been toying with the idea of buying a Kipling bag, I wouldn't hesitate buying one, this is my first purchase from this brand and I don't think you would be disappointed with the quality, it is absolutely worth every penny spent in my opinion and the only downside of this bag is that I hadn't bought it sooner. I am going to buy my daughter one for the arrival of her 3rd baby due later this year for a little treat for herself but it will be a different colour because she doesn't like pink bags lol. Think I will also buy the female family members one for a Christmas gift because they do love my bag and have commented on how nice a bag it is but I will wait until nearer Christmas because they may buy one for themselves lol.

      Highly recommended bag from Kipling.

      Also appears on Ciao under my username pinky50.

      I give this bag 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope you it has been of some help.


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